My Panty Man

I gotta admint its nice having a boyfriend.  Its nice to have someone to hang with, go have a drink, a meal, go to the movies, go for a drive. But mainly just hang out with. I find it hard to meet men. Well not meet but to get past the first hurdle with. I find most men boorish, dull, and uninteresting.  I know that sounds arrogant given that I am no beauty and could be accused of the same things myself, but that is how I am and I cannot help it.

My girlfriends say I am too fussy but if they knew some of the guys I’d fucked they wouldn’t say that. hahaha.  It’s not that I’m fussy. Its more that I rarely find a guy that i “click” with. Know what I mean?

I sort of Half Click with Rick. We get on very well. We like the same music, films, food etc all the superficial things. Hes polite, well mannered, interesting, good company.

So his panty fetish is the price to pay for having him as my boyfriend. I have had guys with worse fetishes. hahaha. Comparatively speaking and in the grand scheme of thigns his fetish is pretty tame.

Another problem I have with men is that my sex drive is usually greater than theirs. I love to fuck and when I really like a guy I love to fuck even more.  Most guys start offf fine but after a few weeks, sometimes months, they settle down but I do not. When I really like a guy I just seem to want to fuck him more and more as time goes by and harder and kinkier. While they seem the opposite.

And this is where his undies fetish comes in. It drives him totally nuts. In a sexual sense. Gets him going. hahaha

Last night i tried a little experiment with Rick.  We went out for dinner and I did not wear a bra or panties. Nor stockings. Nothing. When we got home and headed to the bedroom I quickly stripped off and lay on the bed.  Well, you should have seen the look of disappontment on his face. No underwear!

It was so obvious his heart wasn’t in it. I sucked his cock and it went hard and soft in my mouth and we fooled around for a while. But this was the first time he had ever encountered me fully nude like this.  I think just the sight and touch of my underwear as he was undressing me was enough to get him going but when he was confronted with a naked woman. Uh oh. Not so exciting.

Thats not so say he couldn’t perform. He got hard and we started fucking but it was no good to me. I like no I NEED a man to be turned on, excited, desperate to fuck me, not just fucking me going through the motions. And thats what it felt like.

So i was on top riding him, sliding up and down his cock when I suddenly stopped, got off him, got off the bed and went to my wardrobe. I put on a sexy, lacy, but full cup bra, sexy, but full panties and even my thigh highs.

He watched me getting dressed the whole time. His eyes never left me. Then I went and stood by the bed watching him. He just looked at me. I looked in my full length mirror at myself from all angles. Not bad I thought. Pretty fucking hot. But I am putting on weight again. Mmmm. Happenes every time I feel happy and content. Fuck it. So unfair. But last night in my dark red lacy bra, matching panties and black thigh high stockings, I looked HOT. I felt hot.

Now Rick was how i liekd him. Hot, bothered, over excited, and so fucking turned on. I swear I saw his cock swell up to twice its size. Hahaha. No, thats an exageration but it sure does seem to get harder when there are undies around.

I looked right at him and slid my right hand over my stomach and down inside my panties and I started to wank. A proper full on wank. I’d never wanked in front of him before but I had fucked myself briefly with a vibrator while he watched. But it was done jokingly. This was no joke. I slid my left hand inside my bra, cipped my right breast inside the bra cup and then pinched, squeezed and pulled my nipple.

I stood there legs slightly apart, knees slightly bent, head slightly back, mouth open and wanked inside my panties. I came so quickly it took me by surprise. A fairly hard orgasm that made my knees go weak and tremble, and made me gasp in deep retching gasps for breath but I didn’t cry out. I sort of made a long low moan. I only heard the last part of it but I sounded like a cow. So embaressing.

Rick was all over me now. Running his ahnds over my bra, my panties, my thigh highs, sliding his hands inside my panties, my bra and even my thigh highs.  But he was really turned on this time and was jittery and his ahnds kept jerking around. He kinda half led half dragged me to the bed and got me on my hands and knees and got behind me.

He pulled my panties to one side and guided his cock  into my cunt and then sort of bent over my cupping both bra clad breasts in his hands and fucked me doggy. And hard. He’d never fucked me this ahrd before. He was really going for it. Every now and then he’d let go of my tits, grab my hips, and just go ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh really, really fast.

It was great. I loved it. It was quick but it was great. We only seemed tog et started when he started to cum. He grabbed me and rolled me over (a bit roughly hahaha) onto my back and I sort of automatically came up trying to grab his cock thinking he wanted to come in my mouth. Its sort of automatic when a guy throws you on his back when hes about to come. They want to cum in your mouth.

But he pushed me back down and presssed his cock on my cunt and jerked off as he came all over my panties. I gotta admit last night that felt fucking good. Really good. I could feel the fabric of my panties pressed and rubbing on my clit and his big hard cock pushing behind the fabric and his cum puping and pulsing out of his cock against my clit and cunt coming right through the thin fabric of my panties.  When he finished cumming he rubbed his cum all over my pantiesand it was so fucking nice feeling the tip of his cock through my panties all over my cunt.

When he finished i slid my hand onto my cunt to replace his cock the instant it withdrew. I was just fooling around wanting to prolong that wonderful feeling when i just started to spontaneously wanka gain. Hahaha. I’ve never liked wet panties on me but I dunno, last night it felt so good rubbing against them forcing them onto my clit and my cunt.

I slid my ahnd inside my wet panties and rubbed my clit for a while then I had this idea. I took my panties right off, screwed them up into a ball and rubbed them on my lcit. Hoo boy. Oh yeah. Oh God it felt good. I had completely forgotten about Rick and I just wanked like a madwoman.

I rubbed my panties up and down my clit with my right hand and finger fucked my cunt hole with my left hand using one, then two, then tree fingers. I got so wet, my cunt juices started running down my thighs and back to my asshole. I slid a finger in my asshole and finger fucked my asshole for a while, then back to my cunthole and but one finger never seemed enough in my cunthole.  Then I settled into my thumb in my cunthole, my index finger in my asshole and rubbing my clit like crazy. I came like that. I came hard and moaned and groaned and thrashed around.

I ened up flat on my back feeling completely drained and more than a little embaressed to have let myself go so completely in front of Rick. I wasnt sure he was ready for it. When I opened my eyes though he was kneeling above me wanking furiously with his cock pointed right at my left tit. Well right at my left bra cup which contained my left tit. Hahaha

So no need to worry baout my little ad hoc exhibition then. Hahaha. He groaned so loudly when he came. Like he was in really bad pain. Then he came on my bra. A big goopy, thick, dollop of cum. Right on the middle of my bra cup. I thought fuck, thats gonna stain.  Then he started rubbing it all over my bra and I thought oh fuck yeah that IS gonna stain.

But… we seem to be getting it on sexually. Finsding our balance. Our momentum. Our something.  I’m starting to think that his fetish is worth it to have a nice boyfriend like him and that I am starting to enjoy it too.

I dont know what my experiment proved apart from he finds me a helluva lot more fuckable in undies than out of them.  I’m hoping he still feels the same way if I do put on some weight. Hoping the panties will still get him going no matter whats in them.  God I hate getting fat. It so unfair. Its like my body throws a switch. The Fat Switch. Ah, shes happy, cant have that. Throw the Fat Switch, quick.

But later that night well straight after he came actually I went into the bathroom to wash out my bra and panties before the cum had set. I was more worried about my bra because they a re expensive and its so hard to find a comfortable one and even ahrder to find a comfortable sexy one.

So I was standing at the wash basin wearing just my thigh high stocking completely absorbed in rinsing the cum from my bra before it set when Rick came up behind me. I felt his cock first nudging my ass check, then sliding into the crack of my ass, as his chest pressed on my back and his hands circled me to cup both breasts.  His cock wasnt hard it was still in the process of going down and was probably half hard. It felt thick and heavy resting in the crack of my ass.

He was talking to me murmuring in my ear but I wasnt listening. I was rinsing my bra, filling the basin, swishing it around, emptying the basin, running it under the tap and so on when I felt Rick’s right hand leave my tit, take hold of his cock and guide it into my cunt using his chest to make me bend over slightly.

I felt his cock slide into my super wet pussy, just lside in so effortlessly and then felt his knuckles on the cheeks of my ass as his cock reached the end of its travel. He started  fucking me from behind as I watched myself  in the mirror getting fucked. It was interesting. The way my tits jerked each time he thrust his cock into me.

My bra and panties looked fine so I gave them a final rinse as Ricks cock was sliding in and out fo me and refilled the basin to let them soak. It felt odd in a delicious way to eb doing something like that, like rinsing clothes, while I was getting fucked. Hahaha. It made me giggle and Rick answered my giggle by ramming his cock in and up so hard I instinctively leapt to my tippy toes.

I thought this is interesting. No bra and panties but then I saw him staring at my bra and panties soaking in the basin and I thought hes remembering the way he came on them. Or something. I leaned over further until I was bent double over the handbasin, resting my arms on it, and I spread my legs wider, he moved in closer when I did that and his cock went in deeper so I moved my legs even further apart, leaned voer a bit more and felt his cock go in ever deeper.

We fucked for a while and then Rick reached into the basin, took my panties and squeezed them in his hand. I watched water run out of his hand squeezed from the panties and then he put them to my mouth. I thought ???? but as he did this I felt his half-hard cock go rock-hard inside my cunt and go in a bit deeper so I let him go. He gently pressed my panties against my lips and I was still wondering what the fuck????

When it came to me. I opened my mouth and he pushed my panties into my mouth gently so I had them in my mouth but they were half hanging out. I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought fuck me if that doesnt look so fucking erotic.  A woman with her wet panties hanging out of her mouth.  It got to rick too becasue he was really fucking me hard and fast and deep now.

He kept pushing his body forward trying to get under me and trying to ram his cock even deeper into my cunt and all the time watching me in the mirror.

I was fascinated by my image in the mirror too. It looked so fucking erotic. So different. So fucking subliime.  I loved getting fucked like this. So unexpected. So fucking spontaneous. So fucking hot. And so fucking energetic.

I watched my reflection and I bared my teeth and screwed my face up into a snarl. Like some wild fierce, angry animal. Then Rick went crazy when he saw that. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto him then grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down onto him and all the time he thrust his body under and up me forcing his cock into me so deeplyt hat it hurt, it really hurt and I yelled out but he probbaly thought it was ectsacy  he just  ignored it and kept ramming his cock as deep as he could into me. His body was sort of almsot under mine now and he was just pushing up and up and his cock seemed to just keep going in deeper and deeper.

Then he relaxed or almost collapsed really. He staggered backwards and he was done. His cock had one drop of clear looking cum oozing out of his cock hole and I was surprised he had any left at all. I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock. Oh God it felt good. My nipples were tingling, my cunt was aching a bit, well not my cunt, somewhere up inside me, but was still feeling happy. A bit of cum oozed out of his cock into my mouth but it had no taste.

His cock felt so good. Most me simply dont understand how much I love sucking cock. It felt so good in my mouth now. He was a bit reluctant and backed away a bit but I just followed. His cum had no taste but my cunt juices were very potent on his cock. Not smelly. I can never smell or taste my cunt juices (unless they are off hahaha) but there was this musty fruity sort of taste on Ricks cock then.

I sucked his cock for a while but that was going nowhere. He’d already came three times tonight and thats a bit of a record for any man. hahaha  But I sucked it for a while because a half hard cock is so nice to suck. Mmmm.  They are sort of big and heavy but not rigid so you can do so much more with them. But I was tired and I needed to lie down.

But it was a good night.  A pleasant evening with Rick followed by some excellent fucking and kinky play. Yes, things are working out quite well with Rick. I’m just worried I am gonna put on weight now and he’ll go off me.

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