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The Dog Collar

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I’d had this thing going on with Ken for a few months and we’d settled into him going down on me and jerking off till we came together or pretty close.  They were the best orgasms of my life. No matter how hard Brian tried or what he did I never came anywhere close to the intensity of the orgasms that Ken gave me. 

At the time I thought it was weird that he didn’t want to fuck me. Oh he did occasionally but not very often and if we did it was always me who initiated it. At the time I enver understood why he wasn’t keen on fucking me and why he preferred just to go down on me. But I didn”t care. I loved the way he ate my cunt out and the way he made me cum. I’d never ever felt such intense and powerful orgasms.

I always went to his place after the first time at my place. He didn’t like to risk being caught by surprise.  This night he was in a strange mood. He was looking good in a dark very soft thin looking suit. Very stylish. A Dark grey shirt and maroon tie. Cuff links even. He looked very smart indeed.  I was 19 and he was 41 and this was a few months after we started fucking.

He poured us a glass of wine and I went to sit  on the couch beside him but he said “No. Don’t sit there. Sit on the floor.”  I thought “what??” but I sat on the floor where he pointed. Between his feet.  He just looked at me for a long while and I was wondering when we were going to get into it. My cunt was dying for his mouth. I wanted his mouth on my cunt so bad I could taste it.  My clit was tingling like it was on fire and my cunt was throbbing.

Ken was just looking at me not saying anything so I imained what we would soon be doing. I imagined his mouth sucking my clit and his tongue working his magic on it and I thought I would finger fuck myself while he went down on me. I was turned on, cunt wet and clit eager. I was dying for it. Dying for my orgasm with a capital “O”.

Time went by and he still said nothing. Just kind of gazed at me absently and sipped his wine. Then he said “take off your clothes” but he never smiled or anything. It was like an order. I just thought he’s in a funny mood, that’s all. No biggy. I moved to get up but he told me to get undressed on the floor.

I was wearing high heels, a skirt, blouse and thigh high stockings. I sat and stretched my leghs out taking off my high heels first, then my stockings, trying to be sexy but feeling I was failing. I felt a bit stupid. I always do when I try and be sexy and it fails. I took the rest of my clothes off quickly and put them to one side and looked up at Ken expectantly.

All we’d ever done till now was fuck, him go down on me and anal sex a few times. Nothing weird. So I thought maybe we were playing a different game tonight. Master and Slave or something. Hahaha

So there I was sitting on his  polished hardwood floors naked, my arms resting on my knees, waiting expectantly.  I loved his hardwood floors. They were so beautiful. So erotic. I loved being naked on them. Feeling the smooth ahrdness on my bare skin. it felt smooth and cold and slippery on my bare ass.

Then Ken said “Get on your hands and knees” and I did. He just looked at me and I crawled around a bit and knelt there down on all fours facing him looking up at him. He just looked at me for a while longer then said “ZFollow me”. I went to get up but he said “No. Stay like that and follow me.” So I thought thats weird but I followed him into the  bedroom on all fours like some dog. I was OK about it though. Just thought it was a bit weird.

He stopped at his wardrobe and opened the door and said “I’ve got a present for you. Close your eyes.”  I closed my eyes tight and knelt there waiting. I heard him rustling in the wardrobe and then  felt somethign under my throat then wrap around my neck. It was wide and firm but pliable. A collar. A dog collar. I opened my eyes but of course I couldn see it properly. It had a long silver chain on it and Ken told me to come over to the mirror to see it. I went to get up and he told me “No stay down.”

I crawled over to the mirror and looked. It was leather, wide and black with studs around it. Very classy. It felt firm but not too tight around my neck. it felt weird. I felt weird. Weird but nice. It looked incredibly erotic but I felt weird about it. About being on my hands and knees and having a dog collar around my neck.

I kept looking at myself in the mirror and the more I looked the more erotic it seemed. My naked body, breasts hanging down under me, the curve odf my ass from the way I was kneeling. Like a bitch ready to be serviced. That is how I felt.  I became more and more aware of the collar around my throat. It felt smooth and gently restraining. I liked the feel of leather agaisnt my skin. So sensual and erotic. So sexy. I began to like the slight feeling of restriction. as if the collar was controlling me. Taking away my will.

Ken knelt in front of me restricting my view of my body and said “Your not allowed to talk.  You cna make noises but no talking. No words. Got it?”  I was a bit scared but a bit turned on too. My clit was still clamouring for Ken’s tongue and being naked on my hands and knees and the dog collar around my neck were all turning me on more and more. And now this. No talking. What did that mean.?

I nodded my head and Ken said “No. No nodding. Bitches don’t nod.”  So I whimpered like a dog and laughed and Ken said sharply. “No laughing. Bitches don’t laugh.”  I thought uh oh this is getting a bit weird but so long as I get my clit licked and get my orgasm I will play Kens doggy game. I thought this was just a prelude to fucking me doggy so I went along. I thought “OK. I’ll play your silly game.”

Ken  led me out to the lounge room and then all around the house. At first it felt weird. Real weird. Especially not being allowed to talk but after a while I found myself getting into it. I struggled climbing down the stairs and was surprised how hard it was getting around on all fours. Dogs amke it look so easy. hahaha

Ken led me all around that fucking house in and out fo every room and he seemed really happy wiht me. Every now and then he’d kneel down and rub my head messing my hair and tell me I was a “good girl”. Just like you’d talk to a dog. Or bitch. It was really hard remembering not to talk.  Its just not natural. But I was getting into it alright now. I whimpered like a bitch and Ken asked “What’s wrong girl” just like he was talking to a dog. And I wriggled my ass and whimpered again. Bitch talk for I want my cunt licked. Ken just smiled and led me round some more.

As he led  me back into the bedroom I saw myself in the mirror and stopped with a jolt. It looked so fucking erotic. Ken in his suit. So immaculate. So refined. And me naked on all fours wearing a dog collar being led around like a dog. The black leather band on my white skin looked so erotic.  My tits dangling beneath me, my ass up in the air. I knelt there looking at myself.

Ken kneeled over and whispered in my ear. “It’s so powerful, isn’t it?”  I remembered the rule just in time and just whimpered. Ken looked very pleased. It was affecting me. I was so turned on and dying to be fucked from behind. Fuck me doggy I kept thinking. Stick it in this bitch’s cunt and fuck me.”  Gte behind me and lick my cunt, suck my clit” I was thinking all these dirty thoughts as he led me round the house.

He led me out the back and opened the back door and to my horror tried to lead me out into the yard. It was dark out there and he didnt have his yard lights on but it wasnt that dark and his neighbours on once side looked down onto his yard. I stopped and he pulled gently on the lead. I felt it dig into my throat and jerk me forward.

I stopped and resisted and he gave a sudden sharp jerk  on the lead and said “Come on girl. time for pee pee” And I thought “Oh No. You gotta be kidding me. Not out in the yard liek this and certainly not to do pee pee. ” But I found I really was getting into it. I never said anything just resisted the lead and whimpered like a dog would. I dont know why I didn’t just say no. No I am not going out there like this and no no I am NOT going to do “pee pee” for you.

But I never said a word just whimpered and resisted the lead. The Ken looked sternly down at me and said “Come on.” and sort of glared a t me. I thought Well if you wanna play dog and master I’ll play the recalcitrant dog and be difficult. I turned away back into the house and tried to crawl away. I thought now when Ken sees my ass wobbling as I crawl away he’ll get tired of the doggy game and want to fuck me from behind or go down on me… but he just jerked the lead hard and I felt it bite into my neck and turn me round.

He dragged me outside and I tried to resist but every time I did he just gave the lead a sudden jerk making it bite into my neck hurting me. He led me outside and I cringed as I crawled onto the cold, wet grass thinking I was now in view of the neighbours if they chose to look out a window into Kens back yard.  I watched Kens shiny back shoes as he led me across his yard.

The grass was cold and wet on my hands and knees and the more I thought about how I was NOT going to pee for him the more I actually wanted to pee. I thought fuck thats not fair. Ken led me over to the corner of the yard  under a tree where it was darker and sat down on a garden bench he had there holding the lead in his hand. I knelt in front of him and looked around. It felt so weird. Everything looked different from down here. A differnet perspective on everything.

Ken looked huge to me. I remember thinking so this is how dogs see humans. As huge tall creatures that look so intimidating and powerful.  Then it struck me how ridiculous this was and I was just about to tell Ken that I’d had enough when I looked up at his neighbours house and thought how incredibly bizarre this is. What if they DID look  out the window and see us. Why wasn’t Ken concerned about that?  How would he explain this to his neighbours.

Then I think I was simply overcome by the sheer strangeness and eroticism of it all. Being naked outside was always a turn on for me and this dog collar and the whole Master/Dog thing seemed so incredibly powerful . Suddenly I wanted to playt he game. I lay down on the grass trying to remember how dogs did that and I rolled around feeling the grass tickling my naked body, cold and wet, but I thought dogs always do this and never worry about wet grass.

I lay on my side with my arms and legs in front of me like a dog does and Ken reached out a leg and rubbed me under my ribs wih the toe of his shoe. As you would with a dog. it felt kinda nice. his hard shoe on my ribs. Moving up and down. Almost a caress. The grass was terribly cold though and it was making me itch.

Ken shook the lead and told me to get up and I shot up on all fours just like a dog would and I looked up and him and relaised that I was apnting like a dog without consciously doing it. Just like dogs do when theyre excited about going for a walk. I was pretty excited. waiting for what Ken would do next and where this was leading.

He knelt beside me and said “Come on. Time for pee pee and then we’ll go back inside.” I froze. I couldnt do that. I ‘ve always had a thing about peeing infront of other people. At school I always tried not to amke too much noise while I peed. Even with Brian I did that. brian just let it rip as if he was playing wiht a fire hose and he made it gurgle and splash and splotch.

Ken said “Come on” again and pulled the  lead up making it tight around my throat. I very nearly spoke. To tell him no way I was going to piss on the lawn like some mongrel bitch. But I didn’t. For some reason I thought I couldn’t break the rule and speak. I just couldn’t. but I couldnt pee either. God knows I wanted to, that cold wet grass really got me in the peeing mood.

Ken knelt beside me an stroked my flank. gently back and forth just like you would pat a dog. he kept saying “Come on. It’s alright” and nodding reassuringly. Brian ahd this unfunny joke where every time I told him I was going to the toilet he’d alugh and tell me not to think abotu waterfalls, or running taps. And fuck me it used to really make me ned to go. And now every time I felt the need to pee I’d think if waterfalls and running taps thanks to fuckng Brian and that made me need tog o all the more.

So now I had  these images of waterfalls and running taps in my mind and the wet grass on my hands and knees and feet and Ken saying  “Come on, It’s alright. Come on.” over and over like he was hypno-fucking-tizing me. Now I was really struggling to hold it in and it was getting impossible to hold it in.

I kept thinking why don’t I just say something. Or just get up take the stupid collar off and go back  inside. Game Over. But I just couldn’t. I couldn’t. But my bladder was bursting and finally I bent my head and just let go. Immediately wishing I had  thought to open my legs a bit wider. My piss streamed out and splashed up against my thighs  making me hurriedly spread my legs wide apart.

What a fucking relief was all I was thinking when I felt Ken’s ahnd between my legs right in my piss stream directing my piss over to run on my inner thigh and down my leg. But the first thing I thought of was how warm it felt and how wonderful and warm at that. Then the idea of Kens ahnd in my piss stream suddenly hit me. How could he? It felt so wrong and so sick. I was pissing onto Ken’s hand and he was making my piss go on my leg. taht was so wrong.

And it felt so incredibly intimate. That is the only word I can use to describe it. Intimate.   I had never even pissed like  this in front of anyone before. Always behind a closed door.  It flet like the most intimate act a person could do. To share the experience of pissing. I felt kind of violated. As if Ken ahd violated a supremely personal and intimate act. Forced me to make it into a spectacle for him.

And yet in a way ot was alright. Because it seemed so unreal. I couldnt speak out so how could I object. I felt like this was not my responsibility. This was all on Ken and although I didn’t realise it at the time I ahd my very first inkling of what domination and submission was all about. I felt a weird excitement deep down. Vague and fluttering but tremendously exciting. As if I was on the brink of some marvellous revelation.

That w as dashed when Ken suddenly tried to put his  pissy fingers in my mouth. That time I really did nearly speak. I pulled away disgusted and angry but he pulled on the lead to hold my head still and rubbed his fingers, wet with  my piss, on  my lips and forced my lips apart and pushed his  fingers into my mouth.  It was horrible. It tasted salty and bitter and just horrible. I retched and felt like vomiting. Ken just persisted and pulled the lead harder every time I tried to turn away.

But then I found myself licking his fingers like a dog would. Licking my own piss off his fingers. And eagerly too. Suddenly I couldnt taste it at all and just licked and licked like some idiot dog.

That was our very first pissing game. I was half disgusted, half outraged and half  turned on. yeah, three halves. It was that kind of experience. 

Ken was really pleased though. Really happy. He was smiling happily and looking super pleased with himself. Weird. real weird.

He led me back inside intot he lounge room and got me to lie down on the floor. Those amazing plished hardwood floors. He knelt down behind me still in his suit and pushed my upper leg up and out wide fully exposing my cunt. I thought at last he’s going to eat me. He licked my inner upper thighs and licked down my leg and it took me a while before I realised what he was doing.

He was licking the piss of my leg and thigh where he had directed it wiht his hand. I was disgusted and felt like ewwww. Majorly ewwww. And I  cringed and tried to move my leg away but he just held my leg firmly and licked away. Lick lick lick. Now him like a dog. He lciked from my thigh to my ankle and my foot and then back up to my upper thigh and then onto my cunt and I could feel the wetness on my cunt lips. wet with piss as he lciked my cunt lips and finally my clit.

He kept pushing my leg further and further out and holding the other leg stretching me aprt fully exposing my cunt. I felt terribly exposed in a way I’d enver felt before btu Ken was so excited now and he was mouthing my cunt like a madman. Licking and sucking and slurping and just going crazy on my cunt.

I could feel my orgasm building as I noticed bits of grass on my hands and knees and all voer my body. I realised I ahd grasas all voer me and it was getting on Kens floor when the first wave of  ecstacy overtook me.  My leg stiffenned and straightened out even further opening up my cunt even wider and then it moved back down closer to my other leg with Ken in between my legs holding them apart while my legs tried to get together crushing him in between them. My legs just moved by themselves. I wasnt doing it.

Ken grabbe dmy thighs as I got up onto my knees and he mouthed my cunt from behind and I felt his nose pressing hard right on my asshole.  I thought God how perverse is that MAry whatever you do don’t fart and I giggled at that thought just as Ken drove his tongue like a pistom up into my cunt hole.

My hands were now pressed ahrd on the hardwood floor palms spread out flat on the floor and my breasts were flattenned on the floor under my body. My abck was arched in reverse with Ken forcing my body up in the middle and forcing my legs apart to get at my cunt better. His tingue was moving in and out fo my cunt hole like a cock. Tongue fucking me like a madman.

His fingers were digging into my flesh painfully and he turned me this way and that to get incloser at my cunt. I heard a banging noise and realised it was my fists banging on the floor and I had somehow been moved voer onto my back and Ken was lifting me up under the ass and his mouth was ravaging my cunt.

I felt another orgasm building and this one really wracked my body. I felt a wave of pleasure begin just above my pelvis and lunge upwards through my body to just below my throat. I sudeenly realised I still ahd the dog collar on but that thought was brushed aside as my vision dimmed at the periphery and I suddenly felt like I was going to piss myself, shit myself and throw up all at the same time. MY back suddenly a rched up taking Ken wiht it his mouth grip on my cunt never relenting for one instant and he ate my cunt alive.

Next thign I remember was lying on the floor and Ken sitting up ont he couch looking down at me. I had enver had an orasm wiht any man like this. Liek I did with Ken. It never even approached this level of intensity wiht Brian. It was utterly and completely mind blowing. I felt totally fucked. Even though I hadn’t had a cock anywhere near me. Totally fucked, exhausted, drained. And happy. So fucking rleaxed and happy.

Like so many things I did with Ken I lay there wondering if it really happenend. Did I really crawl into his backyard like some mongrel dog on a leasha nd did i really just piss down on all fours in front of him and let him put his hand in my piss stream and then did I really lick my own  piss off his hand? It was just too fucking fantastic to believe.

I felt the craziness come over me as I lay there and i got up and sat cross legged on the floor looking up at Ken and did a piss. I just let it go and felt its warm wetness on my ass and looked down as the puddle grew underneath me and ran out in front of me. across Ken’s beautiful, glossy, polished hardwood floor. Ken followed my eyes and saw what I was doing and smiled. As the puddle got bigger and bigger spreaading out from underneath me he began to laugh. Louder and laouder and then we were both laughing like idiots .

Then i got up, had a shower, got dressed and had a coffee and chatted normally with Ken as if nothing ahd happenned and then he called a taxi to take me home.

Our very first kinky experience together and talk about getting off to a flying start.  I loved the dog collar  after that but only ever did it with one other guy. You’d think it was humiliating and submissive but its really an incredibly liberating feeling. You dont feel restrained or restricted at all. you feel so fucking FREE. Not being allowed to talk makes it so much better. You feel completely absolved of responsibility and accountability for your actions. You feel free to piss anywhere, to growl and whimper and behave like an animal. I think it really puts youin touch wiht the primnitive YOU deep inside you. The animal thats buried deep within us all.

I think it’s good for the soul to let that animal out every now and then.

Let it out, take it for a walk, let it have a piss and a fuck.

That night changed me. Made me more … more intense. Eager to try different things. Weird things. Kinky tihngs. Sick things. It was a kind of enlightenment. It wasnt just the pissing. It was more the ACT of pissing. The letting go of the vestiges of civilisation that constrain and restrain our behaviour.

I know that at times I desperately want to break free. To let myself go. To tell  a man to fuck me hard, to fuck me like an animal, to cum in my mouth, to piss on me, cum on me, fuck me up the ass and to thrust my hips and moan, groan and yell obscenities, to bite the mattress and the pillow and to bite him and to just go fucking crazy. But I can’t. You can’t. men just think your some kind of cum hungry slut or a crazy woman. You have to hold on and not reveal your true self. Because men can’t handle it. They just can’t.

Suburban Streaking

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I couldn’t decide if this belonged in Exhibitionism or Kinky Sex. Its not really sex but it wasn’t really about Exhibitionism either. This was more about adrenaline and excitement than exhibitionism and it fits more into the Kinky Sex stuff that followed with Ken. This was the first time we did anything Kinky or weird.

Vicky and I were at my place just hanging out when Ken called to invite me over. (For a fuck hahaha). I told him Vicky was here and we planned a quiet night and he said bring her over. I was a bit confused why he would want me to bring Vicky but he said we’ll just have a few drinks and relax it will be fun.

Much to my surprise Vicky seemed very keen to go and visit Ken so I said OK and off we went. Now at this stage I think Vicky suspected something  was going on between Ken and I but like most people found it pretty hard to believe.  So I guess she thought she’d see if there were any tell tale signs when she saw the two of us together. There wouldn’t be. It was a bit of a strange relationship Ken and I had. Not the normal “affair” or whatever.

Ken was in fine form. Playing the Perfect Host and chatting  making us both feel at home. Ken really is a very interesting guy. Charming and witty and the perfect gentlemen. (Hahaha. Sure.)  He knows how to entertain guests. Always very fine wine and food. I don’t know where he gets it from though he just sort of plucks these little munchies out of the air.

We talked about all kinds of things and then Ken gets onto excitement and how we all CRAVE excitement but opportiunities rarely present and when they do we lack the courage to take advantage of them. He has a way with words Ken. He kind of weaves a spell with his words and talks you into doing things without you even realising it.

I knew what he was doing but Vicky had no idea.  Vicky was enthralled with  Ken.  He projected this image of worldliness and wisdom. Everything he  said seemed so true and right. Vicky kept reassuring Kent hat SHE had the courage to make the most of life and Ken was deftly challenging her constantly.

Ken really worked on Vicky. She was spellbound. All this crap about us denying our true selves and being held in cages of convention from the cradle to the grave and stuff. Very convincing. Compelling stuff. Vicky lapped it all up.

I think Ken knew he didn’t have to work on me. Only Vicky. Now Vicky was what you’d call a Wild Child Wannabe.  Kelly was the official Wild Child of our little group and Vicky was always in her shadow. Wishing she had, but lacking Kelly’s courage.  But Vicky certainly had her moments of wildness, craziness.

I had no idea what Ken had in mind. All I knew was he was up to something. I doubted it was a 3some. That wasn’t Ken’s style. I suspected it would be more about getting Vicky to do somehting crazy. Perhaps a elsbo thing with me. That is what I thought Ken was angling towards.

Ken lives across the road from a  park, a sort of nature reserve and opposite his house is acres of bush with houses down the side of the street where Ken lives. Its a very beautiful spot.  Houses on one side, bush on the other.  Ken took us out onto his balcony and we stood there drinking our wine and looking out over the park. It was very dark and the park looked kinda scary wiht its dark shadows and tall trees that were blacker against the black sky.

Ken started talking aboutt he bush, about running free through the bush and getting back to our natural selves, getting back in touch with nature.  How running naked and free through the woods is one of the most liberating and exciting things a human can do. Vicky asked him if he ever ran naked through the woods and he laughed and said he loved to.

I was watchign Ken closely and listening attentively trying to see what it was that Ken does. He says things without actually saying things.  He implies and suggests and plants thoughts that you think are your own ideas.

Vicky was trying to challenge him and asked him about his naked running through the woods. Ken answered directly and without hesitation. He told ehr how him and his lover stripped off on this balcony one night and went downstairs, crossed the road and ran anked through the woods and then fucked like animals on the forest floor in the moonlight.

Vicky was spellbound. Shocked at his use of the word “fuck” and yet it sopunded so normal and correct in that context. Ken had planted an image, an idea in her mind as he had done in my own mind. I could see myself walking naked down Kens stairs, crossing that road naked and running naked through the woods across the street while Kne watched fromt he balcony.

I knew Vicky would have the exact same idea in her own mind now. I sensed it and I knew it. I could tell from her face that she was excited and turned on. I’ve known Vicky since we were kids and I know when she’s excited and when she’s up fomr some craziness.

All she needed and all I needed was a gentle push. A way of making this happen. An excuse. Ken said not many women are brave enough to let go like that but when they do they just love it. They never regret it.

I remember clearly Vicky telling Ken in an almost dreamlike voice that she would love to run naked through the forest and fuck on the forest floor under the stars like an animal. I was surprised. Surprised how far away her voice sounded and how sincere and forceful she said it. Ken told her she was welcome ot use “his” forest any time she felt the urge and that one should never deny these urges. That they are what make us what we are.

Vicky looked all excited as if she were humming wiht anticipation. Ready to do somehting crazy. She looked at me and I smiled. I was pretty excited too but not sure what was going to happen next.

Ken was leaning on the balcony rail and he turned to us and said “Why don’t you girls go for a quick run through the woods just to get the feel of it.”  Vicky looked uncertain for a moment and looked at me.  Ken looked at me as if he expected me to say something but all I could think of was “I’m game if you are”. Ken smiled. That was what he wanted.

Vicky looked uncertain again. She said “What, go for a streak through the woods?” I said “Why not? Who’s gonna see us?” It was late at night and Ken’s street is very dark. We looked up and down the street. Nothing. No noise. Only a few lights on here and there. Very quiet. Everyone tucked up in bed or in front of the tv.

Vicky looked at Ken then at me, eyes wide and shining  and said “I will if you will” and Ken looked at me and inclined his head.   Vicky turned to Ken and asked if he was coming. Ken smiled and said no he’d had a big day and simply didn’t have the energy.  The n Vicky turned to me expectantly. I hesitated, pretending to be thinking about it, then I said “Sure why not?” and I took off my blouse just to keep things going.

Vicky looked at me standing there in my bra and jeans and looked at Ken who was looking out over the woods then she laughed. A really loud  uninhibited laugh. Her eyes were huge and she had this look of crazy excitement on her face. She’d had a fair bit of winne to drink too so she would ahve been a bit pissed. Just enought to make her feel a bit uninhibited.

She pulled her top off, then slipped out of her shoes and pulled her jeans down.  She asked me if we should get undressed here or downstairs. I said here. She nodded and took her bra off. Vicky has fake tits. She got them a few years ago after spending most of her life with tiny tits that were a constant embaressment to her. She loved her new tits and smiled up at me when they sprung free. As if ot say “Look at my tits aren’t they great?” I smiled. I was always surprised every time I saw Vicky wiht her new tits. I was so used to the old flat chested Vicky.

She enver hesitated to pull her panties off and then she stood there naked watchign em as I finsihed getting undressed. I was in Hot Me mode at the time and I felt pretty good about being naked. About Vicky and Ken seeing me naked.  Vicky was really getting into it now and stretched her arms out on either side and raised her self up on her tiptoes. She looked fabulous in the moonlight. Fabulous.

We started giggling and leaned over  facing each other  holding each others hands and just giggling like idiots.  I couldn’t believe I was anked with Vicky on Kens fron balcony planning to go for a naked dash through the woods. It was surreal.  We were both on a high. A wonderful antural high aided a bit by the wine. Hahaha

Ken turned slowly and looked at us, smiling faintly. Vicky blushed slightly and moved as if she were going to turn away from Ken’s gaze, but hesitated, changed her mind and stood there looking directly at him completely naked and unembaresed and unashamed. Ken just stared openly at her naked body, drinking it in.  Vicky stood there unmoving. Another surreal moment.

Ken smiled and said “well, off you go…” and Vicky burst out laughing and turned suddenly and ran downt he stairs. Ken smiled at me and nodded his head. I turned to follow Vicky.

I watched her tight compact ass move delightlfully as she sprinted across the street and disappeared into the woods leaving me behind on Ken’s side of the street.  I ran after her and caught sight of her as she disappeared behind a curve in the track. There is a well worn apth through the woods lots of people use for walking. Its smooth and wide.

I caught up and I ran behind Vicky watching her fine ass moving as she ran, her thighs flexing and unflexing. I thought she looked like some magnificent, free animal running through the woods. I had to admit a lot of what Ken had said did make sense. I felt so free. So fucking FREE.

Vicky has a great body. Always has. She used to curse the fact that she looked  like a 15 yo boy until she hit her mid twenties when the body of a 15 yo boy was infinitely perferable to the wide assed bitches we had all become.  When she got ehr fake tits she was complete. Vicky runs every day, rain , hail or shine. She thrives on it. She’s addicted to it. But she is in excellent shape. Slim and well muscled. Beautiful, finely sculpted legs and arms. Flat stomach and firm compact little ass.

She looked magnificent running along that path. Her skin was so white in the moon light. Her nipples dark almost balck and her little strip of pubic hair a perfect black rectangle just above her cunt. Every now and then I would see one of  her tits bounce out tot he side but her tits didn’t bounce around allt hat much. Mine do. And di dthat night. Jiggle jiggle jiggle bounce bounce bounce. hahaha

She stopped suddenly and I almsot ran right into her. She put her hands on her knees and breathed deeply, her breasts hanging down beneath her tipped with balck nipples. Her skin had a luminious quality about it in the moonlight. She was breathign heavily from the exertion, her breasts moving up and down as she breathed heavily., her mouth wide open drawing in deep breaths.

We stood there for a moment and she said she couldnt believe she was doing this. I asked her how she felt and she said GREAT ! but a little foolish. I said who gives a fuck. and we both laughed.

I was feeling good. A little turned on sexually but more just plain excited. I absolutely loved being anked with Vicky out here in the woods. It was fuckign fantastic. It really appealed to my exhibitionist side.  Vicky was loving it too. I could tell. She was turned on too and very excited.

All we need is the right circumstances to do this kind of thing. This crazy stuff. You cant just say to people I feel like a nudey run through the woods. There has to be a pretext. It needs to be put in a context, which is what Ken ahd done. Making it seem normal and perfectly reasonable a thing to do. To get naked and run through the woods. Hahaha. Was it? I dunno. All I knew was it was fun and I was loving it.

Vicky grabbed my upper arm tightly and said “This is such fun” She was laughing as she said it and the words came out tinged with laughter and joy.  Then she did a little dance piroetting around and dancing back and forth along the track. She looked fabulous. So free and sexy and animalistic.

We laughed and turned back down the track the way we came. I was in front now and jogging along at a steady apce when I ebcame aware fo vickys eyes on my body. I cringed as I worried about how big my ass looked and then realised it didn’t look too bad and actually it probably looked pretty good. My tits were bouncing and I was watchign my tits when I sudeenly found myself out of the woods and on the footpath.

I stopepd abruptly and Vicky ran into me. I felt sweaty slippery tits on my back and then her arms around me as she held me to stop herself from falling. Her hips bumped against my ass, sweaty and slippery on my smooth naked ass. We stood there laughing. We looekd up and saw Ken leaning on his balcony railing and he looked down at us and raised his wine glass in  a salute.

I went to cross the street and Vicky grabbed  my arm, holding me back   and said she felt funny about Ken seeing her naked now. I laughed and said why now? and she laughed and said she didn’t know.  I held her  hand and we crossed the street together as calm as you like.

Ken met us at the front door which was under the balcony wiht two bottles of water effectively keeping us away form our clothes. He casually closed the front door as he handed us our bottles of water. Vicky was standing back a bit as if trying to keep out of Ken’s sight. Ken was chatting away asking how how we enjoyed our run and just talking blah blah blah and i could sense Vicky relaxing. I felt totally relaxed about being naked. This is what I live for. To be naked in front of other people. To be seen. For people to see my naked body. I love it.

Ken made it seem perfectly natural to be standing there naked in front of his front door in plain view of the street.  He acted as if it was nothing that we were both naked. As if this was the most normal thing  in the world.

Ken looked at Vicky but not in a pervy way.  Neither did he try to avert his eyes. He looked at erh openly the way you would look at a painting or any work of art. Which is what her body looked like. A work of art. Beautiful. Stunning. Magnificent.

Vicky started telling Ken how exciting it was and what a thrill it was and so on and then Ken suggested enthusiastically that we should give the neighbour s a thrill and run up to the end of the street and back. Vicky laughed loudly. Threw her head back and just let go. I laughed too. it did sound funny. Hilarious.

I looked up the street and counted how many houses had lights on. There were street lgihts all the way up the street and a really bright one at the end of the street at the intersection. We would be running through pools of bright light in between the darkness. I was so fucking excited by the idea. I wondered if Vicky would do it.

She was telling Ken we would get caught for sure as I tuned back in. Ken said that was part of the thrill, that small element of risk but that the consequences were pretty small.  I could see Vicky was intrigued by the idea and I noticed her nipples were hard.  Funniy I never noticed that before.  She has really nice neat nipples. Clearly defined circles that looked back against her white skin under the moonlight. Or it might have been the streetlight then.

I was going to do it with or without Vicky. I just had to do it. It was one of those opportunities Ken talked about. I lvoed the idea of running up the street naked but it was the kind of thing you couldnt just decide to do and go out and do it. Ken had  provided the circumstances and the context. The context was it was all just a bit of fun and we were realtively safe here in his street wiht him there to rescue us if anythign went wrong. Liek the cops showed up. hahaha

So I grabbed Vicky’s hand and started pulling her slong the street before she could make up ehr mind. She was alughing and saying no no no but I insisted and finally elt go of ehr hand and ran up the street.

Oh this was SO much betetr than the woods. Out here in the street. But my heart skipped a beat at the first streelight when I saw how well lit my body was under that streetlight. Talk about in plain sight. But it gave me the biggest THRILL too. I felt so high so pumped up. So… free. So fucking FREE  !

I ran up that street like a crazy woman and every time I ran into the pool of light cast by a streetlight my heart missed a beat and I felt relief each time the darkness enveloped me again.  I ran close by houses with lights on but didnt see anyone. The grass was soft under my bare feet and the night air was cool on my skin. I noticed my nipples were hard and wondered how long they ahd been ahrd for. I enver even thought to check my onw nipples when I noticed vickys were hard.

I reached the end od the street and stood under the big streetlgiht feeling fully exposed and vunerable. Oh, so exposed and vulnerable. Any car coning along the main street at Kens intersection would see me. See me naked standing there not moving. Arms stretched out on either side.

Then I turned to go back and nearly ran right into Vicky. She was running at me laughing loudly and worrying me that she would wake somebody up. We grabebd arms and swung around and ran back downt he street but stopepd abruptly grabbing each other and swinging round and behind a bush when we saw a door open ahead of us and a old guy in a dressing gown come out the door.

we were both trying not to laugh and the guy was lookign up and down the street and I imagine dhim thinking “Did I really see two naked women running down t he street and duck behind that bush?”  You would think that wouldn’t you? How many times do you see two naked women running down a street. Your eyes see it but your mind rejects it.

We huddled behind that bush while the old guy looked at our bush and looked up and down the street.  We heard a female voice call out and the old guy went inside and closed the door. Vicky dashed out from behind the bush and spread ehr legs wide and her arms up high in the air and wiggled ehr ass and body at the house. Then she turned around and bent over and shookk her ass at the house. I nearly pissed msyelf I was alughing so hard. Vicky was really getting into it now.

I grabbed her hand and ran back down the street before the old guy could come back out.  It was fucking amazing. Fucking awesome.

Ken was waiting for us with our bottles of water again but this time Vicky wasn’;t shy about being anked in front of Ken. Quite the opposite I thought. Shioving her tits in his face and standing there right in front of him naked. She was bold. Thats the word. She was very BOLD this time in front of Ken.

Vicky looked so fucking hot that night so fucking magnificent. I had some pretty powerful lesbo thoughts about her that night and not for the first time either. We had fooled around a little  when we were at high school but nothing major.  Some kissing, tit and pussy touching but never serious. I was thinking serious though these days and especiallyt hat night. I’d never been with a woman and was pretty curious. Keen to try it out.

I would ahve preferred my first time with a woman not to be in front of Ken as some lesbo show but I was prepared to do it if that was what Ken had in mind.

Vicky was acting like she was fully drunk now although I knew she wasn’t. She kept touching Ken and getting up close to him and I had the impression she wanted to fuck Ken. Or maybe have a 3some with him.  Or maybe just do some crazy thing together. I dunno. But i had this feeling.

She was alughing a lot and gulping down ehr water latting it spill down her chest and I saw the water runing bnetween ehr breasts. Her big round fake breasts. So round and heavy looking on that slight perfectly formed body.

I sat down on a wooden seat under Kens balcony and sipped my drink while Vicky carried on animatedly never standing still. She came over to me and stroked my breast. Just ran a hand lightly over one tit and she said “You shoulda seen how your tits were bouncing around” and laughed. And I just looked at her tits. She laughed and grabbed both her tits in each hand and said mine dont bounce half as much. Another surreal moment.

I knew Ken was enjoying this. Not so mcuh the nudity itself but that he was there with both of us naked. That he had made it happen.  I found it incredibly erotic me and Vicky being naked together with Ken with him fully dressed. It was amazing. I was up for anything then. At that moment. If ken had said Mary I want you to fuck Vicky I would have. Raped her if necessary although I wasn;’t sure how a woman raped another woman. Or if Ken ahd said hold her down while I fuck her i would have. It would have been so easy with her already being naked.

Ken was clearly impressed with Vickys body and was having a great time watching her move about. The way her tits moved when she did was wonderful.  I had the feeling Vicky was up for anything at that moment too. And I wondered what was going to happen next. 

It was so surreal. Vicky naked and animated and so excited. Up for anything now.  Blood rushing, nipples ahrd,. aroused, excited, turned on. Ken so calm and collected. Me excited, turned on ready for anything.

I watched the interraction between Ken and Vicky. I thought how easily he ahd broken down her inhibitions to the extent where she ahd ran around naked and was now completely comfortable being  naked in front of him. And out in front of his house. We were sheltered by the eblacony but anyone walking down the street or passing by in a car would see us clearly. Nobody seemed to care.

I had the very strong impression that Vicky wanted to fuck Ken. It was in everything she said and did and in her body language.  I think she expected it. That Kne wanted to fuck her and all this was to set things up to fuck her.  But she didn’t know Ken. To simply fuck vicky woould be too simple for Ken. Too pedestrian. He preferred to play games with people.

Ken’s objective was to tap into Vicky’s weaknesses and to exploit them. Vicky was always the Wanna Be and never the initator. Ken amde her feel like the initiator ehre but in reality it was Ken who had initiated everything.

Vicky was bored with life, her job, her boyfriend, she felt life was passing her by and didn’t know why or what she could do about it.  She was desperate to lash out. To do somethign crazy. Somethign to think about and perhaps to talk about for a long time. Something  different. Something unusual. Somethign remarkable.

Ken had often said to me that fucking was one of the most mundane and pedestrian things a human could do.  That anyone, regardless of courage, inteligence and wherewithal, can fuck.  He found fucking boring. He got more pleasure and satisfaction making a woman orgasm then just fucking her.  It was about control I’m sure. The power of mkaing a woman let go and cum hard under his power. Under his mouth on her cunt.

That was what excited Ken. It was the same thing with with Vicky. He had made her strip off and run around naked and WANT her to fuck him. That was far more satisfying to Ken. Like making a woman cum, go crazy, lose control and bite the matress and the pillow and yell obscenities, this is what drove Ken.  A far more urgent and piquant need then simple fucking.

I looked at Vicky. She was out fo control. I doubt she realised it but she was all over Ken metaphorically as well as physically.  She rubbed her breasts against his arm and stood with legs apart.  She held his arm and put her arm around him. Ken appeared impervious to her directness.

I coudn’t understand how any man even Ken could NOT want to fuck Vicky at that moment. It was as if she was fully primed and ready to receive. Ready for cock. Desperate for cock. Wanting it, needing it. but Ken seemed indifferent to her need. The harder she tried and the more overt her overtures, the more indifferent he became.

I started to sense he was getting bored with her. Annoyed even. He looked at me questioningly and I smiled and nodded. As if to say “Yes. Anything.”  He loooked as if he was thinking. thinking of our next adventure. Our enxt move in his game of chess with these two naked pieces of flesh under his control.

I focussed back on Vicky to hear her tell Ken that he was overdressed in a very payful voice. Ken was wearing brown leather loafers, white trousers and a very classy looking hawiain style shirt. But not the usual loud pattern and colours. Muted, stylish like everythign about Ken. Ken smiled at ehr as she went to undo the buttons on his shirt and I sensed his boredom was changing to annoyance now.

I marvelled how any man could be immune to Vicky’s nudity and obvious need. How could he NOT want her. Even I wanted her. I thought of how her breasts would feel in my hands. How smooth and firm her ass would feel under my hands. How wet her cunt would be and how eager and desperate she would be for me to lick her cunt. I imagined our naked bodies entwined and our sweat mingling, our saliva and our cunt juices mingling, her lips on mine. Her cunt lips on mine, rubbing together.

I was lsot in these thughts when I heard Kens voice go down an octave and suggest we needed a shower and abruptly turn and open the door holding it open for us. vicky tried one last desperate move and told him she wanted to play some more. Ken just went inside and I followed.

Vicky brushed past me her body sliding agaisnt mine as she passed me and as I watched her climb the stairs in front of me catching glimpses of her  cunt from my position below her my desire for her reached its peak. As she stopped at the top of the stairs I pressed my body hard against hers from behind and put my arms around ehr from behind, cupping her breasts in my hands.

They felt so big, heavy and full. Her nipples were like hard little pebbles on the palms of my hands. I felt her ass, rounded and firm against my pelvis. I kissed her neck and she sighed.  I rubbed my cunt up and down the curved bulge of her ass and I moaned softly. then she laughed. Half laugh, half giggle and broke away from me.

The moment was gone. The spell broken. I felt the longing drain out fo me and I felt tired and weak suddenly. Suddenly needing a shower and sleep. I felt drained and disappointed. Ken has this double shower. A huge shower almost a room with a shower head at each end.  vicky was still high and kept poking me and grabbing my tits and fooling around in the shower but I was out of it.

When we got out, Ken had our clothes all laid out on the bed and Vicky looked so disappointed. She had been looking forward to the next instalment but I already knew it was over.  We got dressed in silence and when we came out of the bathroom Ken told us our taxi was here and kissed us both goodnight and sort of hussled us out the door.

Vicky looked a bit stunned and I wasnt sure if this was also aprt of Ken’s game or if he had just got annoyed and bored with her.

So that  w as that. Vicky slept at my place that night and the next  mornign was blah blah balh about what a fantastic time we had and how she couldnt believe we had done what we did. She went on and on about Ken quizzing me about me and him and what else we got up to. I told ehr that was a one off thing and that Ken was just a crazy man at times. Thats all.

Vicky went back to Kens another two times with me and they will be separate blogs.  There is a lot fo stuff to cover about those two nights and they will both need their own entries. Both those times were far more extreme than this night. A lot more than just running around naked.

But Vicky was so keen. She was so hyped up about that night for ages afterwards. I think the whole thing was so new to her and just so fucking exciting. So radical. Hahaha.

Fat Me and Hot Me

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
Fat Me

Fat Me

As much as I try to convince myself I look OK like this, that I am voluptuous or Reubenesque or just plain ol curvy and that some guys like women like this … deep down I don’t like myself when I look like this.

I hate the way I am all podgy and soft and wobbly. My bra size chanegs from 36c to 34b and if i put the wrong bra on it cuts into me. I hate the way my thighs rub together when I walk. I sweat a lot too. My tits get very wobbly and soft too. My ass looks HUGE. I feel fat and bloated and look like a big fat slob.

I get lazy too. I tend to lie around watching videos and don’t go out much. I eat a lot. Takaways and sweets and soft drinks. I don’t feel very sexy and I dont wank much.

But even so I still seem to attract guys when I’m fat. funny that. The moment i take a liking to a guy its like a switch is thrown and I begin to eat properly and exercise and pretty soon t he weight starts to shed and I get all lean and mean and hot.

But I guess the Fat Me is the Normal Me. This is what I look like most of the time. Yeah. Not good, hey?

Hot Me

Hot Me

This is the Me I really like. The Hot Me. Lean, mean sexy and hot. I look hot and I feel hot. My tits get smaller but firmer, my ass shrinks, my belly disappears and I just get slimmer and firmer all over. It takes about 2 months to go from Fat Me to Hot Me.  I wish I could keep the Fat Me tits though. Those big heavy tits would look so good on this body.
I have two complete outfits of clothes. One for Fat Me and one for Hot Me and its awkward when I am transitioning from one to the other. My clothes start to cut into me and if I wear the Hot Me clothes they just hang off me.
I feel much more sexual when I am slim. I masturbate a lot and I like looking at my naked body. I don’t just feel better about myself I feel GREAT about myself.  I LOVE this body. I love showing it off, letting people see it. If I meet a guy I like and can hold off fucking him for the 2 months it takes to slim down then I am fucking so delighted. But I rarely do. hahaha
I feel a lot sexier, kinkier and self confident sexually when I am slim. I love getting naked and getting around naked and letting my man see me naked.
I wish this was the REAL ME but I know the Fat Me is really the REAL ME. This is just a version of me.

Crazy Fuck #4

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

His name was Ken and he was a close friend of my Fathers. A close family friend. I always called him Uncle Ken from when I was little. I’d known him all my life.  He wore a suit which made me think he was very important when I was little. He was a big man, tall, heavily built, very imposing. Very good looking. He had a full beard trimmed close and incrediblly piercing blue eyes.  He was smart, very kind and very nice. I loved him like an Uncle and when I was little he used to read me stories and make up funny stories and as I got older he was the only adult to talk to me like an adult and to take me seriously.

I was 19 and had just moved into my very first flat. It was tiny but very nice and I loved it. I loved having my own place at long last.  Mum and Dad had already been over to check it out and make sure I was OK hahaha and I had invited Ken over to check out my new place. So he came over this night with a house warming gift.

He was wearing his suit, came straight from work and bought me a toaster. Hahaha. But not your average toaster. This one was magnificent and I still have it. It was some super expensive  enormous 4 slice job all gleaming stainless steel, lights and knobs. It was fantastic. I don’t think I’d ever seen such a magnificent toaster.

I was delighted. Something practical but so out of the ordinary.  I unwrapped it unpacked it and immediately set about making some toast. Ken and I were both laughing and I was so delighted. It felt so ADULT to be entertaining Ken in my own place. I felt almost like an equal.

Ken had come straight from work and was still in his full suit, shirt, jacket etc but I had just had a shower and all I was wearing was my usual betime/lounging round outfit –  boxer shorts and a singlet.  This is what I always wore at home either a singlet or a t shirt but this night it was a singlet. I’d known Ken for so long and he was virtually a member of the family so I never even thought I should get dressed even though I was  a bit “exposed”. Hahaha. No bra or undies. But I guess I was decent albeit a touch scantily dressed. Hahaha.

So I showed Ken through the apartment which didn’t take long, lounge/kitchen and laundry/bathrooom/toilet. hahaha Then we had a glass of wine  and talked. All was fine and Ha Ha Ha until I asked him how Roslyn was. Roslyn was his wife and I hadn’t seen her for months at home. Ken just sat still. Never moved. Then his lower lip trembled and he just said “She’s fine.” and he tried to smile.

Now Aunty Ros was Super Hot. Short, petite, blong hair but with really big tits. Not all that big but much bigger than you’d expect on such a little woman. She was so pretty and such a Hot body. I’d seen her in a bikini on our camping trips with Mum and Dad and I wished I had a body like hers.

Ken didn’t quite pull off the smile and he sat there looking down at the table. Then he told me that he and Roslyn had split up and would probably be getting a divorce. I was dumstruck. I’d never been in this kind of situation before. I didn’t know what to say. So much for feeling all grown up and having my own place.

Ken was so upset. He got up and stood facing away form me and after a while I went over to him and told him I was so sorry and I was shoocked to see a tear running down his cheek. Just one solitary tear. I never imagined Ken ever crying over anything. he was like a Superman, like a God to me. Big, brave, scared of nothing.

I put my arms around him and hugged him and he hesitated slightly then huhgged me back, his big strong arms encircling me. My face rested against his and I falt his tears on my face. He was crying but not making a sound. A real manly silent crying with the tears the only give away.

I kissed his cheek and tasted his tears and we hugged each other tight and I kissed his cheek again and tasted his tears againa nd felt his beard tickle my chin and suddenly our lips brushed and the next thing I knew his tongue was in my mouth and we were kissing frantically. Not passionately Frantically. Crazy. Both of us going crazy. Tongues going in and out and all over the place.

I was pretty sexed up at the time because Brian and I had just started fucking and I guess me being there in just my boxers and singlet and Ken in his suit got to me. I did have a momentary thought of how erotic it was but it was so fleeting. This was spontanesous. Like a volcano suddenly erupting without notice and sweeping everythign in its path.

I was totally swept away.

Ken lifted me up. still kissing and carried me into my bedroom, plonked me on the bed, pulled my shorts right off, hauled me to the edge of the bed so my ass was just resting on the edge of the bed, kknelt down between my legs and went down on me.

His mouth closed around my cunt and I felt his tongue like some wild crazy animal all over my cunt and finally settling on my clit. I was going crazy. This was the first time a man (or boy) had gone down on me like this. A few guys in school had made a few half hearted attempts but nothing like this. He was ATTACKING  my cunt. With lips, mouth and tongue.

I was going crazy. MY legs were waving around and moving like I was riding a bicycle. Round and round, out wide, in together. I was so out of it. Then he sucked my clit into his mouth and licked my clit inside his mouth moving his tongue up and down really, really fast.

I came like I had never cum before in my life.  It felt like bolts of electricity zapping through my body. From my clit to just under my throat. From my waist to my finger tips. I felt waves of pleasure washing over my body. My back arched, feet suddenly up on the bed and my cunt moving up up up and Ken moving with it.

Ken never let up for an instant. His mouth never left my clit as I thrashed around in sheer ecstacy. I was monaing and groaning and yelling out. Eventually I couldn’t tell if it was agony or ectacy but whatever it was I just couldn’t stand it any longer and I grabbed his head and struggled to get his mouth of my clit.

Next thing I knew I was lying on my back on the bed. My body felt like it was GLOWING. My fingertips and my toes were tingling like electricity. I was panting like a dog, struggling to get my breath. My legs and back hurt. A delicious aching sensation. I felt so incredibly CALM and RELAXED. It was incredible.

I looked down and could see Ken looming up at the foot of my bed. At first I couldn’t quite tell what he was doing and then to my utter amazement I realised he was looking at me and wanking but below the level of the ebd so I couldn’t see it just his arm moving rythymically.

I slid down the ebd and slid off onto his lap and kissed him deeply, thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. He put his left arm around me but kept wanking and I thought this was odd. but maybe not. What did I know about men.

I’ve always, and still do, love kissing. Especially when the guy knows how to kiss and loves to kiss too. Ken was like that. I love having my tongue sucked and sucking a man’s tongue. It’s sheer heaven to me. It s so sexy and erotic and such a fucking turn on. I put my hand son Ken’s face, one on either side and with my lips pressed ahrd against his I opened my mouth and thrust my tongue deep inside his mouth.

Then I slowly took my tongue out and when my tongue was =out of his mouth I poked it out into the air as far as I could. I felt his open mouth cover my tongue and his lips close around my tongue and then he sucked my tongue and I went a little crazy.

I tried to reach down and grab his cock and put it in me but he brushed my hand away and I said something like “I need you to fuck me” and it sounded really DESPERATE.  I did. I NEEDED his cock in me so badly. Oh God.

Ken sort of picked me up and spun me round and pushed me onto the ebd so I was lying on the ebd but wiht my knees on the floor and he lifted me up a bit higher and got nehind me. I felt him behind me undoing his pants and heard them drop to the floor and the first thing I felt  was his belly  on my bare ass. I was a bit surprised I never knew Ken had a big belly. It felt big and round and smooth and pressed on my ass.

Then I felt his knuckles graze my cunt and then felt his cock slide into my wet cunt. Oh God I was wet. His hands slid up under my singlet between my body and the bed and cupped both my tits as he fucked me bent over the bed.

It felt so different to Brian’s cock. There was no stretching or shoving to get it in. Ken’s cock just seemed to slide in efforlessly and I didn’t have that full, stretchy feeling I got when Brian was fucking me.

I felt Ken’s hands moving all over my body while he fucked me, up my sides, over my hips, over my thighs, my ass, my tits, my neck, my throat. He kissed and licked and sucked my neck and throat while he fucked me . It felt so good.

He came inside me but I never felt the usual stab of pain when Brian shoved his cock in me for thta final thrust before he came. He simply came. I only knew because his body shuddered and he stopped fucking me.

Part of me was utterly over the moon, excited, sexcited and delighted that Ken had given me my first Man Orgasm and part of me was ashamed that I ahd let Uncle Ken fuck me. I felt like a dirty bad girl.

Then came one of the first Truly Awkward moments of my adult life. Facing Ken after this.

What the fuck do you say after you have just had rampant sex with your Uncle Ken ?

I was half hoping he would just sneak out like a dirty rat and we would simply pretend it had never happenned.

But another part of me was hoping he would get naked and fuck me some more. Give me another Man Orgasm.

And I know this sounds trange but I was really curious about his cock. I wanted to see it and wondered why he hadn’t let me touch it before. And I was curious what he looked like naked.

I thought about just crawling up onto my bed and hiding under the covers and hoping he would slink out. But that seemed such a childish thing to do. I wondered what would a REAL WOMAN do?

After a long moment of indecision I got to my feet on the floor at the foot of the bed up really close to Ken and slowly pulled my singlet over my head and stood there naked in front of him. My cunt was inches from his face. I felt good about my body because sine Brina and i had started our Dry Humping and pr0per  fucking I had slimmed right down. I thought I was looking pretty fucking hot.

I looked down at Ken and brushed aside my embaressment and shame and said “I want you to see me naked”

I immediately felt like an idiot because I was naked already and I thanked God the room was pretty dark and he couldnt see my face blushing. So I felt like an idiot now as well as a slut, a bad girl and an incestor. Or whatever you call someone who fucks their Uncle. Not that he was my real Uncle but he was so much like one.

Ken looked up at me and I musta have looked good ebcause he was drinking me in with his eyes. Oh yeah. I felt like I was getting eaten alive.

But this was going nowhere and I felt the awkwardness returning. I felt like I ahd to do somehting so I said. “I want to see you naked, too.” and again immediately cursed myself for being an idiot. But to my surprise it worked.

Talk about a night of surprises. Ken looked fucking magnificent in his suit. I ahd only ever seen him well dressed. Even at a barbecue in the abckyard he always wore a jacket and good shirt while all the other guys wore baggy shorts and t shirts. Ken was always immacualtely dressed. Like now. Even though he looked a little bedraggled.

SO Ken stood up and slowly got undressed while I stood there feeling a bit of  a fool, naked.  He undud his tie and slid it round his shirt collar and then took off his jacket and then hsi shirt and I was surprised to see that he wasn’t all muscly like i had always imagined him to be under his clothes. He looked kinda fat.

I felt too much like an idiot just standing there naked not doing anything while he got undressed so I dropped to my knees and began undoing his shoe laces and I took off his shoes. His feet stunk and I had enver even thought of that. It was a bit of an ewww moment when I pulled off that first shoe.

I got his shoes and socks off and then his pants dropped to the floor and I took them off while he stepped out of them and then I looked down at the floor suddenly embaressed again. Ken just stood there and finally I looked up and … I will never forget this.  He had the smallest cock I had ever seen. All I could see from down below was the ehad of hsi ccok poking out of this jungle of dark pubic hair. Just the head.

I was afraid I would do something to let himknow how surprised I was at the size of his cock so I panicked and reached up and took hold of it as if it was a perfectly normal cock and then I started sucking it. it felt so weird  in my mouth. So small. Every other cock I had had in my mouth seemed way too big but this was nothing. I had his whole cock in my mouth and even though it wasnt hard it was nothing. No problem at all.

Ken pushed me off his cock and pciked me up again and put me gently on the ebd. He stood looking downa t me and I got my first good looka t him naked. To be honest it was a cmplete turn off. Brian was so beautiful naked but Ken was just … ewwww. Hairy chest and big fat hairy belly and big thick chunky thighs. He wasnt musclya t all. All fat and flabby and his belly stuck out and sort of hung over. I was so surprised. And he had this really thick jungle of pubic hair.

Then Ken did the strangest thing. He raised his arms and flexed his muscles like a weightlifter. He had no arm muscles though. It was all flab. Then eh smiled. I was thnking ???? Why is he smiling. Then it struck me… he THINKS he’s Mr Fuckin Muscleman.

I remebered my words “I want to see you naked” and wanted desperately to take them back.

Then he got ont he ebd and it sank under his weight and i rolled over closer to him. Then he began checking ut my body. He looked me over from all angles and then he started caressing my body. All over. His fingertips ran over every inch of my body. Over and over. It felt so nice. I closed my eyes to shut out the sight of his naked body though. Squeezed them tight.

Then he put me on my back and got between my legs and he went down on me again. this time he took his time and he licked and sucked every aprt of me between my legs. He slid his tongue over my cunt lips and into my cunt hole and over and aorund my clit and finally sucked my clit into his mouth and di dhis super fast tongue action on my cli t inside his mouth.

I came again even harder than the first time and I remember thinking he may be disgusting to look at but fuck me he knows how to lick a cunt.

We had an on again off again “affair” over many years after that.  I discovered he loved going down on me more than he liked fucking me. He gave the best orgasms I’d ever had in my life. He was obsessed with maknig me cum and cum hard. I thought later that this must have been his way of compensating for his small cock. Like if he couldnt satisfy a woman with his cock – he could with his tongue.

His cock was 4 and a half inches long when hard and about 3 quarters of an inch thick. On the slack it was about an inch long. Basiclaly just the head. It was a cute little cock though. He was circumsized.

I found out what he really liked to do was jerk off while he went down on me and time his orgasm to mine. So we would cum together.  But he would always cum on the floor at the foot of my bed and I had terrible trouble getting rid of the stains in the carpet. But I didn’t know what to do about that.

Ken was never all that keen on fucking me. Not really. His belly was too big for him to get on top of me and anwyay I was terrified he’d smother me. hahaha. If we fucked it was always with me lying  on my stomach on the bed right on the edge with him behind me.  With my cunt right on the edge of the bed.

He didnt like me touching his cock or sucking it. He’d always pull away when ever I tried to touch it or suck it. but sometimes when he didn’t cum when I did like sometimes he had trouble cumming he liked to fuck my mouth till he came. I’d kneel down on the floor in front of him and he’d just fuck my mouth the same way you would fuck a cunt. He liked that. He would go “ooh ooh ooh ” while he fucked my mouth.

I kept “seeing” him because I loved totally fucking LOVED the way he went down on me. The way he was so fucking obsessively EAGER. I used to call him my Eager Beaver.

The other reason I think was because I felt so comfortable with him.  But in a weird way. More a lind of “I dont care what he thinks about me”. Like the way you just don’t give a fuck what a guy thinks of you when you dont really care about him. Some of the best fucks I’ve had have been with guys I didn’t particularly like.

When we were dressed Ken sort of intimidated me but when we were naked the shoe was on the other foot. I was in control. Sort of. In control in so far as I felt like I could do anything I wanted but not quite because I could never really get Ken to do anything he wanted. I could for a while though but he would always dig his heels in.

I got used to his ugly fat body and after a while it never bothered me at all. But when I put on weight he would get turned off. He didn’t like me when I got a bit fat which I used to think was so unfair given his ugly fat all the time body. But I suppose you cant help what turnes you on and what doesnt. When I was slim he would go crazy over me.

I used to like watching us in the big mirrors on my wardrobe. We ‘d ahve to get on the floor to see prooperly but I loved seeing my slim perfect body on top of his fat hairy body in the mirror. My favourite thing was to get on top of him.  I would sit in his face and he’d lick my cunt while he jerked off and I’d watch in the mirror. When he got really excited I’d slide my body down and slide my cunt down on his little cock. Sometimes I’d put it in my asshole and he’d fuck me up the ass with me on top while I watched in the mirror. I always used to watch and think. “That ugly old fat cunt has his cock in my asshole.” Strange hey?

Ken never liked fucking me up the ass. He used to complain my ass was too tight and it hurt. Maybe it did. He also complained my cunt was too tight and that hurt too. Hahaha

But you know i enjoyed it. With Ken. It was weird and maybe a bit sick but I liked it.

Ken and I went through an incredibly kinky stage for a while. Really kinky. A bit sick. I think I’ll make the Kinky Ken Years a sperate post. Theres a lot of stuff to cover there. We played games – dress ups even. Like the dog collar, the pissing, me and Vicky and Ken, the guy next door and the pool. We got up to some pretty kinky shit me and Ken. Stuff I’d never do with any other guy.  Ken knew what turned me on and he exploited it. Especially my exhibitionism. I never told him about that he just knew.

Somehow he talked me and Vicky into running up and down his street naked. I dunno how he did it. He just made it sound so exciting. Such an incredibly BAD thing to do. He got me to go to his next door naighbour completely naked and tell him I’d accidentally locked myself out of Ken’s house and Ken was asleep. Things like that.  It was an incredible HIGH for me. Amazing.

It needs to be a seperate blog though. There is so much to cover. Just the dog collar alone would make an entry. Funny but I really LOVED that. Really. One of the most intense experiences of my life. I felt so incredibly fucking FREE.

And the pissing. Ken had these beautiful dark polished hardwood floors and for some fucking weird reason it really turned me on  being naked on his hardwood floors. He used to get me to piss on his floors and then sit in it and then roll around in my piss while he watched. I know it sounds bizarre but it was so fucking exciting. Having someone watch you piss is just such an incredibly liberating experience.

I must write more about that.

Noone ever knew about Ken except Vicky and she was never really sure exactly what went on between us. I could never tell ehr or anyone. It was just way too weird and sick.

But the kinky stuff faded out and we went back to our “normal” thing and then he got involved with other women and when he did I was left out and now I haven’t seen him for a few years.

Crazy Fuck #3 (In no particular order)

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I’d been going out with Brian for about 2 months and was madly in love with him. I fucking adored him. He was the most beautiful boy I’d ever known on the inside and the outside. We were both at Uni, me studying Business and him studying Art. An odd couple. But with a lot in common. We were both fuckups. Both socially inept and lacking confidence. He was still a virgin at 19 and although I was no virgin I didn’t know much about sex. I’d just been fucked a few times, that’s all.


All we had done at this stage was kiss. Very deeply and passionately but just kissing. He’d never tried to touch me and I had just followed his lead waiting for him to make a move … which never came. I was so in love with him I didn’t really care or even wonder about whether it was normal or not that he hadn’t made a move on me. I just figured that he was shy and it would all happen in when things fell into place. He was my first REAL boyfriend and we got on so well and had so much fun and I didn’t know much about sex and didn’t think 2 months was too long anyway not to have had it. Although I knew most boys tried it often on the first date. hahaha


We started going out to his parents “farm” on weekends to look after the place while his parents spent the weekends in the city. Not really a farm more like a “used to be a farm” that had been cut up and sold off until just  a small block of land remained around the old homestead. But it was lovely out there and we had the place to ourselves which was really cool.


The “crazy fucking” began the first night we stayed at the farm. We had a great day wandering all over the palce exploring, checking out the creek that ran through it and they still had a few animals, some chooks and stuff. That night we made dinner and acted all grown up about it. Hahaha.


Then we had a shower and I put on my stnadard bedtime outfit – boxer shorts and t shirt. Nothing else. Brian was wearing jeans and a t shirt. We curled up on an old quilt on the floor in the lounge room in front of the tv and started kissing. I loved kissing Brian. He was and probably still is the best kisser I’ve ever known. He could be gentle, loving, passionate and just plain wild with the way he kissed me. He’d suck my lips, my tongue, thrust his tongue in my mouth like a cock, like tongue-fuckign my mouth and he’d open his mouth slightly and just wait for me to put my tongue in his mouth.


I loved doing that so much. I’d always go really slowly, sliding my tongue over his lips and into his mouth and then he’d suck my tongue. It was an incredible, erotic experience. This was one of the few times we had been alone. I was sharing a flat with 2 girls and Brian was sharing with three sometimes four other guys. I’d never even been to his place and there was no privacy at my place.


So we were making the most of our new found privacy. We rolled around the floor holding each other tight and kissing wildly and pressing our bodies against each other. This was the first time we’d ever ahd such close physical contact. Full body length contact. It was great. I lvoed the feel of his arms around me and his body pressed so hard against mine.


We ended up with him on top of me and I sort of naturally opened my legs and he sorta naturally moved his body in between my legs and we were in the fucking position with him on top.  We were kissing passionately and Brian was thrusting his tongue in and out fo my mouth and I was thinking how his tongue is moving just like a occk would be in my cunt if I was getting fucked. It was a hot thought that really got me turned on and I was already pretty turned on from the kisssing, being alone with him and feeling his body against mine.


With Brian on top of me between my legs, I lifted my legs and hooked my ankles around his legs, just behind his knees, and kind of instinctively began to move my hips up and down. I felt his cock immediately through his jeans, big and hard and rubbing on my cunt through the thin fabric of my boxer shorts. He responded by moving his hips back and forth and rubbing his cock up and down my cunt.


It felt delicious and electric and so incredibly erotic. I felt his tongue thrusting in my mouth and his hands on my face, his chest pressing hard on my breasts, flattening them against my chest, his back under my hands, his cock pressing hard on my cunt, rubbing it, and my ankles wrapped around his legs.


It was just like fucking but with our clothes on and no penetration. Not even any flesh to flesh contact. Our bodies were both insulated from each other by our clothes. I still felt quite a lot though through the thin fabric of my t shirt and boxer shorts. I was particularly aware of the seams in his jean s, where the fabric is folded and sewed, pressing and rubbing my clit through my boxer shorts.


Our first fuck was a “dry fuck” or a “dry hump” as a lot of people call it. We started slow and cautious but after a while we were both getting right into it, both our bodies thrusting wildly and rubbing against each other. I thrust my hips up hard, forcing my cunt against his body and he thrust  into me forcing his hard cock hard up against my cunt. I put my hand s on his ass, feeling the rough denim fabric of his jeans under my fingers and I tried to pull hiim even harder against me.


Suddenly brian stopped and got off me and sat beside me looking bewildered and worried. I didn’t know what was wrong but I didn’t want to stop. I asked him what was wrong and he just shook his head and I started kissing him again and we got back into our dry humping position and went at it again. After a while he stopped but this time I just held him tight, as tight as I could and thrust my hips like a madwoman because I didn’t want to stop.


He moaned really loud but tried to stifle it but couldn’t. His body tensed and I stopped wondering what was going on. Then he quickly got up and dashed down the hall. To the bathroom. I heard the tap going and still didn’t realise what wsa going on. As I sat there waiting for him it suddenly dawned on me that he had just cum in his pants. I laughed out loud, then tried to stop laughing and had a little giggle. I thought how dumb I was for not knowing straight away what had happenned.


I thought it was kinda funny and kinda weird. Weird because he hadn’t tried to fuck me. Why not? I wondered. Here we were alone together and me obviously willing.  I was most definitely ready to fuck Brian. But did he know that?


He took a long time coming back and when he did he looked REALLY embaressed. I was going to make a joke of it but decided  not to when I saw his face. He couldn’t even look at me. I thought what the fuck? No big deal. But he was really embaressed. So I just said “Wow. That was great.” And snuggled up to him and we lie on the floor and watched some more tv and then lsitened to some music for a while. We stayed up really late but then Brian said the Guest Roomw as made up for me and I better sleep in there and him in his old bedroom so his folks don’t think we slept together or anything.


Now I thought this was really weird because I was so looking forward to sleeping with him and maybe even fucking during the night. I said lets just mess up the guest bed so your folks will think I slept in it and lets sleep together. But he said no, they’ll know. I didn’t think they would give a fuck but ….


So the next night was the same. Same Brian stopping and looking all worried and me kissing him and getting him back into it and Brian cumming in his pants again and me waiting and him coming back looking all embaressed. It was frustrating but kinda cool thinking of him cumming in his pants and thinking about his underpants all full of his cum. Hahaha And him rinsing them out in the bathroom and putting on new ones. Fucking weird.


I always think of that Saturday night as our first fuck. It was only a dry hump but to me it was our first fuck and was kinda special. Kinda weird but kinda special. Hahaha


We used to go up there just about every weekend after that and it was always the same. Dry humping on the floor with our clothes on, Brian always in his jeans, always worried and embaressed and me always a bit frustrated and dying for him to put his cock in my cunt and fuck me properly.


But I got used to it and began to really like it. Sometimes he’d rub his jeans right on my clit and I used to come very close to cumming myself. But I never did. Sometimes I’d get on top of him and that way I could rub my clit right on his cock and I always got very close to cumming that way. Almost but never quite. Hahaha.


I always thought this was like a prelude to actual fucking and that sooner or later Brian would just whip his cock out and fuck me properly.  But what happenned was that we simply got better at dry humping. We made it into an Art Form. Hahaha It was betetr than most of the actual fucking I’d done anyway.


This went on for months. About three months. It became our “norm”. Our own way of fucking. Brian and I ener talked about it but I knew that he was a virgin. He seemed scared to actually fuck and I didn’t know why and I didn’t know how to ask or how to even broacht he subject. But everything else about our relationship was perfect. He was the perfect boyfriend. Warm, gentle, considerate, polite, romantic. He used to do drawings of me and write me little poems. So sweet. He was the sweetest guy I ever knew.


After a few weeks of this we were both pretty comfortable with the dry humping and even though Brian never said anything after he came and always dashed off to the bathroom he stopped being so embaressed about it. We always did it with the lights out and just the TV going. In the light of the tv.


So after a few weeks of this one night I just whipped my t shirt off. Never thought about it just did it in the middle of our dry humping. I don’t think Brian even noticed I’d taken my t shirt off until a little while after our chest came into contact. That was so fucking delicious. The feel of his chest through his t shirt on my bare breasts and the feel of the night air on my tits. My nipples got rock hard immediately. I pulled his t shirt up and fuck me it was MAGICAL the feel of his naked chest on my naked tits.


We crushed our bodies together and I felt my tits flatten under his bare chest and felt the smooth skin of his chest rubbing my rock hard nipples, flattening them, squashing my tits. His chest felt so warm and smooth. I got on top of him and he just gaped at my tits as I moved my hips rubbing my clit up and down on his hard cock through his denim jeans.


Then I went a little crazy and felt his cock with my hand. I moved my hips back a bit and just reached down and grabbed his cock. For the first time ever I felt his cock in my  hand even though it was through his jeans it still felt magical. I clsoed my fingers around it feeling its width and thick ness, exploring its length. Thinking how big it was and woondering how it would feel inside me.


I leaned forward until my tits were right in his face but I had to hold my tit and put it to his mouth before he sucked it. Thatw as so fucking good. Feeling his mouth on my nipple, sucking it, sucking it hard while he thrust his hips underneath me forcing his cock to rub my cunt through his denim jeans.


So I was happy. We’d added a new trick to our repertoire and I thought it was only a matter of time now before we fucked properly. Next thing was for me to take his shirt off and after a few weeks it ebcame our “norm” to do it with me just wearing my shorts and him injust his jeans. This felt so much more intimate. Much more exciting.


But Brian never made a move. Never tried to do anything else or initiate anything himself.  But I was getting bolder and braver. I made him touch my tits, squeeze them, play with my nipples, suck my nipples, lick them. I’d practically shove them in his mouth. So for a few weeks my tits became the “big thing” and Brian began to love playing with them.


Brian always wore jeans. Thick denim jeans. Black, light blue, dark blue. He never wore shorts. He said shorts were for schoolboys and morons. One of his funny little things. There was nothing wrong with his legs he had a great body. Just one of his funny little ways. He ahd quite a few of them as I discovered as time went on and I got to know him better. But that’s another story.


AS time went on and we continued our “Farm Weekends” the weather grew cold as winter  came and that old farmhouse was as cold as a witches tit. So we did our floor thing under a quilt. A quilt on the floor and one on top of us. At first I didn’t like it because it meant I couldn’t see brians body and I couldn’t see us moving together. But after a while I began to get really brave under the quilt.


By now I was down to just a pair of boxer shorts and absolutley nothing else but Brian was still wearing his jeans and underpants. He wore brief style underpants. He didn’t like boxers. He said they gave you no support and only morons wore them. That was one of his favourite saying. Only morons do this or do that. Only morons go fishing. Only morons wear shorts.


It was a kinda delicious feeling though me just wearing boxers while Brian wore his jeans. Being the underdressed one made me feel like the naughty one. Hahaha. Weird hey?


Because we were under the quilt now I got really brave and one night pulled my boxers to one side to expose my cunt. At first I couldn’t tell any difference but then the seam of his jeans hit right on my clit. I felt it very clearly, the rough fabric rubbing on my clit. It was a magic moment. I grabbed his ass really tight and pulled him down forcing his cock inside his jeans to rub my clit really ahrd. But it only lasted a moment.


It felt so incredibly wicked to do that. To pull my shorts to one side and expose my cunt like that. Even though he couldn’t see it and didn’t even know that just made it all the more exciting.


So one night in the middle of a dry hump under the quilt I just took my shorts off completely. Again like with my t shirt Brian didn’t even notice. We struggled and moved around so much I gues its understanable though. And it felt like fucking MAGIC. I was completely anked and it was just so fucking exciting. I was thrashing and thrusting my hips like a crazy woamna nd Brian was getting all crazy too and then I felt his ahnd slide down my side and sorta stop when he didn’t come to my shorts.


His hand stopped on my hip and went back up then back down to my upper thigh and I thought “Yes Brian. Naked flash. Bare ass. Go for it boy”


He seemed confused as if he didn’t understand but we were still thrusting and dry humping like crazy and it was kinda hard to focus a thought on anything in the middle of that. I felt his hands exploring my upper thighs and the sides of my hips and I lifted  my ass up and felt his hands, both of them, move under my ass. Oh God that felt so good. His hands on my naked ass. My bare ass. I thought he must know I am naked now and I wondered what he would make of that.


Then something really magical happenned. He put his hands under my ass and lifted my ass up as he kept thrusting his denim clad cock against my cunt. Suddenly his cock was rubbing right on my clit and I felt it very clearly on my exposed clit. Lifting my ass up like that got my clit in exactly the right position for his cock to rub right on my clit. Fucking magic. I would have cum I think if he had kept doing it. But he came himself just at that moment.


So now our norm was for me to start with my shorts on and to take them off under the quilt. Our dry humping was so much better now I was completely naked. I totally loved doing it now and was beginning to think it might be better than actual fucking. I mena the few times I ahd fucked were not all that great and a couple were downright unpleasant.


So now this went on for ages. Me naked. Still dry humping and brian making no move to escalate things. Then one night in the middle of our dry humping he suddenly stopped  and said “Mary, are you naked?” as if he couldn’t believe it. I thought “Duh” but all I did was giggle. Then he ran his hands all over me under the quilt as if he really couldn’t believe I was really naked. It felt delicious the way his hands ran over  my naked body. I felt so wicked. I really was the wicked one. Bad girl.


Brian sat up and looked down at me and I somehow knew what he was thinking. I thought he wanted to see me naked. We were very close and I could often guess what he was thinking. So I slowly slid the quilt down off of me. I hesitated as my tits foirst came into view even though he had seen my tits. But he had never seen me completely naked. I felt a bit nervous but not too bad because I was in really good shape then. Super slim and young and fresh and all that.


I slid the quilt down further exposing my belly, so firm and flat and taut back then, but hesitated as the edge of the quilt came to my cunt. I closed my eyes and looked away suddenly feeling really embaressed and then I just flicked it off me and lay there totally naked with Brian sitting beside me looking down at me.  I heard a sudden intake of breath but he never said a word. I imgined him just looking at my naked body as I lay there completely anked, the cold beginning to creep up on me.


Brian just looked at me and never touched me. Just looked. I was half expecting him to jump on me and fuck me but only half. And he never. He got back on top of me and started dry humping me again. Ah well I thought. But I was a bit worried at his apparent lack of interest in my body. Did he not like it? Did he think I was fat or something. I wasn’t. My weight goes up and down but it was really down at this time.


When he came back from the bathroom this time he seemed distracted and things didn’t feel right. As if we had crossed a line or something. Or more likely I had crossed a line. I didn’t get it but I felt really weird and there was something really weird between us now. I didn’t get it. He just saw me naked so what? And I was starting to get pissed off at the way he just leapt up after he came and dashed off to the bathroom without a word. I thought shit we both know whats going on. He’s cumming in his pants so what? Why the big dash and all the I dunno what. Mystery? Hahaha


The next night I took off my t shirt and my boxers in front of him and casually got under the quilt. Make what you will of that I thought. He seemed much more excited than usual that night and was making a lot of noise. Like little grunts and moans. For some reasont aht really got me turned on. Him making those noises. As if he was really turned on a nd that turned me on.


He was on top of me under the quilt humping away when suddenly my fingers found the button on his jeans. The one above the zip. Just came to it by accident. I didn’t even think. I just twisted it and undid it and yanked the zip down and shoved my ahnd down his jeans. My hand slid down the length odf his cock inside his jeans and I curled my fingers around it and pulled it out. It actually just sorta sprung out in my hand. It felt so big and HOT and kinda slippery in my hand and brian was still thrusting and my hand was moving back and forth with his cock as he kept thrusting his hips back and forth.


I couldn’t see anything under the quilt but I knew  his cock was out of his jeans and was in my hand. Suddenly he made a funny nise like a half grunt half moan and I fle tsomething warm and wet and clingy land on my belly just above my cunt. Then I felt the same warm, thick, clinging stuff running over my fingers and rian ahd his eyes tight shut and was looking up at the ceiling. He came. Hahaha. He came in my hand and on my hand and on my belly. He came almost the moment his cock sprang free of his jeans.


Then he said “Oh no. I’m sorry. I’m sorry” and got up and dashed off intot he bathroom holding his jeans up and his cock still hanging out. I got a quick glimpse of his cock as he dashed past me. First time I’d ever seen it. But I’d held it in my ahnd and it felt so big and thick and hot and sweaty. I was intrigued. I wondered what it would feel like inside me. In my cunt.


He was gone for ages as usual doing god knows what. I mena how long does it take to rinse out a pair of undies and maybe sponge some cum off the front of his jeans. I pulled the quilt off and looked at his cum on my belly. It looekd yukky but was kinda exciting seeing it there. It was thick and white and there were two big blobs of it on my belly just above my cunt. Then I looked at my fingers and saw it was all clinging to them and little bits were hanging down kinda stringy looking.


I thought it was pretty yukky but very interesting. I’d seeen Brian’s cum before I’d even seen him naked.  So I was doing all this thinking and stuff and before I knew it Brian was back and  here was I with his cum still on my belly lying there naked like some slut. I thogught ah fuck it. So what? He stood over me looking down not sure of what to say or do. He just stood there. I looked up at him and I felt the craziness come over me and I said “You came on me” and I started giggling. Almost hysterically. He just looked really embaressed. Super embaressed.


I thought oh no he’s so embaressed but to cover my own embaressment I just plowed on with mys tupid shit. I rubbed his cum on my belly with a finger and said “Look. Look what you done.” And he looked and then looked away. I pressed on. I said “It’s so sticky” and he looked down at the floor and never said a word.


Then I got really embaressed suddenly. Suddenly I felt like some slut and covered myself up and he said “You wanna tissue?” I didn’t answer. I couldn’t see my shorts or t shirt and didn’t want the indignity of looking round for them naked so I just got up and dashed to the bathroom wondering what he thought of my bare ass as I dashed through the hall.


In the bathroom I stopped and looked down at his cum on my belly again. I was really intrigued. I couldn’t get over the idea that Brian had just came on my belly. He had cum ON me. It was funny. I ran my finger through one of the little blobs and held it up to see it better on my finger. Then I ahd this crazy idea of wondering what it tasted like. What Brian;s cum tasted like. I’d ahd other guys cum in my mouth before so I knew what it tasted like but was curious what BRIAN’S cum tasted like. So I licked it off my finger. Nothing. No real taste. So I sucked my finger. Hmmm. Yeah. Bit of a mawkish salty taste goin on there now.


So now we had another awkward night together after that. Second time we’d done something new and it created this distance between us. I was thinking seriously that it really was past time we fucked. We shoulda been fucking ages ago.


We left the next day because it was Sunday and we were still sleeping in separate beds so we left with sorta a cloud hanging over us and we were both unsually quiet on the way home. Normally we were blah blah blah all the time especially on the car ride home.


That week I had a talk with Kelly and told her what was going on and she looked at me funny and said to just do it. Just grab his cock and stick it in. She confirmed what I suspected. That we shoulda been fucking long ago. She thought it was really weird how we just dry jumped like that. But she said some guys are just weird.


Brian was OK during the week back to normal on Monday night but he seemed almost reluctant to go to the farm this weekend. He said he ahd a lot of study to do and made some other half assed excuses. I said no no I love our weekends at the farm and he relented and we went.


We were both pretty quiet all the way up there and all day on the farm. Usually we acted like kids running around and exploring like city kids do in the country. But we were quiet. Just strolled around holding hands and stuff.


So that night under the quilt after we’d been kissing for a while but before we started our dry humping I suggled up really close and held him really tight and said to Brian. “Take your jeans off”. He just went still. Never said anything.  I licked my lips and thought. Uh Oh. He just lay there still. So I thought fuck this and I kept syaing things like “Come on baby,. Come on” and I reached down and started undoing his jeans. He put his hand over mine but didn’t try to stop me.


I undid the button and pulled the zip down a nd he lifted his body while I pulled his jeans down and off. It was quite a struggle and I thought shit this should be the other way round. So now we were both naked under the quilt but neither of us made a move. I slid my hand down and took hold of his cock. It felt so big and hot in my hand. Brian didn’t move. I moved my body up onto his chest and sorta sat sideways with my body blocking his view of his cock and I sat up and had a good look at it.


I thought fuck that’s a nice cock. It really was. Brian had one of the nicest cocks I’ve ever seen on a man. It was beautiful. Magnificent. All big and swollen and hard in my hand. I was always surprised how HOT Brians cock was. Like Imena hot as in hot and cold. It was always hot. Funny that. So I checked it all over. He was circumsized, thank god. I always liked cut cocks best. You just don’t know whats hiding under allt hat skin hahaha. The head was big and purple and shiny and felt smooth like silk and the hole in the tip of his cock looekd really big as if you could poke your tongue in it. Or your nipple. Or your clit. Hahaha And it was thick too. My fingers could only just go round it. I thoguht fuck you’d know it when that was in your cunt.


But then Brian pulled the quilt over me and pulled me up and down ont my back and got on top of me and I thought fuck this is it. We are going to fuck at long last. I braced myself thining he’d just plunge it into me. But he didn’t. I felt his cock rubbing the top of my cunt sliding up and down just like when we dry humped. Oh it felt good alright sliding up and down on the top of my cunt like that but ti wasn’t what I was expecting. I rwrpped my legs around him and for a while just marvelled at ebing in his arms naked with my legs wrapped around his hips, our naked chests pressed together, my tits flattenend by his chest. And his cock rubbing up and down on top of my cunt.


After a while he changed position and now his cock was pointing straight down a t the floor pressed hard on my cunt and sliding up and down, pressing hard into my cunt lips and I could even feel it on my clit. This felt so good. I could feel his cock getting wet and slippery form my cunt juices and I could atually feel how wet my cunt was getting. Super Wet.


I thought how easy to just angle that cock up a bit  and stick it in my cunt.


Then he did  what I thought was a really strange thing. He rolled me over onto my belly and got on top of me and pressed his cock in between the crack of my ass so it was lying along my ass crack  but pressing down hard in between my ass cheeks. His cock was right in the crack of my ass lengthways. Then he started sliding it up and down the crack of my ass. I thought fuck this is weird but it feels so good … but it aint fucking. But it’s nice. Hahaha And I thought really naughty. Wicked. Ass fucking.


Then a horrible thoguht struck me. What of my beloved Brian is an ass bandit. Suddenly it made sense. His lack of interest in fucking me. And now this weird shit rubbing his cock up my ass crack. I thought fuck what if he wants to fuck me up the ass?


So I was thinking all that and panicking and all the time thinking Fuck that feels so good. I’d enver felt anythign on my ass or in my ass or anywhere around my ass before and I thought so that’s whay guys fuck each other. Or was it? It was bizarre.


I did panic a bit and I rolled over so I was on my back and I pulled Brian in really close to me and put my lips right on his ear and I said “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me” I had never said anything like that to a guy before but I was desperate. I needed to prove Brian wasn’t an ass bandit and I desperately wanted him to fuck me. I kept thinking its long overdue.


He never said anything so I reached down and grabbed his cock and again I thought how big and thick it was and for a second wondered if it would even fit in my cunt.  I held his cock towards the abse and guided the tip of his cock to my cunt and moved it round till I found my cunt hole and I pressed it right on my cunt hole. I moved my hips forward to press my cunt against the tip of his cock and force it into my cunthole.


It just pressed for a while and then suddenly the ehad of his cock just popped in. But it felt incredibly tight and Briain grunted as he gave it a good old shove and forced it in about an inch. I was surprised and worried how difficult it was to get in but thought well I hadn’t done allt hat much fucking and my cunthole is still pretty virginal and he did have a big cock.


I gritted my teeth and pulled his ass towards me and moved my hips forward trying to force it in deeper. Brian was pressing forward but just doing that. Just trying to move forward and force it in. Suddenly he eased backwards and I felt it slide out of my cunt almost but then he pressed forward and it went in even further. Now he was going in a little way, then back a little way then in some more and each time he went back and forwards it went in a little deeper. But it felt so tight. So fucking tight and was hurting a little bit. His cock felt so long and thick as if it was forcing my cunt apart and being fed in inch by inch and would never stop.


Suddenly like someone turned on a switch it just shot all the way in and Brina was fucking me, his cock moving in and out fo my cunt and my inner thighs gettting all wet with my cunt juice and I thought “We’re fucking. We’re fucking at last, we’re really doing it.” . I almost yelled out “Yay we’re fucking” but I didn’t. It felt good now. Real good. I was so in love with the idea of us actually fucking at last. I began to thrust my hips and hold him tight and he said something like “No no. Don’t” and I thought how could he not like the way I was thrusting my hips when Bang. He came.


He just rammed his cock in until it hit bottom deep inside my cunt making me lurch and yelp in pain and then he was cumming inside me. I could feel his cock pulsating and throbbing as he pumped my cunt full of cum. Our first proper fuck and it lasted like about 10 seconds.


Then Brian was off again. Dashing bare assed into the bathroom and I thought I gotta talk to that boy about that. It aint polite.


So it was a bit disappointing. Sorry Brian if your reading this but it was. It was great and exciting and felt good but still… a bit disappointing.


The next night was even worse. Brian was reluctant to take his jeans off and he finally did but he insisted on dry hmping naked and then doing the ass crack thing which was starting to freak me out and by the time he got around to sticking it in my cunt I think he was just about spent. It went in a lot easier this time but it kept falling out for some reason amyeb cause I was thrashing around too mcuh but I was really liking it and really getting into it. Anyway it fell out so I grabbed it and went to stick it back in when he came in my hand again.


I giggled when he came because I was thinking “Magic Hands”. Every time I touch it he cums. Hahahaha


This time his cum landed on my cunt and my upper inner thigh. I thought well this is fun and it feels good but it aint exactly fucking is it?


So now we were into actual proper fucking but it wasn’t the earth shattering experience I thought it would be. It was clumsy and awkward and we were both uncertain and nervous and just fucking hopeless at it. This went on for about 3 –4 weeks and I was starting to think the dry humping was better. I hate to point the finger but I think a lot of the problem was Brian. He was sorts into it but not into it. Really unsure of himself and really awkward and shy. It was fucking awful.


It got to the point where I was starting to dread it so one night I decided to suck his cock for a change. Big mistake. We’d only just gotten under the quilt and I just got this idea on my head that I’d suck his cock so I dived down under the quilt took his cock in my hand and put my mouth over the end of his cock. It felt so silky smooth under my lips and just as my lips closed around his cock he came in my mouth.


In my mouth and all over my mouth. I pulled away and it squirted up onto my upper lip and the tip of my nose and onto my cheek and my chin. I just thought ewwww and backed away. Now it was my turn to dash into the bathroom. So that was that for the night.


So that week I told Kelly all about it and asked her advice. Kelly was very experienced in these matters (Slut). And she had some really good advice. She said lots of guys have a hair trigger so you make them cum then fuck them after they’d cum. She said second time round they last much longer because they take a while to cum again. I was so impressed with her advice that I asked her about the ass crack thing that was becoming a real “thing” with Brian. Kelly told me just about every guy wants to fuck you up the ass and not to worry. She said all guys are altent homosexuals and that made me laugh.


Next weekend when we got under the quilt I was wishing I had asked Kelly how to make him cum and keep interested in fucking afterwards. I figured it would be betetr to get it over with as soon as possible so I decided to suck him off and then hold him down if I had to until he was ready to fuck again.


I thought I’d suck him off but get outta the way a bit quicker this time so I dived under the quilt and started jerking him off and sucking the head of his cock. I really liked the feel of the ehad of his cock in my mouth. On my lips and on my tongue. It felt so smooth and silky and so different to the rest of his cock.


So I wanked his cock one two three and sucked it  suck suck suck and he came. But he came fully in my mouth this time. Oh it just stuck to the roof of my mouth and covered my teeth and went down my throat and it was fucking horrible. Gross. The taste of it hit me like a slap in the face. It was the biggest mouthful of cum I’d ever ahd and the most potent tasting and smelling. The smell filled my nostrils and I almost threw up. But I remembered something Kelly told me once and I swallowed it downa s quick as I could. Just fucking gupled it down and licked my lips and ran my tongue around my mouth and  got as much saliva as I could and swallowed.


When it was over I thought Brian isn’t moving. He’s just lying there so that’s good. It aint over. So I sorta rolled my body all over his and got in his ear and told him how much I loved him and how much fun this was and so on and on being a bit repetitive. But guys love that. I was thinking so far so good plan is working fine except for the mouthful of cum I coulda done without. And I was careful not to try and kiss brian because my breath would smelled badly of his cum and I know guys are really squeamish about that. I ran my hands all over his body, his gorgeous body and he did the same to me and I thought Ahh Kelly you know what your talking about this is gonna work.


A few times brian tried to get up and asked me if I wanted a coffee or a coke but I told him I didn’t want to move from here and him. He liked that.


But I had a problem. I had no idea how long it would take before he would be ready again. I shoulda asked Kelly. I thought dammit. What do I do? Do we wait watching his cock until it gets hard again? Do I keep playing with it? Have a coke, a coffee, read a newspaper. I was starting to thnk this fucking idea was just too much fucking trouble.


Brain was running his hands over my body while I was thinking this and then for the fist time ever he put his hand right on my cunt and began exploring my cunt with his fingers. Sliding a finger in between my cunt lips and running it round the rim of my cunt hole, then up to my clit. A real school excursion kind of exploration. The his finger slid into my cunthole and I spread my legs wide and lifted my ass up a bit and he began to finger fuck me. It felt good. Real good. Then he took his finger out and slid it down between my cunt lips all the way to my asshole and he actually fingered my asshole.


I was really shocked at the time and a bit disturbed thinking about the ass abndit thing again but then I remembered Kelly telling me all guys want to fuck you up the ass so I relaxed a bit. He didn’t try and put his finger in my asshole he just  fingeres the outside of my asshole. But his finger right on my asshole like that was really um… disconcerting. Hahahaha


Remember I was only 19 at the time and had never taken it up the ass.


But I thought Brian is happy and still interested so that’s good.


Then he roleld me over and got on top and did his ass crack fucking thing again and I actually felt his cock grow from  a little bit hard to half hard to fully hard in the crack of my ass.


When it was fully ahrd I rolled over onto my back and guided his cock to my cunt hole. It was still a  bit of a struggle getting it in but it got in and we were fucking. It was much betetr this time. Brian didn’t seem so anxious and like as if he was in a hurry to get it over with. Guys are funny like that. Like theya re so dying to fuck you and when they finally do get to fuck you they fuck you so ahrd and fast its almost as if they cant wait to get it over with. And get abck to the Game or whatever. Hahaha


So this was a good fuck and he put his hands under my ass and lifted me up while he fucked me and that changed the angle of penetrationa nd felt fucking magical. It was great. The only jarring note was when he lifted my ass up and had his hands on my ass fucking me wildly just before he came he put a finger on my asshole and actually stuck his finger actually IN my asshole when he came. I couldn’t fucking believe it. He stuck his finger in my asshole ! Everything was happenning to fast for me to take much notice of it  but I tell you the first time you get a finger up your ass you do notice.  But he slipped it out as soon as he finished cumming and that was that. A good fuck. Our best fuck yet. The finger in the ass was not really a big deal but his ass obsession was worrying me a bit.


So our regular thing became me sucking him off and then fucking. Always missionary with him on top. This went on for weeks until I sugested we try a different way. And I got up on my hands and knees and said “Wanna do it this way”. He never said anything but he got behind me and wow I had found MY position. This is still my favourite position. It feels so carnal and animal and I love the way a mans cock goes in so deep and the angle it goes in this way. And I love the feel of a mans pelvis slamming into my ass and theres just something fucking animal about getting down on youe hands and knees for a man. Hahaha


Brian loved it this way too. He’d get really excited and really get into it. Fcuking hammering me. Pounding me. It was great. And sucking him off first laways guaranteed he’d last a while. After that we got betetr and better and we fucked ourselves stupid on that lounge room floor at the old farm. Never fucked in a bed in that house though. But we started sleeping together on the floor. It was cool. Kinda romantic in a weird way.


Then one night when we were really going at it doggy Brian started rubbing my asshole with his thumb. This ass obsession of Brians was beginning to worry me but it did feel good and I just went with the feeling. Soon it became our norm and he always rubbed my asshole with his thumb when he fucked me doggy and then he began to always stick his thumb in my ass when he came. If I thought a finger up your ass was disconcerting then you should try a thumb. It felt so fucking WEIRD. But apart fromt hat everythign else was Super Cool. We were really fucking now.


But we were so slow to try new things and it was weeks before we tried it with me on top and I really loved that. Especially when Brina grabbed my tits and tried to hanfg onto them while I jumped up and down on his cock. It felt so different sliding my cunt up and down his cock as opposed ot him sliding his cock in and out fo my cunt. Totally different.


I was always the experimental one. The initiator. It was always me that did new things and tried new things and suggested new things. Brian didn’t like to talk about sex stuff so I’d just do it. It was all cool.


Brian had never gone down on me and the first man who ever did was Ken but that’s another story. Ken was the first man to ever make me cum and the first time I’d ever cum in the same room as a  man. Hahaha. I did it with Ken right in the middle of this thing with Brian. It just sorta happenned butits a long story . So I was dying for Brian to go down on me but didn’t know how to suggest it. Ken just did it. Practiclaly oral raped me. Hahaha


I couldn’t come out and ask Brian cause whenever I talked about sex he’d just get all embaressed and turn off altogether. So I just did it. Just basically shoved my cunt in his face. Hahaha. I was sucking him off and I sorta rolled around and moved my body up until my cunt was directly above his face and started like rollling my hips and generally shoving my cunt in his face.


The first time I felt his tongue just touch my cunt it was just like with Ken and it sent a jolt of fucking electricity right through me. From my cunt to my fingertips and my toes. Just fucking wham zing zippo. It was the most incredible feeling I’d ever ahd in my life feeling a tongue on my cunt. The next most incredible thing was feeling a tongue on my clit. It just blew me away. The first time Brian did it I came almost immediately and so ahrd I bit on his cock. Oh Boy. That coulda been a disaster. It must a hurt him but I neverr drew blood.


So then a 69 became our regular pre-fuck thing. We’d both cum and then we’d fool around until he could get hard again. It worked really well. I just loved him licking and sucking my cunt and clit. I went crazy. He loved it. Loved me going crazy. I still do a bit. Hahaha But back then I had a hair trigger too and I’d cum so quickly with some tongue action.


But Brian soon learned that he could do anything to me while he was going down on me because I ‘d get so carried away I wouldn’t even be aware of what he was doing. Well I’d be aware of it but there was nothing I could do about it. I was too far gone. Especially when I was cumming and sometiems he’d latch onto my cunt like a limpit while I was cuming.


Every time he went down on me he’d finger my ass and eventually he got really bold about it and even began finger fucking my asshole.  I really didn’t give a shit while he was going down on me. All I could really focus on was the feeling in my clit. He coulda shoved a beer bottle up my ass while he was going down on me and I wouldn’t have cared. But at other times it was different. I was never comfortable with this ass business.


One night when we were really going at it doggy he just tried to stick his cock in my asshole. No asking. Just whammo. He’d been doing the thumb thing and suddenly whipped the thumb out and tried to shove his cock in. He was really, really excited and fumbling and couldn’t get it in but I felt it pressing on my asshole and him trying desperately to shove it in. He might a got the head in a bit  but that was all.


So I cracked. I got up and told him not to so that that I didn’t like it and I was so carried away I even said “I shit outta that hole” So gross. I can be such a potty mouth. Brian didn t take it weell. He got all sulky and we ahd our first fight over that. Of all things to have your first fight over I thought it was so weird to have it over him trying to fuck me up the ass. He said “Lots of people do it. Its no big deal”


So I asked Kelly my sex guru hahaha about it and she said “Its no big deal. Lotsa people do it” and I was dumfounded. I couldn’t believe it. She said she’d done it plenty of times. So I asked Vicky and she said no big dela too. She said if the guy does it right its good.


But I coudlnt get past the fact that this was the shit shute. All I could think if was shit. And how it would hurt. But I didn’t ask Klely or Vicky if it hurt because I thought if I asked them that they’d think I was thinking of doing it.


Brian never gave up though. I don’t think I ever came without his finger in my asshole and every time we fucked doggy I got a thumb in my ass. Then he discovered I’d go really crazy when he went down on me from behind. Like with me lying on my stomach. Oh God that got to me. Just felt completley different. I’d get up on my hands and knees while he mouthed my cunt from  behind then bury my head in the pillow ass up in the air haed down on the pillow.


Then one night while he was doing me like that he did the unthinkable. The  unspeakable. He was tonguoing me all over my cunt tongue-fucking my cunt hole and lciking and sucking my clit when he dragged his tongue down my cunt making me crawl up the walls until his tongue reache dmy asshole and HE LCIKED MY ASSHOLE. Well I really did try to crawl up the walls. I was half excited and turne don out of my mind and half disgusted. It was the even more intense then his tongue on my clit.


I was still disgusted but couldn’t make myself try to stop him and then… he stuck his tongue in my asshole. Actually IN MY ASSHOLE. And he tongue-fucked my asshole while he finger fucke dmy cunthole. I ahd the biggest most explosive orgasm I’d ever had in my life. I just went totally fucking crazy. Outta my tree. I was thrashing and moaning and yelling and groaning and biting the pillow and the mattress and I swear my legs went numb. And Brian was just relentless tongue-fucking my asshole and finger fucking my cunt while I came and came and CAME.


First I thought a finger in my ass was weird, then a thumb but the tongue beat them all. It was so … indescribable the feeling. Like being tickled but in an incredibly intense way. At the time I enver thought about the hygeine aspects of it all I could do was concentrate on the feeling. The feeling overwhelmed everything.


So this ass tongue fucking became a regular part  of our fucking.  Every time I thought about it afterwards I felt sick but when he was actually doing it I was just so fucking into it.. I used to think to myself deeper deeper stick it in deeper. But would never say such a thing out loud.


Brian still tried to fuck me up the ass on a regular basis. Not every time we fucked but just about. So I started thinking about it. I thought Kelly does it, Vicky does it apparently everyone does it except me. And Brina is DYING to do it. I kept thinking it would mke Brian so happy and everyone says its no big deal. I was truly, madly deeply in love with Brian then and I would have done anything to make him happy. If he’d really pressed me I would have let him fuck me up the ass but he enver really pressed me and I ahd such a real revulsion towards the idea.


But I kept thinking about it and thinking about it.



I tried sticking my vibrator up my ass and much to my surprise found that it didn’t hurt at all and actually felt good. But it took a bit of effort to get it in my asshole. And Brians cock was a helluvva lot bigger than my vibrator. And thicker. The thickness really worried me.


So I did the vibrator up the ass thing a few times until I relaised that I knew enough and was actually doing it because I liked it. Hahaha. I still do. I often think of Brian and silently thank him these days every time I get a good fuck up the ass. Hahaha.


The farm had been sold by now and I had my own flat and Brian practically lived there and still shared with his mates. He eventually move in and we were together for about three years.


So I decided to let him do it. Just to make him happy. I got some special lotion  that did the trick fine with my vibrator and had it beside the bed. But I dind’t want to waste this opportunity to let brian know just how much I lvoed him. God, I was so crazy about him then. I intended to let him know this was a very special thing and I was only doing it for him.


So when he had me down on my stomach toongue fucking my asshole and fingerfucking my cunt as soon as I finsihed cumming and came back to planet earth I turned around and looke dhim right in the eye and said:


Me: Brian?

B: Yeah?

Me: Would you like to fuck me up the ass?

B: What?

Me: I said would you like to fuck me up the ass.


I held his gaze and he looked at me uncertainly. As if it were a trap or something.


I nodded my head slowly and said:


“You can. I’ll let you.”


Well. His face just lit up like magic. And He sort of moved my body a bit and got in position and without a word I reached over and got my bottle of body lotion and handed it to him. He looked confused and I said “It’ll make it go in easier”


I felt like such a slut buit so in charge and I thought Boy he is really gonna love me for this. And he did. Hahaha. Oh yeah. For months he was just all over me like fucking Romeo, writing me poetry again and smooching up and … fucking me up the ass at every opportunity.


Nothing could have prepared me for my first ass fuck. Nothing Kelly or Vicky had said gave any indication just how apinful and intense it was going to be.


Brian rubbed lotion on my asshole and finger fucked me for a while limbering up my asshole I imagined. Hahaha. He moved his finger around in circles as if he was stretchign my asshole which was exactly what he was doing.


I was lying on my stomach and he was behind me between my legs. He moved up and slid his cock in as he took his finger out.. His cock enver went in. It just pressed hard on my asshole. He held his cock with his hand and moved it up and down and round and round all the itm epressing forward, pressing agaisnt my asshole. I but my finger and waited in dread anticipation.


I felt the tip of his cock pressing really hard and then brian moving it to one side so it pressed on my asshole at an angle and then he shoved his hips forward and it just popped in. Boing. But it hurt. It felt like it was tearing my asshole apart but my vibrator felt the same at first so I knew it was OK. Just stretching my asshole. And I thought its got a long way to go before his big thick cock would go in there. He kept pressing and forcing it in but it was so fucking tight. It was incredibly tight and every time he took his cock back a little I could feel my ass closing up behind his cock. I could actually feel my ass gripping his cock incredibly tightly.


Slowly he worked his cock around moving it in and out and round and round slowly ever so slowly getting it in deeper and deeper. Then a really bizarre feeling came over me like I was going to do a shit. My ass felt like it had a big turd in it trying to get out. I was even bearing down like you do when you do a shit and part of my mind told me my asshole musta thought Brians cock was a big turd and it was automatically trying to shit it out. Comforting thought.


I thought if I do shit myself I will die of embaressment but it would be all brians fault. Becasur this was HIS idea. Not mine. I was just doing the devoted Lover thing letting him do this disgusting thign to me.


I musta tuned out for a while because the next thing I remember was his cock was moving in and out of  me quite easily. About half his cock going in and out just like it did in my cunt. He was squirting lots of lotion on his cock and that was helping a lot.


Then suddenly he shoved his cock all the way in and I fel this pelvis pressed ahrd on my ass and my feet sprung up like there was a swith at the end of my asshole that made my feet spring up. It was bizarre. I almost laughed out loud at the way my feet sprung up. It was hurting a bit like streatching and burning but every time he squirted lotion  on his cock and his lotion covered cock slid in the burnind feeling stopped.


I remember lying there on my stomach thinking  that Brian is actually fucking me in the ass. I actually have a man’s cock all the way in my asshole and it doesn’t feel that bad. It actually felt good in a way.


He fucked me up the ass for about 20 seconds I guess before he came and I felt sorry for him thinking about how it took him so long and he was so patient trying to get it into my ass that when he finally did it was all voer so quickly. It didn’t seem fair.


So that was our first time up the ass and it wasn’t as bad as our first proper fuck was. I was till pretty ambivelant about getting fucked up the ass though and  I was still worried about shit and somethigngoing wrong and having to dash tot eh emergency room to have my asshole stitched back together. Shit like that.


But you know for about 3 months after that first time brian wasn’t interested at all in fucking my cunt. It was always up the ass and even though by about the fourth time I was starting to really like it at the end of 3 months I was dying for a cock in my cunt again. Hahaha


Brain always loved fucking me up the ass. It was his Big Thing. My Big Thing was him going down on me and doing the cunt and asshole licking tongue-fucking thing. Yeah that was my Big Thing. I fucking LOVED it. Still do. But not many guys are really into ass licking. Hahaha


Brian and I were real Root Rats. We both loved fucking. We fucked ourselves senseless and got more and more kinky as the years went by. We got into all kinds of weird kinky shit and we grew kinky together. As we bcame aware of our little quirks and fantasies we fed each other. Brian fed my need for exhibitionism. I fed his need to dominate. I did everything and anything he wanted and he did the same.


The “ crazy fuck “ part of this was the dry fucking. I still think that was Super Weird. I dunno what it was about Brian but it took him years to really get into sex. The first time I let him fuck me up the ass was his watershed. After that he was a lot more experimental. A lot more confident.


No man has ever turned me on the way that Brian did. No man has ever made me cum as hard as Brian did. I have never loved a man as mauch as I loved Brian. He was so special. Weird and kinky but God how I adored him.









































Crazy Fuck #2 (In no particular order)

Friday, September 11th, 2009

His name was Davis and we had broken up about 2 months ago after going out together for about 6 months. It was an amicable breakup we just sorted of drifted apart but stayed friends and would meet for coffee and lunch every now and then and talk on t he phone sometimes. I really liked him.

I had been talking to one of my friends Vicky who told me about this guy she was going out with and how they were fucking and just as he was about to come he scrambled up off her and knelt on her chest and came all over her tits. She was pretty dumbfounded at the time and was sorts “what the fuck?” about the whole thing. I thought it was hilarious but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea.

So I was talking to Davis this night and I asked him seriously what he made of this. He said it wasn’t weird and lots of guys liked doing that. I made out I was just curious. So I asked him he if he liked doing that and he said sometimes. I always get turne don talking about sex and I was turne don now so I told Davis I’d like to try that sometime but no guy has ever tried it on me. Just joking he told me if I ever needed a volunteer he was my man. And I said “Really?” as if I was really surprised and still just joking he said “Sure, I’d be happy to. For you.” Hahaha So I thought the jokes on you boy.

So I said “whata re you doing tonight?” and not catching on he said nothing just chiolling. So the Devil mad me say “Then why dont you come over and cum on my tits for me?”

Hahaha. There was just a stunned silence. See I’d been DYING to try this out ever since Vicky told me her tale.  But the guy I was going out wiht at the time I was really into all that much and I didn’t feel right asking him. Or you know subtley suggesting it.

So Davis said OK when he recovered and Holy Shit he got to my place in record time. I had a quick shower and put on a robe wiht nothing under it and lit some candles in the middle of my living room so it was all cosy and sexy.  I left a space on the floor where we could do it with candles on either side of us. I thought the lounge would be better than the bedrooom.

So Davis arrives all het up and a bit nervous. hahaha. Men are so funny. We hadn’t fucked since we broke up. But the sex was always good when we were together. He got more nervous just standing there and I dint want to spoil my mood by offering him a drink and then getting into some small talk.

So I just walked to my little space on the lounge room floor between the two rows of candles, took off my robe and knelt down on the floor.  Davis just looked. So I patted the floor in front of me and said “get over here”.

He walked over and stood in front of me and I undid his shorts and pulled them down. His cock sprung out but it wasn’t hard. Maybe half hard. hahaha. He whipped his shirt off and stood there naked while I knelt iin front of him. I took his cock in my hand and looked upa t him and smiled and started to slowly jerk him off. He just looked really surprised and dumbfounded. Just looked at me and said nothing.

Then I sucked his cock for a while. Long slow and deep taking it into my mouth slowly and taking it deep down my throat. He moaned louldy each time it went down my throat. I felt it grow hard inside my mouth.

Then I slowly wanked his cock  pressing it on one nipple then the other. I really liked the feel of the end of his cock on my nipple. It felt so delicioously weird. I liked the way his cock pushed in my tit making a little depression in my tit.

He was rembling a bit now all over and I got the feeling he was dying to knock me down and fuck me ont he floor. But I didn’t want that. I’d worked out my own idea of how I wanted this to pan out. I sucked his cock some more and then started to jerk him off seriously pointing his cock right at my tits and rubbing the end of his cock on my tits as I jerked him off.

Precum started oozing out of his cock and it made my one of my nipples slippery and wet. My nipple glistened in the candlelight, wet with his  precum. I told him to take over but he just looked at me. So I took his hand and put it on his cock over the top of mine and we wanked his cock togehter. After a little while he was right into it and i took my hand away. This was exactly how I imagined this. Me kneeling on my knees in front of him while he stood up and jerked off over my tits.

I looked down at my naked body glowing golden in the candlelight and his cock above my tits, his hand moving so fast up and down the elngth of his cock while he stared at my tits. I could see his body all tense, every muscle standing out clearly defined. I never realised what an effort  it was for a man to jerk off. It looked like his whole body was straining. He had his feet apart planted squarely on the floor and his knees were slightly bent. He was kinda leaning over me and his cock kept moving all over my tits as her jerekd off.

Now the whole idea of a guy jerking off in front of me like this about to cum on my tits really got to me. I thought Mary what the fuck are you doing you  kinky slut and then I thought I don’t care this is just so fucking kinky sexy HOT. I put one hand on his ass at the side of his ass and I started rubbing my clit with my right hand.  God it felt good. I was so fucking turned on. Davis didn’t even notice at first but when eh saw me wanking he stopped wanking himself for a second and gaped. I smiled. Then he started wanking harder and faster than ever.

He staretd grunting while he jerked off. Little restained grunts. ugh ugh ugh. The muscles in hsi arm and wrist were bulging now and I thought shit it must be a lot harder wanking a cock than a little clit. And I thought this is the kinkiest thing me and Davis had ever done. We ahdn’t sone anythign really kinky together. No anal sex. Nothing weird. Cumming in my mouth was the kninkiest. hahaha So now look at us. Hahaha

The he said “I’m gonna cum” and I grabbed his hand, cock and all, with both hands and put it on top of one of my tits and pressed down sorta. I saw his cum shoot out. Like Zooom and it shot up over my tit onto my chest right above my right tit, the second spurt landed right on my tit and made a little puddle of cum on top of my tit. Then I moved his hand and cock  down until it was right on my nipple and I pressed the tip of his cock onto my nipple and I felt his cum oozing out of his cock onto my nipple and then running down my tit.

Its funny how cum spurts out at first and then just ooozes out. It felt really warm and sort of heavy on my tit. Like honey or something really thick and heavy but its not really. I know that. I moved his cock across my tit leaving a trail of cum as it kept oozing out.  I loved the sight of his cum on my tit but it was only on one tit. I was so turned on I woulda  cum right ther e and then if I coulda got a hand to my clit. But I was too busy guiding Davis’s cock on my tit.

My tit was really covered with cum now and I was kinda surprised how much cum there was. It was running down from above my tit onto my tit and across the top and down the sides of my tit and dripping off my nipple. Some of it had run off my tits and was druning down my stomach. Nont running… more like flowing. hahaha

I started to rub the end of his cock all over my cun covered tit. Pressing it hard into my tit, squashing my tit, I moved his cock from side to side and up and down dragging it over my nipple watching my nipple bend voer and then spring up as his cock moved over it. I was so fucking turned on. I swapped his cock into my left hand and started rubbing my clit with  my right hand while I rubbed his cock over my slippery cum covered tit with my left hand.

I was so fuckng into it. I dont know what Davis was doing. I ahdn’t looked up at him for  ages now. I was totally involved with rubbing his cock over my tits and rubbing my clit. I didnt reallyc are what he was doing or what he was thinking. I was going to cum here on the floor right in front of him with hsi cum all over my tit.

It didn’t take long. I pressed my tits against his cock and put my left hand on his ass and moved my body forward and I pulled  his body towards me and I came with my hand on my clit, my other hand on his ass pulling him onto me and his cock pressed hard against  my tits.

I still hadn’t looked upa t him and now I sat back on my feet and just caught my breath. Davis just stood there like a statue. I could see his cock dangling down inches in front of my face all covered in cum with some still dripping off it.  His pubic hair was matted in places from his cum from when he had pressed against my tits. The cum on my tits was just wetness now all the little puddles had been smeared when he pressed against me.

I stood up and kissed him lightly on the lips and said “Thank you. I owe you one” and he just looked really dumbfounded as if he couldnt believe what had  just happenned. It was so funny I almost laughed out loud.  The look on his face made me want to take it even further. really rattle him. I ran my finger around my tit and my nipple and got some cum on it. Then I slowly slid my cum covered finger into my mouth while I looked him right in the eye and made a big production of sucking my finger.

Then, still looking him in the eye I said “Mmmm. I’d forgotten how good your cum tasted.” Then I did laugh. He was just lookin at me. he said “Shit Mary. I nver knew you could be like this.” I kept laughing and said “Do you like me like this?” and he just nodded. I think he was having trouble talking.

Now i was still feeling pretty sexed up and was thining how good it would be to just lie down ont he floor, spread my legs and let Davis fuck my brains out or go down on me (even better) and then fuck my brains out but I thought if we do that it will just be the Night We Fucked and not the Night He ZCame on My Tits. So I pushed that thought right from my mind, got up and put my robe on. I thought about getting cleane dup but I wanted the feel and smell of his dried up cum on my tits for when I wanked alter that night after he’d left. Oh I was going to wank alright. I could smell his cum now. I felt so I dunno. So … wanton. Kinky. Slutty. Free. Hahaha Good. Happy.

I made coffee and Davis spent the next hour or so trying desperately to fuck me. He tried everything. But I wanted this to be the Night Davis Came on My Tits. not just  the Night We Fucked. It made it special not fucking. If we’d fucked it would have taken away the “specialness” of the cumming on my tits.

After he left I went to my bedroom and laid on my bed naked. I ran my hands all over my tits where his cum ahd dried ont hem leaving them feeling a bit tight and sticky still. I wet my finger in my mouth and ran it over my nipple and could smell his cum better. Then I kept wetting my finger and rubbing it over my tits where his cum ahd dried and I wanked, rubbing my clit in tight, hard little circles with my right hand while my left hand moved over my tits until I came and came and came again.

I love that night. It was so special. I loved the way I had asked him to do it and asked him over that very night while we were talking about it. It was MY Night. Mine. I set it up, I planned it, every step and it all went exactly according to plan. The only thing I hadn’t planned on was me wanking in front of him (or cumming in front of him) but I can live with that. Hahaha

Crazy Fuck #1 (In no particular order)

Monday, September 7th, 2009

His name was Vince and used to be my boss for a few years. He was the ebst boss I ever had.  Never gave anyone shit, always stuck up for us and took the blame when we fucked up and was just a good boss. I loved working for him. He elft for a better job and we all missed him so much but I always kept in tocuh although I haven’t seen him for a few years now. Funny how you just drift apart even though you don’t want to.

After he left I always kept in touch. I’d phone him or email him probly once a month or so and we’d get together with other people from work every now and then for lunch.  He had never made a move on me and had always acted very proper when he was my boss and afterwards. He was more Fatherly than anything else. About 10-15 years older than me.

He wasn’t overly good looking or hot or anything and I’d never really thought of fucking him, well maybe idly thought about it wondering what he’d be like but i do that with a lot of guys. He’s kinda short and slim almost skinny and losing his hair a bit and was stuck in a time warp in the 70s. hahaha. Always playing old music and talking about the 70s and old shit.

So i was paying him a visit at his place one Saturday  and it was the middle of summer and a really stinking hot day. I mean really flithy hot. When you  sweat just sitting still. We were both complaining about how hot it was and we had had a few wines but at the time it happenned we were both sipping iced water with slices of lime in it. One of his favourite “cool me down” drinks.

Anyway he said “Fuck, it’s hot” and shook his head. And I remembered this day when one of the girls at work was nearly going hysterical course  something major had fucked up and she was panicking and rambling and raving on to Vince and it was a stinking hot day just like this day.  Calm as you like Vince poored a glass of iced water of this girls head and said “There, cool down”.

Well we all cracked up and she just stood there stunned. And then she says “Thank you. I needed that.” and that started everyone off laughing again. Thats what he was like. Like we did shitful, boring clerical work and Vince always made it fun with this kind of thing. He’d come in and throw a foam brick that looked so real at someone and just break the monotony.

One time we had to do these awful Team Building exercises at work and every section had to come up with their own Team Building exercise and we had a staff meeting to talk about it and nobody is keen on it at all and Vince says “Fuck it, let’s have a picnic” and everyone laughed and he says no, this will be our team bulding exercise.

So Vince writes up this thing like it was a proper team building thing with venue, aims and objectives, task assignments and all that bullshit and we all went to this park and ate chicken sandwiches and lazed around in the shade while all the other idiots were rolling 44 gallon drums around and making paper planes and shit.

And Vince writes up this report in team building terms about how the cooperative division of tasks and the allocation of resources and all this TB crap led to a Splendid picnic on the grass. And we all killed ourselves laughing but were worried Vince would get in trouble for not taking this crap seriously. He never did though. He did his job too well to ever get in trouble.

So there I was looking at my glass of icy cold water. Glass all frosty with condensation, ice cubes clinking, slice of lime floating around in it. And Vince says “Fuck, it’s so hot” like so forceful and he shakes his head as if he was angry. So it made me think of how he poured that glass of water over that girles head so before i knew what I was doing I poured my glass of iced water over him and I said “There, cool down Vince”.

He just looked at me stunned just like the girl did and then he smiled. He calmly walked to the fridge and took out a jug of cold water and I thought he was just getting me another drink but he looked at me all evil though and then burst out laughing and chases me round with this jug of icy water. I ran all around his house in and out of rooms but he was waiting tll he could get really close to let  me have it.

Purely by chance I ran into his bedrooma nd tried to get out cause I realised it was a dead end and we met at the doorway and he let me have it but I tried to grab his arm and it deflected him and instead of going in my face it went all over my chest. I was drenched and it was so cold it took my breath away and suddenly we were wrestling around and I was trying to get the jug off him to wet him back and we ended up on the bed with him on top of me.

I was breathing heavily from all the running and my chest was heaving up and down and he was breathing heavily too when he suddenly went real still and just looked at my chest. I looked down and I was wearing a really thin black bra, a check shirt, also thin and a little pair of shorts. My nipples were clearly visible through my wet shirt and bra and were poking up through the material.  And he was on top of me. Jugs still in his hand. My hand tightly gripping his wrist.

I was horrified and embaressed when I saw the water had made my shirt and bra so tranparent and my nipples were so obvious. And I was really alarmed at the way Vince was just staring. Like really STARING.  Then he raise dhis head and looked me in the face, in the eyes. And you know how when you see that look in a guy’s eyes and you know he wants you so fucking bad that it gets to you and turns you on a bit even if you dont really go for the guy.

It was like that. I thought fuck me he really wants to fuck me. Then I looked in his eyes and I think he saw that I wasnted to fuck him in my eyes too. It was like one of those MOMENTS in your life. Like when time stands still and your suddenly aware of something you hadn’t even thought about before.  I moved my legs and his body sort of moved down and then we were int he fucking position, me on my back, him on top between my legs and both of us looking at each other real strange.

Then I looked down at my chest and suddenly I wasn’t embaressed any more and then I looked up at his face and he was looking at my tits and then he raised his head and we looked at each other again and then I smiled. I think I smiled but maybe it was more like a grin that said “Well, you want to fuck me and I know you want to fuck me and I want to fuck you and you know I want to fuck you so… lets FUCK”. That kinda look.

The Vince looked down at my tits again and his hand moved in liek slow motion to my chest and he grabbed my shirt kind of twisting it in his hand and I felt his knuckles flatten my left tit and then he just ripped my wet shirt and off it came along wiht my bra. Not completely off the shirt was just open course he had ripped it open. It was very thin material but he ahd grabbed my bra was well and that just undid (the catch broke) and then suddenly my tits are out there all wet with my nipples hard as rocks pointing straight up at the ceiling.

I remember thinking “Vince?” “VINCE ?????” like i really expected him to just get off me and laugh it off or something but next thing I know his tongue is in my mouth thrusting in and out like a cock in a cunt and I am kissing him back and wrappiing my legs around him and I saw my knees come up on either side of me and I felt his cock, suddenly hard, pressing on my cunt. Rubbing on my cunt.

And I am thinking “Vince?”  “Vince????” while I am wrapping my legs around him and he is dry humping me like crazy and his shirt feel all smoth on my exposed tits and and I’m thinking gee my tits look good like that and gee his body feels good between my legs and gee his cock feels good pressed up against my cunt. And still thinking “Vince???” “VIINCE????” the whole time.

Then things got all crazy. Just a blur all jumbled. I remember bits and pieces but i’m not sure if they happenend in this order. His hand on my tit, his mouth on my tits, sucking my nipple up into his mouth, his hand on my bare belly,  tugging my shorts down and off, me raising my leg to get them off, me hooking my toes in his shorts and pulling them down with my feet, his cock springing and I mean SPRINGING out and pointing down and then pointing straight up at me.

This all happenend in like 2 seconds after us hitting the bed. Next thing I knew his cock was penetrating me forcing its way in to my tight cunt hole because it had all happenend so quickly my cunt hadn’t got the emssage to get itself wet yet and it hurt a bit going in but not being wet and ready just made it feel all the more dramatic and urgent and made his cock feel so much bigger. Like this giant cock trying to force its way into my cunt although it was just because I wasnt really wet yet.

It was still really crazy because we had started fucking while we were still ripping each others clothes off. Just going crazy grunting and tugging and pulling at each others clothes and his t shirt tearing in my hand and his shorts sliding down being dragged down by my foot. And his cock brushing my foot as it leapt free.

Now Vince is fucking me like a crazy man kissing me, shoving his tongue in my mouth, sucking my nipple, sucking my tits, grabbing my tits trying to do everythign while he’s fucking me and I have my legs wrapped around his hips, then his waist, then up higher around his chest and hes thrusting away like his life depended on it and I am thrusting my hips and lifting my ass up and down up and down and grabbing him and letting hiim go and grabbing his ass, then his back. and its just all crazy.

Then in the middle of all this Vince says

“Oh God, I’ve always wanted to fuck you”

“From the first time I saw you”

“Just fuck you like a madman”

And I’m thinking “VINCE?????” “Really????” but not saying anything. I’m like really stunned that VINCE is fucking me, that we are fucking, and that he’s fucking me like a mad man and talking dirty to me. Its un-fucking-believable.

Then I rolled him over and I’m on top riding him for all I’m worth and he’s trying to hold my tits but I’m riding him so hard that his hands keep getting jerked off my tits and I’m looking down at him thinking “Who’d ever thought Vince would be such a wild fuck” and he is a WILD fuck. While I’m riding his cock, he’s thrusting his cock up deep into me and looking all frantic trying desperately to hold onto my tits and holding them so tight it hurts especially when his hands get jerked off them. Yow!

The he rolls me over and hauls me up my my hips and gos at me from behind and he’s really into me splotch splotch splotch and sweat is running off us both and I’m thinking how our sweat is mixing together and mingling on our bodies and we’re gonna end up covered in each others sweat and it’s so fucking hot. The weather I mean.

I’m really surprised at how strong he is. Like for such a little man. So fucking strong. And such a wild fuck. I remember thinking shit he’s as good a fuck as he is a boss. hahaha It felt like there was a steel fucking machine behind me driving some steel ramrod into my cunt.

The it hit me just how WRONG this was. I mean he wasn’t my boss now but I’d always had a bit of a thing about fucking my bosses, like a fetish I guess,  but it felt wrong cause he always had this thing about being PROPER and never getting involved with anyone at work and especially never fucking people who worked for him. 

I felt  like i was doing something that i never thought i’d ever do – whether I wanted to or not – it just wasn’t possible but there was his cock ramming into me from behind. But still… Vince? Who’d a thought Vince the Animal.

Then he rolled me round again onto my back and hes fucking me really slow now with big long slow thrusts like UGH …….UGH ……. UGH and each time I fele his cock go in so deep and my boddy stiffen so hard even my tits stiffen and he’s fucking me like this and talking to me asking me how it feels and I can’t speak. I’m just moving my mouth like a goldfish.

And when I can speak again all I say for some stupid fucking rason is one word. “Snowball” See ages ago we were talking about sex and stuff and I was explaining to him what a “Snowball” was cause he had never heard the term before.  He looks confused at first when I say that and then he gets it and starts fucking me really, and I mean really fast. So fucking fast. And I’m spreading my elgs wide underneath him and lifting them up high in the air and wrapping them around his hips, then his waist then bening my back and wrapping them around his chest.

Then he whips his cock out of me and he’s scrambling up me, cock in hand jerking off, and I’m thiking how I never thought I’d ever see Vince wanking and then his cock is in my face and he’s starting to cum and I lift my head up frantically and his cum lands on my lips and my nose before I can clamp my mouth around it and then my mouth is full of cum and he’s groaning and thrusting his cock like he was still fucking my cnt except hsi coc is in my mouth now.

And finally he slows down and then he moves back and I felt his cock slide across my bare stomach and then we are kissing and he’s sukcing his cum off my lips and I’m spitting it into his mouth while we’re kissing. (That’s a snowball folks in case ya’ll not familiar with the term. hahaha)

The  he sorta collapses on the bed beside me and suddenly I’m feeling really awkward and embaressed and worried about him seeing me naked (stoopid I know) and thinking Vince, Vince, Vince, Vince oh no how the fuck did this happen. And he’s lying there not moving and I’m thinking I wonder what he’s thinking. And if he’s wondering what I’m thinking.

I looked kinda sidelong at him and I see him naked and I’m thinking how skinny he is and even though hes like muscly he’s like all skin and bone and muscle and he’s got hair on his shoulders (yuk!) and hairy legs and hairy stomach and he may be a really nice guy but he’s not much to look at naked and I’m a bit heavy at the moment too and really embaressed about that and him seeing me even though he’s not so hot mimself. And he’s got a lot of pubic hair too. It’s like the fuckin Amazon jungle between his legs.

So I’m kinda rapidly coolin down and thinking it was just one of those crazy accident things that happen and he rolls over and looks at me. And I roll over and look at him and my stomach is like a big roll of fat lying on the bed in front of me but even though my tits look good lying this way I roll back onto my back cause my stomach just looks too gross.

Vince is sorta looking at me but not lookin at me just sorta lookin in my general direction and I keep looking over at him and looking away. I was thinking now what? How do we get out of this lying on the bed naked together thing without dying of embaressment.

Then he starts “Um, err, aahh. Mary I … um… errr…” and I’m thinking shit all we did was fuck, no big deal really but why I am I so fucking awkward now. So when I couldn’t stand his Ummming and arring any more I jumped up, grabebd my clothes and dashed into the bathroom. When I went into the kitchen he was sitting there sipping another of his lim slice ice waters and had poured one for me.

I sat down and he said “Mary, I dont know what to say…” and I looked at him and thought well, he’s still the same nice guy he always was and I say “I do” and he looks at me all expectant like and I say … “Oops” and he bursts out laughing and then we are both laughing and suddenly everythings alright and he accuses me of raping him and I said “Hey’ I’m the one witht he ripped shirt” and he hold his shirt up and says “Me too” amd we laugh and then we stop laughing and its all really awkward again.

So he goes and gets me a t shirt to wear and i put it on and then there we are all awkward again. So I said I gotta go and he looked so relieved. So I went.

So things were really awkward between us for ages after that but every now and then I’d think about it and get so turned on I’d wank. After a few months though we got eover it and it was OK again except for one night we had a bit of a reunion dinner all the old crowd that used to work together and everyones partners came but I never went wiht anyone even thought I had a boyfriend at the time because I was kinda hoping or thinking that Vince might be expecting me to go home wiht him but he showed up with some ugly old bitch faced woman that was I dunno what she was but I didn’t like her and she didn’t like me and we almsot got into a bitch fight cause of soome smart ass thing that either she said or i said I dont remember. hahaha

So about a year later I was visinting him at his place for the first time siince we fucked and he tells me that while it was great he feels terrible because it was alost like incest because he has always regarded me like a daughter and I thought what a fuckin nerve ! I got all upset and I don’t know why really just that it semmed to really be putting me down and it was like he was I dunno being all proper and I was the slut or something and I remember him saying how I raped him at the time like it was all my fault.

So that was a bit rough but we got over that and were friends again but then I moved in wiht a guy for a while and they enver liked each other and we never saw much of each other again after that. But I do still like him and miss talking to him and so one day I”ll call him and we’ll be friends again.

But fuck me. God it was a wild fuck. Hahaha Vince! Whoda thought?

After Work Quickie

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

I’d just started work for this insurance company and had been there a few weeks. Still settling in.  I became friends with this guy called Peter and we’d had coffee and  lunch a few times and I think he was just about to ask me out when one day over lunch we were talking about cooking and I invited him to my place for dinner that night. The invitation just came naturally from  the conversation we were having.

We left work together and went back to my place. He hung out in the kitchen with me while I got dinner ready and helped me.  We had grilled chicken breasts with Teriyaki sauce,  stemed vegetables and rice and white wine that he had bought.  We sat at the table and ate chatting quietly and it was all very relaxed and comfortable. Just two work collegues having dinner. We ahd coffee sitting at the table and we were so content just sitting there neither of us suggested going to the lounge room or moving at all.

After coffee I got up and started stacking dishes in the dishwasher and Peter came up behind me out of the blue and grabbed both my breasts, squeezing them tightly and pulling my body back against his. It took me completely by surprise because there had been no sexual tension or anything suggestive of this all evening.

I had taken off my shoes but was still in my work clothes and stockings. A cream button down blouse, and grey skirt. He was in shirt sleeves and suit trousers.

I could feel his hard cock pressing into my ass as he pulled my body backwards, his hand gripping and squeezing my tits hard and his body pressing hard against mine. I’d never had a guy grab me from behind like this before. I felt a bit helpless and overwhelmed. It’s hard to protest or resist when a guy grabs you from behind like this.

I was pretty turned on immediately and I had been thinking about fucking Peter already, wondering what it ould be like, how he would approach me. Things like that.  I’d decided I would fuck him when the time was right. After a few dates when I was sure he liekd me and wanted to. But not so soon. I kept thinking about not fucking on the first date but thought all those coffees and lunches were sorta like dates. hahaha

So there I was undecided, caught by surprise,  leaning over the dishwasher, Peter’s cock pressing against my ass through my skirt, his hand on my tits, squeezing, massaging my tits, his lips on the sid eof my throat, half kissing half sucking.  He was pulling me back agaisn this body and I realised wiht some surprise that my own body was reacting, my ass gyrating and pressing back against his body, and his cock.

I turned my head back around towards him and he leaned forward and down and our lips met and his tongue was out and plunging into my mouth. I sucked his tongue eagerly, swept away now although only seconds had elapsed since he first grabbed me. As his tongue poke and probed in my mouth I felt his hands move on my tits and flet his fingers deftly undoing the buttons on my blouse, one after another, doing it easily as if he’d done this many times before.

His hands were skilled and deft and he had all the buttons undone in no time, his tongue still working in my mouth. I felt him tugging at my blouse and felt it come free of my skirt and hang down on either side of me. Then his hands were on my bra feeling my tits through my bra and then his deft hands pulled my bra up over my tits and suddenly my tits swung free and down.  His hands went straight to my skirt now and I felt him undo my zipper, then backtracking upwards to undo the button above the zipper.

I felt my skirt being tugged down over my hips and was plased when I remembered I was wearing a little black g string  and that I was in pretty good shape at the time. I had just lost a lot of weight during a thing I had with a guy called Terry. So I was relieved that I looked good and was pretty sliim.

I felt my skirt around my ankles but before I could step out of it I felt him tugging my pantyhose down and cursed that I was wearing those shitful things and not thigh high stockings. I felt the night air suddenly cool on my bare ass as my pantyhose came down and then felt his knuckles grazing my ass as he pulled my g string aside.

Then I felt him fumbling with his zipper and all at once I felt him use his upper body to force me to lean over more, I grabbed the edge of the  benchtop  above  the dishwasher with both hands and felt one hand on my tit which was swinging free under me and another hand guide his cock towards my cunt. I felt the blunt sharpness of the end of his cock press against my ass and move upwards seeking my cunthole and felt it press on my cunt just below my cunthole then slide slowly up and in.

My cunt was  so wet it just slid in easily and as his cock slid into my cunt his other hand went to my other tit and suddenly his cock was in my cunt, I was bent over the kitchen bench holding on with both hands and he had a tit in each hand squeezing tightly.  All this had happenend in mere seconds. I had never had a man grab me and have his cock in me so quickly. I thought he must have had plenty of practice with this move and had done it many times.

He stopped for a moment with a tit in each hand and his cock in me and then he started fucking me. Hard and fast, his cock ramming into me with my legs  held close together my my pantyhose. His cock went in and out and his  pelvis slammed into my ass amking a splotch splotch sound. I tried to open my legs wider but couldn’t because of my pantyhose wrapped around my legs just above the knee.

I let out an embaressingly loud involuntary moan and slammed my hand down on the top of the kitchen bench as he thrust his cock deep into my cunt. He leaned his upper body forward and down forcing my body to bend over more until my head was down level with the benchtops. The more he leaned over the shallower his cock went into me so I moved my ass up and backwards so it could go in deeper. I suddenly wanted a hard, deep, fast fuck.

I thrust my ass back to meet his thrusts and tossed my head from side to side, my hair flying up and out,  while he hammered me from behind.  His hands kept squeezing my tits and pulling them in all directions. His fingers were digging into the soft firm flesh of my tits hanging down underneath me.

Then he slid his hands off my tits and down my body until he was holding my hips from the front, pulling me back into each powerful, deep thrust.  He was thrusting and jerking me backwards violently now and his pelvis was really slamming into my ass hard and fast.

My blouse was gaping open and hanging down on either side of me flapping widly from our violent body  movements. My tits were hanging down, swinging and dangling and jiggling in all directions. My bra was up around my chest just below my throat. My skirt was around my ankles and my pantyhose were around my knees still preventing me from opening my legs wide. This was preventing his cock from going in as deep as I would have liked but it was still fucking good. So fucking good.

When he came he straightened his body up and pulled me back ahrd by the hips until I was almsot standing straight up and he pushed me forward until my hips bumped into the edge of the benchtop.  He groaned loudly as he came and I felt his cock in me throbbing as he pumped my cunt full of cum. I was almost standing straight up wiht his cock straight up inside me. I’d never had a cock in me like that before and it felt weird. weird but good. Oh so good.

He ground his hips into me trying as ahrd as he could to force his cock in deeper as he was cumming inside me and I used my hands on the benchtop to push my body backwards forcing my ass tight agaisnt his body and forcing his cock deeper up my cunt. His cock was more up my cunt then in my cunt now.

He stopped thrusting and just stood still with his cock deep up my cunt and I felt his cum starting to ooze out of my cunt and dribble down the inside of my thighs. Not a good position to get pregnant I thought somewhat inappropriately as his cum ran down the inside of my thighs.

Thne he took his cock out and I felt him rub his cock all over my ass cheeks, his cum smearing my ass cheeks and leaving little sticky wet trails on my round and firm ass cheeks.  He took his cock in his hand and I felt the wet, slippery tip of his cock moving over my ass and then poke at my asshole. The wet, blunt tip of his cock pressing directly on my asshole.

He stepped back and I heard the rustle of clothing as he pulled his pants up and did his zipper up. I stayed still leaning back down resting my hands on the benchtop. I was a feeling a bit dazed and overwhelmed because it had all happenend so fast. I also felt a bit embaressed, especially in this position but was too embaressed to turn and face him. I finally got the courage to take off my pantyhose and g string and pull my skirt up still facing away from him and I took my bra off and did up my blouse.

I turned around looking decent if dishevelled with my blouse hanging out of my skirt not tucked in and saw he was calmly making himself a coffee. As if nothing had happenned. He was so fucking cool and calm. I felt a bit of a wreck.

For a moment i wondered if it had really happenned. Did we just have a quick fuck?  He looked so calm not smiling or anything. Just making a coffee.  Then he asked me if i’d like a coffee and everyhting was back to normal. I’d never had a fuck like that before. SO quick, so intense and all voer so quickly.  Overwhelmed doesnt begin to descrbe how i was feeling.

Pete and I ahd a thing that lasted a few weeks but the sex was pretty ordinary and was never as good as that first time.   All he ever wanted to do was fuck me from behind hard and fast and that was good for a while but soon bcame boring. He wasn’t into oral sex, fooling around or any position other than doggy or me standing leaning over. I think he wanted to fuck me in the ass ebcause he was always rubbing his cock on my asshole but he never went any further than that and I never felt like encouraging him.

And he was a bit of a dickhead as it turns out. Funy how you can really like a person when you first meet them and then you get to know them and realise they are a dickhead.

But that fuck from behind at the dishwasher was one to remember. Oh yeah. I’ll never forget that. Thank you Peter. Hahaha

Sometimes, not always, theres nothign I liek better than to be just TAKEN like that. No awkward moments, no should I or shouldn’t I. Just into it. Absolves me of responsibility.