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My First Nude Photos

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Brian took the first ever nude photos of me. We had been living together for about a week when he started nagging me to get naked for him to take pictures of me. He was studying Graphics at Uni at the time and was always taking pictures of me and sketching me but never asked me to pose nude until we started living together.  Brian moved into my flat. I was so delighted. Sex with Brian was still a bit wobbly but was getting better and the new found intimacy of living together was helping.

The first time he mentioned it he was snapping away at me while i was in the kitchen making us lunch one Saturday.  He said something like “strike a pose” and I struck a ridiculously exagerated sexy pose and we both laughed and he snap snapped away and kept saying “Oh so sexy” and stuff like that.  Then out of the blue he said take your top off. I was shocked. I was secretly excited but way too inhibited to actually pose topless.

I was wearing a pair of shorts and t shirt. Panties but no bra. Brian kept zooming in on my tits and snap snap taking picture after picture. He knelt down and zoomed in on my ass. But I never took my top off. I was way too shy and lacking confidence. I was turned on by the idea though. I would have done it if I had had the courage but I was still pretty fucked up and nervous and inhibited at that time.

But Brian never gave up. He had that camera with him all the time it was like a fucking necklace around his neck and he was forever taking pictures of me. And then he started nagging me to take my top off and would try and ambush me in the shower, coming out of the shower and getting dressed. It became a game between us. Him trying to catch me naked.

Lookign back I think the real reason I didn’t do it at first was simply a lack of confidence. The best I ever thought of my naked body was that it was just alright. Not sexy certainly not super sexy, just OK. Average.  Fuckable but nothing more. Brian poured on the praise and cajoled, persuaded, begged and nagged for months.

I used to ask him why he wanted to take naked pics of me and he used to go on with some bullshit about Art bubt I could see the pervy look on his face. After a while I realised that Brian had a real pervy streak masked by his own insecurities and inhibitions.

Then he tried getting me drunk but that enver worked. Then he tried whipping the camera out when we were about to fuck. naked, ready to fuck and he’d whip out his fucking camera. The whole business was becoming very tedious. I tried to work out why I was so against it and all i coould come up with was my own lack of confidence. I ahd no moral issue with being photographed naked. At the time I trusted Brian not to show them around. I enver imagined them finding their way onto the internet or anything. I was just scared and lacking confidence. If only he had seen that.

But by that time I was well aware of my own exhibitionist tendencies. Well aware.  I was intensely curious about seeing naked pics of myself. I wondered if Brian would wank over them when I wasn’t there. I was excited and turned on by the idea but just couldnt find the courage.

I think he nagged me for about 6 months before I finally gave in. Like so amny things, my mood, the circumstances and the environment are determining factors for my own actions.  We went to the beach for the weekend staying in a holiday apartment owned by one of his fathers friends so we got it cheap or maybe it cost us nothing.

Anyway we spent the whole time Brian in his shorts and me in a bikini and by Sunday I was feeling very conmfortable in the bikini. I lvoe the beach, the sun, the sand, the ocean, the sea breeze, the semi naked bodies all around and it makes me as horny as hell. Brian and I had been fucking like crazy the whole weekend.  We even tried fucking in the ocean but there were too many people around to really get it on. He did get his cock into me though round the side of my bikini pants. hahaha

So I was very sexed up. Turned on. Horny. All that. And Brian had been snap snapping away all weekend taking picture after picture of me in my bikini. I guess I thought its a much smaller step from bikini to naked than fully dressed to naked and being in my bikini all weekend and comparing my body to the other bodies on the beach made me feel a lot more confident.

Sunday afternoon. Me in my bikini. We’d just returned to the unit from a  swim and were both thinking of fucking although it wasn’t a spoken thing. I knew he was thinking it and I sure was. I just thought it was time. I just felt ready to get naked and let him take pictures of me. I went out to the balcony of our appartment and lay down on the sun lounge as if I were sunbaking.

Brian started taking pictures and mercifully he never asked me to do anything. Never said a word. I think he knew what was on my mind. He zoomed iin on my tits which were only half covered by my bikini top and I looked down at them imagining how they would look in a photograph.

Very slowly and casually I undid my top and took it off. I felt thrilled as I felt my breasts swing forward and downa s they were released from the restraint of my bikini top. My breasts looked white where the bikini had covered them and the rest of my body was a very pale pink.  My nipples were dark pink against the white and hard. Tingling.

Brian went crazy snapping that camera over and over. Taking pics of my tits from every possible angle and position and distance.  I rolled over onto my stomach and he took pictures of my ass and of me from behind. I got up and almsot shivered in fear as I walked voer the balcony and looked back at him. I stood there tits out,. topless, looking at Brian while he snapped and snapped picture after picture.

I kept looking at my tits and my body and up at Brian snapping away. At first I felt nothing but then a felt a weird excitement come over me. I felt good. I felt like some Sex Goddess. I thoguht how desperate Brian was to photograph me naked and how I MUST be sexy for him to want it so much. I imagined him wanking over them and cumming all over naked pictures of me.  It was so exciting out on the balcony too. Anyone could look up and see us.

Brian fucked me out there on the balcony and he took a pciture of my face while he was fucking me. That really blew my mind. I thought fuck every time he looks at that picture he will think I was fucking her when I took that. Thats  her while she’s getting fucked. Thats her with my cock in her.  Thats her getting fucked, cock in her look.

I lay on that sun lounge naked, legs apart, feet on t he balcony floor, with Brian between my legs, half standing, half kneeling, fucking me.  I watched his cock slide in and out fo my cunt and I loved watchign his muscly body moving.  I lovoed taking Brian to the beach. His skin went a light brown almsot immediately and he looked so fucking hot all brown and well muscled. gorgeous.

When we finished I was DYING to see my pictures. Hahaha.  I squinted and strained to see myself in the camera thingy but the pictures were so small I couldnt see properly. While I was doing this Brina got out his laptop. I enver even thought of that or that he would bring it to the beach.

It blew my mind when I saw myself naked on his laptop. well not naked. Just topless. In a bikini bottom. I looked nervous and goofy and not very sexy but the idea of having topless pictures of me pictures of my tits just blew me away. It seemed such an incredibly brave, sexy and erotic thing to do. I  kept thnking thats ME topless. Tits out. Hahaha

I went through them over and over  thinking that quite a few should be deleted becasue I looked so fucking goofy but at the same time I realised it was turning me on looking at pictures of myself topless. I’d noticed this before.  That if I caught sight of myself walking past a mirror naked I’d feel a little jolt. And if I got naked and looked at myself in a mirror I’d feel turned on. Narcissistic? Probably. But when it was just me and nobody else it didnt matter what I looekd like. If I was a bit fat or a bit goofy.  Self confidence wasn’t an issue when Iwa alone.

But Brian was here. I was sitting at the table looking at the laptop and Brian was standing behind me pressing his body against my back while I studied my topless pictures.  He was intensely interested in the pictures and I didn’t understand why. If he ever wanted to see me naked he could. He could see ma naked anytime. So what was so special about the pictures?

I dunno but I felt it too. We went over them for ages. Hahaha. Such a novelty. Then we fucked again on the floor witht he laptop displaying the pictures of me topless on the table.

 So that was that. My first naughty pictures. I dunno why but Brian never nagged me about taking more pics for a few weeks after that. Every time I got the chance I would sneak a look at the pictures on Brians computer. It was so fucking sexy. Such a turn on. It made me feel like some kind of Sex Goddess.  I used to get very turned on looking at the too. Seeing myself naked (half naked) and just knowing they were there, that they existed. Taht Brian was probably looking at them and getting an erection. ?? Hahaha. Dunno.

I found I couldn’t just pose for pictures. I was just too hung up or inhibited or whatever. We truied a few times but I just froze up and couldnt do it. The only way I could was for me to be toitally relaxed and for it to be spontaneous. If it was planned it was no good. As soon as Brian staretd setting up his camera and lights I would freeze. We tried a few times and it was no good.

The next time we did it we were just sitting at home one saturday night chilling listening to music. I was lying on the floor on a rug wearing shorts and a singlet. (hahaha standard lounging gear) and Brian was sitting on the couch looking down at me. He got his camera which was never far from reach and just started snapping me lying there ont he floor. I was bopping away tot he music in my head and you know just groovin. hahaha

I just took my top off. No ceremony, no drama just took it off. I roleld around the floor getting in different positions, n my side, my back, on my knees. sitting., squatting, fooling around. Laughing a bit.

Then I got up and started walking around. Not really posing just trying to act natural and stop for him to take a picture. I felt fine. There had been no discussion, no preperations I just did it and I felt fine.  I started tog et sexed up and wanted to get naked.  All I had on  was my shorts and panties. So easy and yet so hard.  Its like a hurdle you have to get over. A barrier you hafta get past. but the more I pranced and fooled around the more excited I became and the braver I got.

I started by turning away from Brian and bending over and pulling my shorts and panties down to expose my ass. Just for long enough for him to get a pic. It made me tremble with excitement. Then I flashed my cunt at him. Just pulled my shorts and panties down let him take the pic then puleld them back up. We kept doing this and then I just took them off.

I’ll never forget the sheer fucking THRILL as I slid my shorts and panties down together over my thighs, exposing my cunt, over my knees then over my feet and conpletely off.

I stood there naked and felt EXULTED. I felt so fucking good. Nervous but so fucking excited. I kept thinking over and over I am doing it I am doing it.

Brian went crazy. he was snapping picture after picture and moving all around me and I closed my eyes and moved around and got into different positions. I stood in all differnet ways then knelt down then lay down on the floor. I rolled over this way and that and all the time he kept snap snap snapping away.  Finally I lay there and opened my legs and he got between my legs and took fuill length pics of me and then moved in anf took close up pictures of my cunt. It was incredible. and incredible experience.

Brian kept taking pictures until he used up all the cameras memory and every memory card her had in the place. hahaha Then we went and looked at them on his laptop and I stayed naked. I sat there and he stood beside me looking over my shoulder.

I was shocked. They looked so slutty. The topless ones were OK but the ones of me lying there wiht my legs apart looked disgusting. Brian loved them though. He went on and on about how sexy and beautiful I was until I began to believe him. hahaha

I sucked him off while we looked at those pictures. He stood beside me and we both looked as he slideshowed them ont he laptop with his cock in my mouth.  He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all while we both looked at the pictures of me naked.

After that we often looked at them while we fucked. Long slow leisurely fucking with the laptop on the bed slideshowing the pictures. The cunt pictures always made brian speed up his fucking.

Those pictures really intrigued me. I loved looking at them. Loved seeing msyelf on that laptop screen. I’d sneak looks at them whenever Brian was out. Or even when he was in the shower. We used to look at them a lot.

After that we did it a lot. We had “photo sessions” that went for hours. We;d do some photos, fuck around, fuck, take some more pics. I was totally fine wiht it so long as it wasn’t a major production. So long as it just happenned.

I was certain Brina used to wank over my pictures. but we could never talk aboutt hat kind of thing. Brian was a real pervert and kinkball but he couldnever talk about it. I couldnt at first but after a while I got a lot more comfortable with my own kinks. I lvoed showing off my body. I relaised I was a full on Exhibitionist. I loved being looked at. Loved being PERVED on.

So we accumulated quite a collection of naked pics of me. It was some time though before we got into the fuck pictures. That seemed a huge leap to me but we did it. And I got really into that. taht was one of the biggest thigns in my life. I’ll write a seperate blog about that. My First Fuck Pictures. Hahaha

Brian used to amuse me. He was so weird. Kinda sneaky.  He had this best friend named Guy and once I found a picture of Brian and Guy both naked, both holding onto their cocks smiling and looking at the camera. Their own cocks not each others. Now I thought this was really fuckin weird but Brian just cracked upa b9tu me snooping on his laptop and that was all he ever said about it. We had a few full on rows about it and I asked him if he was gay was he fucking Guy whats going on are you bi? But all he said was you got no right snopping ion my laptop and made it all about me invading his privacy. Anyway I decided to let that one go.

But long before that I caught Brian showing Guy the naked pictures of me ont he laptop. Oh yeah. I came home early from shopping and there they were poring over them and Brian was saying stuff but I couldnt make it out. I enver actually saw the screen but I knew fromt he way Brian nearly shit his pants when I walked in and looked so fucking guilty and so did Guy. Oh yeah.

I enver said a word. I was fucking FURIOUS at first. I felt betrayed and let down and allt hat but in the middle of my outrage I relaised that Guy had seen me naked. He had seen my tits, my cunt, my naked body. Guy. The little quiet guy who was always hanging around. Brians best friend. They were both sitting there looking at pictures of me naked. It was just such a fucking turn on and the sneaky part of it made it even more excited.

Brina thought I was locked int he bedrrom packing or somethign even though Id never said a waord but I was wanking like a crazy woman imagining him and Guy jerking off while they were looking at my naked pictures. I came out and said nothing.A cted like everything was fine. Which it was sort of.

Now I knew every time Brian took a picture of me Guy would most likely see it. I loved it. It made me even less inhibited when we took pictures after that and the very first fuck pictures we took my first thought was Guy is going to see me sucking Brians cock. Because that was the first fuck picture we took. Actually A Suck Picture. hahaha

But anyway thats enough for now.

Fucking Around in the Pool

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Emma was gorgeous. Very short and had had three kids but was still in pretty good shape. Really nice tits but a few stretchmarks and a bit soft all over but still very fuckable. She was a wild child who loved to laugh, fool around and just be wicked. She has just left her husband and was catching upon lost time.

She had this great house with a pool and used to have Pool Parties allt he time. She loved going topless and loved shocking people by doing this. Her parties became legendary amongst our little Group. Hahaha.

This is Emma:

Emma at her pool

Emma at her pool

When there was just us girls there she’d strip right off and go skinny dipping always daring us all to join her. I did a few times, so did Vicky and Andrea. Kelly never did but I think Kelly was afraid of being compared to the rest of us naked and coming up short. hahaha. (saggy tits)

This night there was Kelly, Vicky, Andrea, me and Emma PLUS our boyfriends or whatever guys we were fucking at the time. I was with a guy called Brendan and he was one of those guys that was just so fucking good looking you could overlook his lack of personality for at least a few weeks. You know the type? So many of them around and sooner or later you get sick of fucking and just admiring his body and you get bored. He was one of those.

I dont remember the other guys names. They were nobody special. Just guys the girls had brought along to make up the numbers and so they wouldnt be embaressed showing up on their own.

But this is all about Me, Brendan and Emma.  We’d ahd our barbecue dinner thing and quite a few drinks and were all just chillin in the pool.  I really had the hots for Brendan at the time and I was sitting on his lap feeling pretty sexed up while he leaned back half sitting half supporting himself on the pool wall in the shallow end of the pool.

Emma was in a playful mood and had just given up trying to get everyone to play one of her idiotic but usually fun pool games. Chasing balls around the pool and swimming after them like water polo for idiots. Usual stupid shit. hahaha She still had her bikini on and she sometimes got a bit shy with strangers and most of the guys were strangers to her this night.

But she’d met Brendan a few times before. I think I’d been going out wiht him for about 2 weeks at the time. I was feeling pretty good because I had  slimmed down and was looking pretty hot.

I was sitting on Brendan and sorts fooling around a bit. he ahd an erection and we were rubbing each others crutches together but nothing serious. I was thinking about how i was going to fuck him when we got back to my place, or his. He wasn’t a bad fuck nothing great but his body more than made up for it. And he looked so fucking sexy bare chested and wet in the pool.

Emma swam up behind me and sat herself on Brandans legs behind me and put her arms around my shoulders to hang on.  So now we were both sitting on his legs, me on his lap right on his cock and Emma on his thighs behind me. Brendan was sitting on the bottom of the pool and had his hands on the edge of the pool holding himself in place and preventing himself from drifting away.

I loved the feel of his thighs and his body against mine. I loved feeling the bulge of his hard cock on my cunt as I sat on it and rubbed around a bit. I was feeling pretty sexed up. I was annoyed at first when Emma joined us and I didn’t like the way she sort of invaded our privacy. Just jumped in. Bit rude I thought.

But I liked the feel of her hands on my shoulders and her legs brushing mine as she moved around and kept moving up against me trying to get closer to me and stop from drifting away. I felt her tits  squashing against my back and her skin was all smooth and slippery … like a seal. She was moving all the time and blah blah blah talking shit non stop. She does this when shes nervous and always gets all blah blah blah just before she does something really outrageous or wicked.

I was smiling wondering what she was up to.  Brendan was smiling and looking pretty happy and I remember thinking he’s probably thinking about a 3some with me and Emma.  So was I. Hahaha. Just a thought. I always thought the reality would be far too complicated. But anyway…

I cant remember anything we said. All i remember is Emma talking constantly and brendan answering her and me also saying things.  Emma was getting more and more sort of insistent witht he way she was rubbing against me from behind and every now and then she’d put her hands right on my tits as if by accident and always left them there long enough for Brandan to see. brendan loved it. He just looked down and smiled. I felt a little embaressed but Emma was moving around so much it might very well have been accidental. But Emma was always grabbing our tits and asses when we were fooling around in the pool. Just her idea of a joke.

Then I noticed that emma was rubbing her cunt on Brendans thigh. Back and forth, back and forth and her body bumped into mine flattenning her tits against my back every time she slid forward. I could feel brendan flexing his thigh and lifting it up to press against Emma’s cunt because I was also sitting on his thighs. well, his lap actually. His cock really. Hahaha.

I kknew what emma was up to ebcause she had told me how she gets off like this. If she doesnt cum when a guy fuckes her she likes to straddle the guys thigh and rub her cunt back and forth on his thigh until she cums. Its one of her “things”.

Emma kept talking the whole time just blah blah blah so we didnt focus on what she was doing. As if to cover up what she was doing. She kept sliding her hands up and down my upper arms and the feeling of her hands on my arms, her tits rubbing and squashing on my back, Brendans cock pressing up agaisnt my cunt and his thigh moving up and down regularly was really getting me sexed up.

I slid my hand down between my legs so the palm of my hand was on my cunt and my knuckles were pressed agaisnt Brendans cock. He opened his mouth as if in shock or surprise and then smiled and laughed a little.  I thought Oh he really is a Bad Boy. Hahaha.  My hand was in between our bodies now in between my legs in between my cunt and his cock and I was moving it slowly up and down.

Kelly and Andrea and their guys had got out of the pool and Vicky was at the other end smooching with ehr guy and looking our way every now and then. Probably wondering what we were up to. It must have looked a bit odd.

I was just going along with it. zgoing with the flow. I dunno where Emma’s guy had gotten to but later I found out he was asleep by the pool on a lazy boy couch.

It got a bit like a competition between emma and I. Trying to outdo each other. Sort of. Emma staretd grabbing my tits from behind and laughing and saying things like “Guess who” and started really pressing her body hard against mine. As if she was fucking me from behind. Really pushing her cunt hard agaisnt my back. Sometimes when Emma starts this crap I shy away but sometimes I rise to her challenge and call ehr bluff. Sometimes she backs downa nd sometimes I back down. But one of us always backs down. So I was thinking here we go….

Then I noticed Emma wasn’t just fooling around. She was actually turne d on. I can tell when Emma’s turned on because she presses her lips together, licks her lips and her breathing gets short and shallow and rapid. And she was like that now. Turned on. And rubbing her body against mine and rubbing her cunt up and down Brendans thighs and trying to push me further up Brendan’s body as if she wanted to sit in his cock.

I dont know why I did it. The Craziness came over me and I thought well if she wants to sit on his cock, OK. Hahaha. I leaned forward and moved so I was sitting on Brendans stomach and Emma slid up behind me so ehr body was still pressed hard against my back and I kissed brendan. He shoved his tongue in my mouth the same way he shoves his cock in my cunt when he’s desperate for a fuck. Just straight in deep and hard.

I knew Emma would be sitting on Brandan’s cock now and I let her sit there for a while and then slowly eased backwards stretching my body and forcing her backwards off his cock.  I sat up and Emma pushed hard but she couldnt push me forard unless I let her.

So there we were, the three of us moving about sliding up and down Brandans thighs, Emma pressing hard agaisnt me, rubbing her tits on my back and brendan lifting his thigh up to press agaisnt Emma’s cunt with me sitting right on his cock.

Then Brendan raised his knees btween emmas legs, forcing ehr to move forward against me and I felt her tits flatten agaisnt my back and Brendan sat up so we were both sitting on his lap, legs dangling down on either side of him. He put his arms around Emma and pulled tight huggiing us both and forcing us both agains thim. I was like the meat int he sandwich. Emmas body pressed hard against my back and Brandans body pressing agasint my front.

It felt incredible. I thought how easy it would be to take out his cock and for me and Emma to take turns sitting on it. In my cunt then move forward so Emma can move up and take it in her cunt.  I thought we could both fuck him right here right nonw and nobody would even know. I was sure Vivky and her guy were fucking in the water at the other end of the pool. But with Emma its always play. Never serious. She always goes so f ar then backs off quickly.  Like a prickteaser.

So while I’m thinking all this Brendan has reached around behind me and I couldn’t see but I knew from the way his hands were moving on my back that he was playing with Emma’s tits behind me. I moved back to squash his hands between Emma and my  body to make it difficult for him and when I did my body moved forward and I ended up sitting right on Brendan’s cock in a fuckign position.

Brandan started moving up and down, and each time he moved up his cock pressed hard agaisnt my cunt and then he took his hand out from between Emma and I and as he did so I felt fabric slide across my back followed immediately by Emma’s rock hard nipples sliding and pressing hard on my back. Then Emma undid my bikini top and whipped it out and Brendan was waving Emma’s bikini top in the air and Emma was waving my bikini top in the air and I was sitting in the middle, Emma’s tits rubbing on my back and my tits poking out in front of me. Nipples hard. Just like Emma’s.

Emma and Brendan were both laughing crazily and I think I was too but I was starting to feel that things were slipping away from me. I never feel secure with my men and always think that any of my girlfriends could easily steal my man away form me if they chose to. I thought Emma could easily steal Brendan away form me. And this thought was in my mind at that moment.

I was in a real bind. I was half really excited and turned on and half scared Emma would end up stealing Brendan away from me.  Now Brendan was sucking my tit and Emma was leaning over my shoulder askign him what was he doing in a shocked voice and laughing and shoving her tits over my shoulder as if to say go on suck mine too. and laughing all the time.

Then Brendan pulled us both together again really tight this time and started thrusting his hips up and down as if he was fucking the both of us. Emma kept going on wiht ehr stupis shit talk now asking hm was he fucking me. And what are you doing? Are you fucking Maxxy right in front of me? as if she was SO shocked.  Emma and I were sliding back and forth and I knew she was feeling Brendans cock on her cunt each time I slid forward and she moved with me.

It was kinda exciting ans a real turn on but I was afraid if Brendan fucked Emma he’d think she was a lot more fun than me and probbaly a better fuck and he’d dump me for her. I just knew it. But I didn’t want to stop.

Now Emma was grinding her hips and really forcing her cunt onto Brendan’s cock which was about to burst right out of his swimming shorts.  I was still thining this is a great way for a guy to fuck two women at once. Just slide em up and down and stuck your cock in them alternately.

But then suddenly Emma lsot interest and swam away laughing. Just like that. Leaving ehr top behind floating in the water beside mine. She stopped and turned around and gave Brendan a full frontal of her topless in the water and pushed her hair up onto her head making her breasts change shape as she lifted her arms and then she was gone.

Brendan tried to fuck me as soon as she was gone but I couldn’t so it there in the pool with everyone around even though they weren’t close to us and nobody was watchign and we could have really. But I didn’t want to.

So thatw as that. Weird and kinky. But fun. Kind of. I know I’d be inot so much kinky shit if i was so lacking in self confidence. Oh Yeah. I would ahve loved to ahve fucked Brendan with Emma that night and even though I dont know if Emma really would have I think she might have. Or might have been forced into it by not being able to get out of it. Hahaha