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Fucking in the Rain

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

His name was Nigel and I’d been going out with him for about 2 months when this happenned. He was a nice guy and I really liked him but I knew he didn’t have any really strong feelings towards me. He just liked me and liked fucking me.  I guess I felt the same. Perhaps if he had felt a bit stronger towards me I might have developed stronger feelings towards him. But it’s hard to fall in love with a guy when you know he’s just not that into you.

Every guy I’ve ever known has a favourite fucking position. Hahaha. Every one.  Nigel loved to fuck me standing up, leaning over with my hands gripping the window sill, looking out the window.  It was his “thing” fucking in the window. I was a bit funny about it at first because I felt so exposed but he had a house and his favourite window was in his bedroom  looking out onto his backyard. We did it a few times in his lounge room window looking out on the street which was a real blast but it was actually a busy street and he was afraid we’d get spotted.

It was about 9PM and we were going at it hard and fast. I was standing up, leaning over and gripping the window sill while he ploughed into me from behind. He had his knees bent, hands gripping my thighs tightly, ramming his cock into me, and jerking my hips back each time he thrust forward. I had my feet braced firmly on the floor, my legs apart, my feet well back from the window, my knees bent and my ass sticking out. And we were really going at it. Ugh ugh ugh, splotch splotch splotch.

The storm came from nowhere. One of those summer storms where dark clouds hurry together from all directions and soon become one mass of black cloud that blacks out the sky. I watched the stars disappear rapidly as Nigel kept fucking me hard and fast. Watched as my body jerked back and forth fromt he impact of his body and himjerking my body back with his hands on my hips.

A brilliant flash of lightning lit up the whole sky and his backyard as bright as day and almost immediately this huge KABOOM rattled the house, startling me and then the rain just came down in one huge mass.  Flash… Kaboom… Kaboosh… suddenly it was raining, thundering and lightning … ing. Hahaha

At first I was worried about getting struck by lightning but Nigel yelled “Far out”.  “Fucking far out” and  I turned and saw this crazy look on his face each time he was lit up by the lightning. The rain was coming down really hard.  it was hitting the window sill and splashing up onto me. Wetting my face, breasts and stomach.  The rain was really cold even though it was hot apart from that and I was feeling hot from the exertion.

Nigel was loving it though. He kept saying things like “Fucking fantastic” Fucking wicked”  I was still worried about getting struck by lightning and didn’t like getting wet but its hard to complain or say anything when you have a big, hard cock in you. And Nigel’s excitement was catching. The more excited he got the more excited I got. 

We had been fucking pretty hard before the storm but now we were really going crazy. I was thrusting my ass back and forth to meet his thrusts and shaking my head, my hair flying out and my tits swinging and jiggling back and forth under me. I could feel the weight of my breasts as they moved back and forth.

Suddenly Brian stopped fucking me and stood there behind me with hsi cock still in me, deep in my cunt and said “Get out, get out”. I turned my head around and said “What? What?” and he pushed my back and said “Get out, get out.” I didn’t know what he meant and just shook my head. He said “Get out, get out the fucking window” excitedly and emphasised his order by ramming his cock in me hard and deep.

I said “Out THERE ?” incredulously but he more or less bundled me out the window and I climbed over the window sill, naked, with him pushing me out into his backyard and out into the storm. Out into the driving rain.  The window sill was slippery as I lifted my foot and placed it on the sill, but Nigel pushed me and I half fell the few feet to the ground outside. I slipped on the grass and landed flat on my ass in a sitting position and was soaked instantly. Rain soaking my hair and running down my naked body, between my breasts like a river. The ground felt cold, wet and squishy under my ass and blades of grass were tickling my ass and my cunt.

Brian leapt out the window like Spiderman and landed neatly on his feet and his cock bounced up and down as he landed. He was grinning from ear to ear and laughed and said “This is going to be fucking GREAT”. He had to shout above the noise of the storm. It was really pissing down, thundering and lightning. The lightning lit the whole of his backyard as brigh as day. Brighter than day. More like the strobe lights at a club.

Nigle took my hand, dragged me to my feet and led me to the middle of his backyard. I felt cold, wet, scared, exposed and as I turned to face him and saw the look on his face then saw his cock sticking up, actually pointing upwards at me, it normally pointed slightly down or straight ahead but now it was so hard it was pointing upwards, I felt the craziness come over me.  I remember thinking “Fuck me.. a thunderstorm fetish” .

He more or less pushed me to the ground on my back and knelt down between my legs. I watched him take hold of his cock, his hand forming a fist around it and he guided it to my cunt. I felt his knuckles graze my inner thighs and then felt the blunt point of his cock nudgng my cunt hole.

Suddenly he was looming over me and I was out of the rain sheltered by his body as I felt his cock slowly entering my cunt. Sliding in inch by inch. His super hard, stiff cock slowly sliding into my wet, hungry cunt. I could feel every inch of it slowly moving deeper and deeper into my cunt. He rested his hands on the ground beside my head and I felt my legs automatically, instinctively, spreading wide apart, my knees bending, and my ass lifting up and angling up to meet his cock, to welcome it into my cunt, to make it easier to go in and to let it go in deeper, as deep as possible. At that moment I wanted his cock in me as deep as possible. I wanted his cock right in there, in deep, the tip of his cock bumping against my cervix. I wanted my cunt to swallow his cock entirely. To consume it.

The rain was pissing down and water was running on the ground, pooling at my side and running down the side of my body as if I were a little dam. I started each time the thunder boomed and blinked each time the lighning flashed. I thrust my hips like a crazy woman and he drove his cock into me like a madman. I remembered the lines of a song “…like a madman laughing at the rain ..” as we fucked like crazy people. Like animals.

Every time Nigels body moved, every time he thrust into me, I got the rain full on my face, hitting me hard on the face and in the eyes making me close my eyes as they filled with water. I felt my body slding on the wet grass each time he thrust into me. The grass was wet, cold, slippery and squishy underneath me.

It all felt so fucking good. The thunder, the lightning, the rain, the wet grass, being outside in the storm, knowing sensible boring people were tucked up safe and warm inside, his cock moving inside me, his body above mine moving constantly, his cock driving like a jack hammer never letting up, never slowing down going in hard, fast and deep, Oh so deep.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and rolled my hips rolling him off me and I rolled over on top of him his cock out of me for only milliseconds until I got in position on top of him. I ploonked myself on top of him and  felt his cock jolt into me, going in deep and hard as I sat on him. I just let myself drop onto him and was surprised how deep his cock went into me.

I moaned loudly and ground my hips into his body forcing his cock in, up into my cunt until it went up so far and so deep that I yelped in pain and had to ease off. Then I began to pound him. I lifted my body up and slammed my ass down onto his hips focing his cock up into my cunt and I rode him like a crazy woman.

I jerked my head violently to the right throwing my wet hair over my shoulder and it hit my back and shoulders with a loud wet slap. I looked down at my body, my nipples black and my skin electric blue-white each time the lighning flashed and I leaned forward and grabbed his shoulders and rode him harder and faster. Thrashing my ass up and down, thrusting my cunt down onto his cock forcing i t up into me. Up into my cunt.

He grabbed my tits in both hands and squeezed so tightly, his fingers digging deep intot he soft flesh of my breasts and he twisted and turned them making me cry out in pain. He braced his feet on the slippery wet ground and thrust his hips up forcing his cock even deeper up into my cunt. We fucked liek this for ages and I felt my orgasm building.

Suddenly he  rolled me over onto my back and then roleld me again until I was on my stomach and then he lifted me up under my waist and hauled me up onto my hands and knees. He got behind me, grabbed my hips and rammed his cock hard into me. His cock missed my cunt hole and slid under my cunt slicing along my cunt lips, then the second time it went up over my cunt lips and up intot he crack of my ass. I thought “Oh yes, fuck me up the ass. Out here in the storm like two wild animals, Lets get really animal.

I yelled out “Fuck me up the ass” but I dont think he heard me for the storm and his cock went inot my cunt onthe third thrust and he was jerking me backwards and ramming his cock into me hard and fast and deep. Oh God.

It was ahrd to stay in position on the wet slippery grass. My hands kept slipping as did my knees. The ground was so wet and slippery under my knees and hands. Nigel reared back and I felt the rain hammering down on the back of my head and on my back and then on my ass as well. It was raining so ahrd I could feel the impact of the rain. Like thousands of little wet hammer blows on my body.

Nigel leaned forward, reached under me and grabbed my tits again, squeezing and twisting like before and his body curved around my ass, as if we were welded together and his cockk moved in and out of my cunt so ahrd, so fast but not so deep now.

I looked down under me and saw leaves and grass and mud stains on my sotmach and breasts and more on my thighs from where he put me on my stomach as he rolled me over. The rain was making the grass and leaves move over my skin, slowly washing them off.

Nigel suddenly jerked my hips back forcing me to lose my balance and my face landed on the wet grass and was rubbed into the grass as he hauled back on my hips and rammed his cock in really deep, oh so fucking deep, and he wriggled his hips from side to side violently, shaking my whole body and he moned loud, like an animal, like a wounded animal and I knew he was cumming. He came with his cock deep inside my cunt, so deep it hurt like hell, so deep I could feel the tip of it pressing hard on my cervix deep insid emy cunt, his fingers were digging into my hips as he hauled my hips up and back relentlessly trying to force his cock in even deeper as he came.  He had my hips up so high that my face was being ground into the grass and I don’t even know what my hands or arms were doing. He had me up in the air impaled on his cock while he pumped his cum deep into my cunt.

I had the entirely inappropriate thought that if you wanted to get pregnant then this was the way to get your cum right up there where it needs to be. I thought “Fuck me, they wont have far to swim”. Hahahaha

Then he just let me go and I collapsed onto the grass and he collapsed on top of me, his body heavy  on top of mine, crushing me into the grass, his cock landing deliciously right between the cheeks of my ass. I felt his cum dribbling out into my ass crack. Tiny, brief, drops of wet warmth in between our bodies out of the rain.

Despite the hot weather all day and night, the cold hit us exactly three seconds after we stopped fucking. Suddenly all we could both think of was the cold.

We had to climb back in through the window becasue all the doors were locked and by the time I got a foot up n the window sill I was fucking freezing. Shivering and fucking miserable. I had one foot on the ground and was stretching to get my other foot on the window sill when Nigel decided to stuck two fingers into my cunt while I was int hat exposed position. I suppose it WAS tempting but it annoyed the hell oout of me.

I was cold, wet, fucking freezing, terrified now I would get struck by lightning or fall from the window and break a leg and Nigel sticks two finger up my cunt. I coulda screamed. I might have.  I really struggled to get back in through the window and Nigel had to shove me up to get me in.  He just fucking leapt up like Spiderman again.

I desperately wanted a warm shower like a man dying of thirst wants a drink of water but fuckign Nigel grabbed me and bent me over the window again, got on his knees behind me and started mouthing my cunt. He did everythign right, sucked, licked, and bit my clit and tongue fucked my cunt hole but all I wanted was that fucking hot shower so I faked an orgasm quickly with a lot of moaning and thrashing about and then scurried off to the shower leaving him sitting naked and wet on his bedroom floor.

I was kinda hoping he’d go down on me after the shower but I wasnt game to suggest it or even hint at it in case we ended up abck out in the storm. It was great but one of those heat of the moment things I’d enver do again. Atoo wet, too cold and too worried about getting struck by lightning.