A Panty Man

I met Richard (Rick) about 2 months ago at a party. He was introduced by mutual friends but it was really a setup. A lot of my friends think I need help to find a guy. hahaha. They’re right of course. So they set me up with Rick and surprisingly he is very nice and I like him a lot but and it’s a bit of a big but he’s got this real fetish for womens underwear.

The first 2 months were pretty normal.  We fucked on the 6th date. He’s not the kind of guy your panties go instantly wet for, he grows on you slowly.  He was just like any other guy, it started slowly and tamely, and as we got to know each other better and became more comfortable sexually, we experimented and found out what we both liked. 

He was delighted that I liked anal sex and was into a bit of light bondage and liked my toys.  He didn’t reveal his panties fetish until 2 nights ago and since the first night he did, he has now shown me the full depth of his panties/underwear obsession.

The first night was no big deal. We had been out to dinner and came home feeling very happy and confortable. Like some old married couple. We both knew we were goign to have sex and we were both looking forward to it.  He undressed me down to my panties, bra and thigh highs (stockings) and then completely undressed himself. I felt a bit overdressed hahaha but he was very happy.

He fondled and caressed my breasts, ass and cunt through my bra and panties for ages. It seemed like ages.  He’d use one hand on one tit and the opther on my cunt, or both hands on my tits, or one on my cunt and one on my ass. Rubbing, squeezing, caressing.

Now I’ve had my tits, ass and cunt felt up plenty of times through my panties and bra but I’d never known a guy to do it for so long. Sooner or later, usually sooner, they want to get inside the bra and panties. But this night Rick didn’t.

I was wearing a black demi bra (thats a half-cup bra that only covers half your tit leaving part of the top of the nipple exposed. Very sexy. That info was for guys who may not know) His fingers enver left my bra though even though one nipple had popped completely out from our moving around and his constant bra fondling. Now the tit squeezing was nice, I actually felt that but a lot of his caressing never got through the bra. I never felt a thing.

My panties were a different story though.  I felt him through them alright. Normally I wear a g string, well not “normally” but most of the time. But this night I was wearing normal panties. Still sexy and brief, well, briefish, but not a g string. I wonder if it was this that set him off.

I felt it when he rubbed my clit through my panties. Oh yes. I culd feel his finger rubbing my clit and dragging the mesh of the panties up and down my lcit, rubbing my panties on my clit.  And he tried sticking his finger in my cunthole through my panties, forcing my panties to stretch and his finger actually went a little way inside covering his finger like a condom.

I felt his fingers on my ass through my panties very distinctly. He caressed and squeezed and ran his fingers up and down the crack of my ass, forcing my panties deep into the crack of my ass and once sticking his pantie wrapped finger into my ass leaving a part of my panties actually in my ass for a moment. God, that felt weird. Nice but weird.

For you guys out there who are into womesn underwear I was wearing a plum coloured, demi cup bra. The cups and straps were a solid, fairly stiff, fabric the same color as the lace that covered it conpletely. So you had this plum coloured bra covered in the same coloured lace giving it a very supportive function, yet sexy looking appearance.  The cups slightly compress my breasts from the bottom, forcing them up and to bulge out of the cups slightly.  It makes my tits look so good.  It unhooks at the front and has a wide strap across the back with thinner straps over the shoulders made fo the same lace covered plum fabric as the cups. Its very confortable for a sexy bra and was very expensive.

My panties were also plum but were not  perfect match for the bra. They were made of a very thin, fine, see through mesh kind of fabric. It has got a special  name but I dunno.  Yhey have a tin about quarter inch plum lace around each leg hole which widns to about half an inch to go round my waist. So there is a small V of transparent, fine mesh plum coloured fabric at the front through which my cunt is clearly visible with matching lace at the edges.  They are high cut and go right up around my waist forming a V at the front and a more elongated V at the back which covers only half of both my ass cheeks.

Overall, I thought the pantis and bra looked pretty fucking hot.  The thigh highs were standard black which I always wear but I love the look of that strip of naked flesh betweent he top of my thigh highs and my panties. I’m pretty slim at the moment so I looked pretty fucking hot. Well I thought so. hahaha

I did like the way he caressed my clit through my panties. My clit could feel the texture fo my panties fabric so distinctly. What felt smooth to my fingertip actually felt like a soft mesh to my clit. Rick rubbed his finger up and down on my panties forcing the panties into close hard contact with my clit and forcing the panties fabric to slide up and down on my clit.

I got so wet the front of my panties was soaked. and just as I was about to reach for his cock, getting slightly impatient witht he undies caressing, he went down on me through my wet panties.

It was a bizarre feeling. I could feel his lips and tongue on my clit and feel it moving in my cunt lips and nudging and exploring my cunt hole but I still had my panties on.  My panties were between my cunt and his mouth and yet I still felt his lips and tongue. I’d never had a guy do this before and it felt so deliciously weird and wonderful.  A bit like fucking with a condom but not quite. Much sexier.  Very erotic.

I rolled around so we were in a 60 position with him me on top and I rabebd his cock with both hands and sucked it ferociously. God it flet good. It felt so hard and taut in my hands and in my mouth. I let go of it and held it in my mouth and placed both hands on the bed and sort of got up on all fours.  Hahaha I like doing this in a 69 bcause it gives the guy access to all areas. hahaha Its much better than just flopping on top of the guy.

I was just enjoying his cock mocing my head up and down, my lips sliding up and down his cock about half way, giving the head of hsi cock a good suck at the end of each movement when he really went to town on me.

All of a sudden he was chewing, nibbling and biting my clit through my panties, trying to shove his finger in my cunthole through my panties and then as if that wasn’t distracting enough, he tried stickign his finger in my ass through my panties. His fingers were never still, rubbing, caressing, pressing my papnties into my asshole and my cunthole.  I felt my panties stretching and sliding down my waist as his finger went deeper into both my cunthole and asshole. He got his finger all the way into my cunthole covered with my sopping wet panties but only got one knuckle of panties covered finger in my dry asshole.

Then i felt hsi cheek on my clit and I was wondering what happenned ot the mouth and i could feel my panties really pulling hard around my waist and sliding even further down, when I relaised he was CHEWING ON MY PANTIES. Hahaha. It so funny now but at the time I was a bit ???? Dunno. I thought what the fuck???

But then he did a u turn and pulled my panties to one side and I felt his big, super hard cock slide into my cunthole and that was it. No more thinking. He fucked me hard and fast but very briefly that night.  Oh God it was GOOD while it lasted but it only lasted a few minutes and then he took his cock out and came on my panties right on my cunt and pressed his cock hard against my cunt while he came and then rubbed his cum all over the front of my panties.

Now that night I thought this was a bit weird but no biggy you know? Like on the Kink Scale that was pretty low.  The only really weird thing was the way he was trying to stuff my panties into my holes. Bu that coulda just been the excitement of it all.

But the enxt night he was in full underwear fetish mode and he just left himself go. See we had had that after sex talk where we tell each other we’ll do anything for each other so long as we’re comfortable with it which is really giving each other permission to try out our kinks on the other person.

The next night, last night in fact, I was wearing similar underwear only red.  We ended up in my bedroom wiht him completely naked and me in my underwear same as last night. Well not the same underwear.

This time he was different. Very, very excited – I could tell by his cock. Mens cocks get just hard enough, hard, real hard and real fucking hard fit to burst, and his was the latter. Hard like fucking steel. And he was all over me like a rash only all over my bra and panties.

This time though he was in my panties and bra. But not touching my tits, well touching my tits but actually he was caressing the inside of my bra, and doing the same with my cunt. I felt his knuckles on my tits and my cunt and felt his fingers moving but he was caressing the inside of my bra and my panties.  He made no secret of what he was doing this time. He was blatantly and obviously far more interested in what I was wearing than my naked body beneath.

But i just let him go and made appropriate sighs and moans to encourage him.  He did all the same things he did last night and I was thinking this guy is gonna cost me heaps in panties because my panties from last night were stretched to buggery. hahahaha

Bu then he started to use his cock. Hmmmm. Now this is really interesting. He straddled my body facing away from me and leaned slightly forward and slid his cock  inside my panties so it slid up and down on the top of my cunt. On my mons pubis i think its called. my pubic bone. The bit at the front right above my cunt.  I could feel he had hold of his cock through my pantis and was oressing it down while he moved back and forth rubbing his cock on me under my panties. But it was like he was wanking his cock too through my panties. I let out a little sigh and he seemed to relax a bit. At least his shoulders seemed to slump well not slump but sort of relax. Then he took his cock out from inside my panties and put it on top of my panties and again wiht his hand on top of his cock he slid his cock back and forth on me on top of my panties.

Then he leapfrogged up my body and for a moment I had his balls in my face actually resting on my nose and my lips, dangling above my face, then I had his asshole in my face. And then I felt him slide a hand inside my bra and flatten my breast agaisnt my body. Then he moved his body forward and I felt his hand withdraw and his cock inside my bra caught between my tit on the bottom and the cup of my bra on top.

I guess maybe a third of his cock was inside my bra cup but it was resting right on my nipple which had just gotten hard as a rock.  Hard and tongly and supersentitive.  He let out a really loud moan as he slid his cock backwards out fo my bra and just as I thought he was going to take it right out he slid it back in. Only it wouldnt go back in.  There just wasn’t enough slippery for it to slide in and there just wasn’t any room. Those cups are designed to hold your tits super tight and to push them up and enhance your cleavage. So my bra size accomodated my tit and it wouldn’t accommodate a rather alrge cock as well. Hahaha

He was thrusting his cock but allt hatw as doing was  pushing my bra off my tit and pulling at my bra straps so I teached down and lifts the cup up and then hsi ccok could go in but he couldnt fuck my tit like that. Although I think it was my bra he really wanted to fuck.

I wriggled down the bed and took his cock in my mouth catching him by surprise and I slobbered all voer his cock trying to make it was wet as I could, then I wriggled back up and licked and spat on the palm of my hand and slid it in my bra cup, wetting  the top of my tit.

He got really excited then at my active participation and slid his cock back in when I lifted up my bra cup in invitation. Now I’ve never been fucked in a bra cup before. I’ve been fucked in my cunt, my asshole, my mouth, the crack of my ass, between my thighs, between my feet, behind my knees and even been fucked in the armpit hahahha. But NEVER IN MY BRA. It was fucking weirdly delicious. Or deliciously weird. But Rick was really getting off on it.

With my tits wet with my saliva and spit, and the bra cup lined in a satiny smooth amterial his cock was sliding in and out easily. Oh God it felt so good on my nipple. His cock sliding over my hard nipple flattening it first one way then the other. Oh God yes.

I know it doesnt seem right to be thinking of things like this at a moment like this but his cock slid right under the underwire in my bra and poked out the other side really stretching the straps and making them dig in to my shoulders and I was worried he would wreck my bra. Now i wouldnt normally worry but this wwas an expensive one. Like $120 worth of bra.

So I undid the clasp between my breasts and it sprung back a bit opening at the front yet still competely covering both breasts. Because I was laying on my back, my breasts were nno longer supported by the bra and sort of moved to the side of my chest when I undid it.

It was a bit alwkward becasue ebing a demi bra and having an underwire at the base I didn’t have a lot of material to play with but I held the bra cup in my hnad and used it to sort of hold rick’s cock and rub it on my tit. Sort of half wanking him with my bra and half holding his  cock in my hand wanking him with it.

It worked a treat. He loved it. I liked the novelty of it. I’d never actually used a bra as a sex toy before. hahaha. But Rick was far more into the bra than my tits. He put hsi hand over mine but eventually got control of the bra and was basically using my bra like a glove while he jerked off pressing his cock against my tit.  Then right in front of my face well sort of between his legs he held the bra and wrapped it around his cock and wanked with it. Sort of put his cock into the cup and squeezed the cup around his cock and wanked. Huh !

Oh he had a ball with my bra. Rubbed it all over his cock and his balls. I felt a bit forgotten lying there on my back with him straddling me facing away from me towards me feet having sex with my bra. I gotta admit thought it was incredibly erotic seeing a man get so carried away with a bra.

So I thought ah well, leave him to it, and I slid my hand inside my panties and began to wank myself. Just rubbing my clit round and round nice and slow and then I had a thought and I took my hand out from inside my panties and rubbed my clit from the outside. Eventually that got Rick’s attention and he dropped my bra and moved down my body and turned to face me. He looked right at me and smiled happily. crazy happy.

Then he started rubbing the tip of his cock on my panties directly on my cunt. Holding it in his hand and pressing it hard against my panties rubbing my cunt hard up and down up and down.  This felt fucking good. My panties soaked through. Sopping wet with my cunt juices. I felt my panties stretching and sliding down my waist again, sliding over my hips and I lifted me ass to let them slide down.

Every time his cock moved across my cunt hole it went in a little way until the whole head of his ccok, encased in my panties like a condom, slid inside my cunt hole. Then he started to fuck me liek that. with his cock encased in my panties. forcing his panties covered cock into my cunthole. It felet bizarre but vaguely familiar. I thought this had happenned ot me before.

I also felt his hand on my ass, rubbing my panties on my asshole and trying to stuff his panties covered finger in my ass. Then I felt somethign different. He wa stuffing my panties up my ass. He wasnt trying to finger fuck my asshole he was just stuffing my panties up there.  Now that was weird!

But at the front things were going very well. He had half his cock in my cunt now, stioll covered in my panties, and fucking me properly. In out, in out only his cock was covered in my panties.  My girlfriends and I often joke that our panties know our pussies better than our lovers but mine were really getting intimate with me this night. hahahaha

It felt so weird. I could feel my panties being dragegd out of my asshole as Rick kept fucking me deeper and deeper forcing more of my panties inside me. Mos t o f his cock was going in me now and my panties had slid right down off my waist to below my bum but the elastic was still cutting into my thighs.

Then he did the really weird thing. He took his cock out of me and bunched my now sopping wet panties around his cock and started to jerk off with his cock pressed hard against my cunt. Just going for it ugh ugh ugh.  But it wasn’t working very well. each time he wanked the elastic in  my panties cut into my thighs and wouldnt let him get a nice long stroke going. hahaha

So he tore my panties off me. He just yanked with one hand and they stretched way out in front of me and cut hard into the backs of my thighs but didn’t break. So he used two hands and just ripped them apart. Then he hastily wrapped them a round his cock and shoved his cock hard agaisnt my cunt and started jerking off. 

He moaned like harrrrarrrhhhh when he came but he actually took his cock away form my cunt whne he came and then he rubbed my cum and cunt juice soaked panties all over his cock and balls. Kneeling in front of me between my legs rubbing his cock and balls with my ripped, cum and cunt juice soaked panties. Now even I thought that was a bit much.

But that was OK. I could handle that OK. Afterwards he just went to sleep leaving me to deal with my ruined panties and to check my bra for damage.

But next morning pushed the bounderies of my tolerance.  We didn’t fuck that morning because we both slept in and were both late for work.  Always happens to me when I sleep at some guys place. It disturbs my routine.   So we were both running late and gulping coffee and me cornflakes because I ahte to start the day on an empty stomach but they were dry with sugar because his milk was off so I wasnt in a really good mood.

We were actually right at the front door when he stopped me and I just thought he was gonna kiss me goodbye  but he lifted my skirt up, took out his cock, shoved his cock in my panties and started jerking off, pushing me up against the wall. I tried to stop him but he just did it. I said “I’m late for work, already, Stopt hat” but he just laughed and said a few more minutes wont hurt.

Then he looked at me really intently and I thought thats weird for a guy jerking off in your panties to wanna look at your face and then he looked down and lifted up my skirt with his left hand and when he saw his cock in my panties sort of under my cunt with my panties pulled down a bit he started wanking really fast looking at it and then  he came IN MY PANTIES and went oh oh ohohohohoh as he came.

Then he took his cock out and put his hand under my panties and pushed them up agaisnt my cunt eubbing his cum on my panties on my cunt. Then he undid his trousers to show me his underpants and tucked his cock in them and then squeezed it so a big wet cum stain came out on them. He tucked his shirt back in and did up his pants and then he said… and get this…

“Now we’ll both have something to remember each other all day long”

There is nothing more unconfortable than having to put your panties back on after sex and having to wear them for any length of time.  Cum always drubbles out of your cunt for hours after sex but on this occasion Rick had conveniently deposited his cum dorectly on my panties to save me the discomfit of it dribbling all day.

It starts out feeling just wet, then wet and sticky, then gooey and sticky, then just sticky, then it starts to fry and it feels sticky and really sticky. Your panties stick to your cunt, your thighs and even the bottom of your ass.  After a few hours they smell and BAD. And I really had a panties full of cum. The whole lot.

First thing I did when I got to work was change into the spare pair i always keep in my handbag. Part of my Emergency Kit. hahaha. I was going to throw the old ones in the bin and then I had a wicked idea and wrapped them in a paper towel (they were a bit rank by now)  went back to my desk and put them in an Express Post satchell and addressed them to Nick’s address. Hahaha. He’ll get them tomorrow and boy will they be rank by then.

But seriously I do like this guy. But i fear that this panty underwear thing si just too weird for me. He s perfectly nomral in every other way. Absolutely.  He’s good looking well OK looking, hes funny, considerate, smart, hes got it all. But this thing freaks me out a little. Mayeb I’ll get used to it but this mornign was over the top. maybe hes just over excited because he finally found a woman that he thinks is into his kinky pantie thing or will at least indulge him and he’ll settle down.

But I gotta face facts too. I cant be all that choosy with men. Its not like their knocking down my door clutching flowers begging me to go out with them.  No and half the time when my weight soars I’m just totally ignored by men and I probably spend half my life fat and the other half OK so that cuts my chances with men by half. hahaha

So I think I’m gonna see how it goes with rick but he’s not doing the cum in the panties thing in the morning again. Not ever. That was just disgusting. OK it was a little bit hot while he was actually doing it but walking to the bus top with a load of his cum in my panties was NOT fun.

I’ll try and post some updates about Rick’s Progress here but for the last 2 months hes been keeping me pretty busy and i just havent had the time.

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