What I Think About During Sex

I saw this question as a poll on some site and it really got me thinking. Thinking about what other people think about during sex and also what I think about during sex. Its such an automatic process thinking that I am never really aware of what I am thinking and never think twice about it afterwards. Things just come to me during sex, into my mind. unbidden, uncontrollable. Images and ideas. hahaha

When I am having a good solid fuck like when a guy is really pounding me, I nearly always think about his cock inside me. I imagine his cock, big and hard, moving inside my cunt, forcing my cunt walls apart as it drives in all the way. I picture his cock in side my cunt with my cunt wrapped tightly around it and my cunt moving apart to make way for it.

When I am sucking a guys cock I am usually trying to picture in my mind what I look like while I’m doing it. Unless I am doing it in front of a mirror in which case I simply watch. Hahaha. I like to visualize things. I like to know what I look like when I do things.  I like to imagine what my face looks like with his cock in my mouth, just sucking the ehad of his cock and with his cock right down my throat.

When a guy (or gal hahaha) is going down on me  at first I don’t think about anything. I can usually see them doing this and I am happy with watching his head bobbing up and down although sometimes I imagine what his tongue looks like licking my clit. But when he gets going and I am getting close to orgasm, my brain shuts down. I think of nothing. My mind is a complete blank.

That is when the sex is good but when it is lousy or just not inspiring, I tend to fantasise. My most common fantasy when a guy is fucking me and its lousy is to imagine I am being fucked by someone who has fucked me before, who is a really good fuck.  I close my eyes and try to ignore any physical sensations that would give away my fantasy. Hairy belly, bad breath etc and force an image of my imaginary lover into my mind.

Its usually Brian or Mark. They were the best fucks of my life. Once the fantasy takes hold I tend to get turned on. I start to get into the sex more, thrusting my hips, grabbing him, urging him on although in my mind it is Brian or Mark I am urging on, neither of whom actually needed any urging. hahaha

But sometimes thats not enough. Some guys are so lame, even replacing them with a good lover in my mind is not enough or its just not possible because they are so bad they are so difficult to force out of my consciousness.

When that happens I either end it quickly or I get very creative. If its really bad and I really dont like the guy I end it quickly. Its usually very easy. I just stick my finger up their ass, which acts like a cum switch for a lot of guys, and thrust my hips and say things like “Oh GOd yes, your so good, oh fuck me fuck me. God, I’ve enver been fucked like this” and that strikes to the very heart of the machismo and they usually crank it up several notches and cum very quickly.

But sometimes, and this is so UNFAIR, when I do this the guy gets so excited I actually start to enjoy it but … once you go down the “Cum Quick” road there is no turning back. hahaha. I HAVE tried. Hahaha

When the guy and the sex  is really bad I let my imagination go wild. Give it free reign.  I never just lie there wishing it was over. Waiting. I just can’t do that. Shit sometimes it can go on forever. No. No I either end it or spice it up.

Once this guy was fucking me doggy and he reminded me of a pig.  He was a bit fat, like overweight, not disgustingly fat, but he had a very noticable pot belly and i could feel it on my back and the top of my ass while he was fucking me. But the thing that made me think of a pig was that he was snorting like a pig. Like have you ever heard pigs snorting as they root around for food. He was making that noise while he was fucking me.

And we had been fucking for ages. He’d had a bit to drink and when guys do they either cant get it up or they cant cum. Dunno which is worse. Hahaha

So ther we were. Me on my hands and knees, out of ideas, I’d tried Brian and Mark but no go. Neither of them ever snorted like a pig and neither of them draped a fat belly over my back and let me take most of their weight while they were fucking me doggy.

But his snorting gave me this very clear image of a pig. A big, fat, pink boar.  With really big ears. And I got this sudden, also very clear thought that I was actually being fucked by this big, fat, big eared, pink pig.

These images, unbidden and uncontrollable flashed into my mind and ran like a film. I was naked at a pig sty and fell over in the mud.  I tried to get to my feet but only got as far as my hands and knees when this big, fat, big eared, pink pig mounted me from behind.  Before I knew it I had this huge,  pink, piggy cock in my cunt and it was fucking me hard and deep. I felt this heavy piggy weight on my back and heard this piggy snorting.  The weight on my back and the snorting were in both my reality and my fantasy simultaneously and this made it all so  real.

And the good thing about a fantasy like this is that logic has no place in it. There is no question of what I was doing naked in a pig sty. Wahtever happens simply happens. There is no need to explain or justify anything. Nor to amke sense of it.

The idea of consciously deciding to have sex with a pig is just so disgusting and perverted that you wouldn’t even consider it. Not even me. Hahaha. But just being mounted like that, virtually raped by a pig, totally takes away any accountability for the act and makes it OK. Its all on the pig. Not me. Bad pig!

On another level being fucked by a pig (or any animal) is just so fucking TABOO, so forbidden, so perverted, so disgusting that it drives me totally fucking wild.

I rolled out from under Pig-Boy and shoved him down onto his back. I straddled him and got on top and rode him like a demented cowgirl, gripping his man-boobs tightly to stop from falling off and ended up having a great fuck. But it took the fantasy of being fucked by a real pig to get there. 

So sometimes I fantasise during sex. But generally only during bad sex. Good sex and great sex really leaves me no room to think. I find I am fully occupied with what I am doing on every level – physical and mentally.

But the worse the sex is the more intense and bizarre the fantasies become. And the guy usually unwittingly unleases the fantasy. The snorting guy the pig, the panting guy the dog,  the super-sensitive guy the woman…and so on.

The pig was the most bizarre but I always found it weird to be fantasizing about a woman while a man was fucking me. But he was just so fucking annoyingly “sensitive”.  More than even any woman I’ve fucked.

Here are some of my other fantasies from bad sex:

I am 14 and being fucked by my fathers best friend
I am being fucked by my best girlfriends boyfriend
I am being fucked by a football team and they are all standing around me watching.
I am fucking my boss for a promotion or pay rise.
I am a CIA agent fucking a terrorist for information
This guy is paying me $25,000 to let him fuck me.
This guy has a knife and will kill me if I dont let him fuck me
He told me he just got outta gaol after 10 years of being fucked up the ass by the brothers
He is gay and I am converting him to hetero
It is a robot not a man and I am testing it to see how well it fucks.
I am being fucked by a woman with a strapon cock.
I am being fucked by an animal
I am being fucked by an alien
I am being raped.
I offered myself because he was going to rape my boyfriend up the ass while I watched.
I am being raped and my boyfriend is tied up forced to watch us.
We are  being filmed and broadcast all over the internet

So there it is. But I never find my mind wandering from sex like the stereotype of the bored wife looking at the ceiling during sex and thinking how it needs painting.  No. I always seem to focus on sex in some way and unconsciously try to spice things up. And it usually works, but the worse the sex is the more bizarre and intense the fantasy needs to be.

I am watching my wire to see what other people think about during sex. I do hope SOMEONE says something !!


Please people. Share !

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