Extreme Sexual Harassment

That’s what it was. I had to fuck a guy to keep my job. The irony is that it was such a shit job. I have a commerce degree and was simply “in between positions” – hahaha in a manner of speaking. I had quit my last job simply out of boredom with the rather optimistic view that I would get a better, more interesting job without any problem and without any delay. I was wrong. It took me several months to get another job in the admin field. What I failed to take into account was that most employers in my field take about a month to amke up their mind after interviews and often call you back in for another interview.

My rent was in danger of getting behind, bills were piling up and savings were dwindling alarmingly.  I was close to desperate.

I just happened to walk past a bar and saw a sign “Waitress Wanted”. So I thought I should be able to handle that.  So I wandered in full of confidence and was directed to the manager’s office. I never liked him from the start. His name was Roscoe and he LOOKED LIKE a Roscoe. I found out later that wasn’t even his real name. I mean what kind of idiot chooses a name like “Roscoe” ???

He was short, average looking, nice eyes, a friendly face but a furtive manner. Sneaky. The kind of guy you don’t trust on sight. Too smooth. Not smooth. No. Slick? Like a weasel though. That kinda slick.  His eyes went from my face to my tits, lingered there, then to my crutch and then back to my face. I felt his look. It was like having grubby fingers run over my body. But I thought I’m not going out with him just working for him. So I turned on my charm and got the job.

I had done waitresssing work before when I was at Uni so it was no drama for me. It was actually kinda nice not having my normal work hassles. Like meeting deadlines for reports and stuff. Yeah the first week was good. I had to fend off Roscoe’s advances several times a day but I thought I had that under control. I fended him off but let him think he did have a chance with me. My most artful fend. Yes so the first week was good.

Then Roscoe cornered me in the store room. It was a drak poorly lit, fairly small but not real small, room. About the sixe of a small bedroom. Shelves on all the walls and a row of shelves down the center. I had gone in there just as the lunchtime rush had finished to get some more serviettes for the tables. I had just picked them up and turned and there was Roscoe. In the storeroom. Door closed. Roscoe looking at me. Intently. Staring, his eyes moving ebtween my crutch and my tits. I dont know why he stared at my crutch. There was nothing there to see.

I said “Excuse me” and he said “Why ? Whatya do?” and laughed like it was the funniest joke ever. He was laughing but his eyes weren’t. His eyes looked cold and cruel. He woulda been in his late 20s I guess, not ugly, reasonably attractive in fact, but he was flawed. He looked furtive and sneaky.

Then he just stood there staring at me blocking my way. I said “Excuse me” again and moved to the side to try and get past him and he moved to block me and grabbed both my arms. Up high near my shoulder.

Roscoe: Do you like working here?
Me: Yeah its ok
Roscoe: You wanna keep working here?
Me: Yeah I guess. Why?
Roscoe: Well it all depends on me you know. How … happy I am with you.
Me: And aren’t you?
Roscoe: Well you could be nicer to me.

Now he was rubbing his knuckles up and down my upper arm. Slowly. Not looking me in the face. I was thinking Uh Oh I kn ow whats coming.

Me:  I am nice to you. I do my work
Roscoe: You could be nicer
Me: I don’t know what you mean.
Roscoe: Yes you do

Then he kissed me. Full on the lips and tried to shove his tongue into my mouth. I gritted my teeth together so NOTING coulda got into my mouth. I was thinking Oh no. Oh Yuk.  I thought I could just knee this loser int he nuts and walk out fo here. That was my first thought. Then I rememered my savings were now Zero. Rent was due and I was depending on my pay this week to cover that. So if I walked out I doubted i would get paid this week, definitely wouldnt get a full weeks pay and might never get paid for it. But if I didn’t get my pay this week my rent was behind. It was that simple.

His hands were all over my tits now, emboldened by my lack of protest. I was thinking furiously how ot get out of this without getting sacked. He hired me on the spot and I had no doubt he caould sack me on the spot too. I regretted fending him off so casually. I should have been more careful.

So I finally thought Fuck It. I really need this weeks pay. I’ll give him a hand job. So without a word I reached down, while he was still trying to get his tongue in my mouth, and was groping my tits, undid his fly, took out his cock, (already hard as a rock) and started jerking him off. I leaned forward forcing my breasts into his hands and pulled my mouth away form his and breatehd wetly into his ear. A long loud sigh.  He responded by moaning and thrusting his hips, fucking my hand. I was wanking him furiously and moaning wetly into his ear hoping he’d cum quickly.  Things were going well. I thought I could handle giving him a han job OK. No big deal there.

But then he said “Suck it” in a strangled voice. I ignored him and moved my mouth back on his, taking the much lesser of two disgusting evils, and shoved MY tongue into HIS mouth. His body stiffened and he started trembling and I thought he is going to cum any moment. He kissed me back and he shoved, poked and prodded his tongue around in my mouth. I thought he was really losing control now and I was in chareg of things.

The he suddenly grabbed both my upper arms and pushed me backwards and downwards, bearing down heavily on my shoulders, forcing me down onto my knees.  I had to kneel down or be pushed backwards and suddenly I was face to face with his cock. It shot past my face and rubbed against my ear and then the side of my neck disappearing into my hair as he shoved it at my face trying to shove it into my mouth.

I grabbed hold of his cock befor it poked me in the eye and started jerking him off again and he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. I cupped his balls in one hand while I jerked him off.

He said “Suck it”.
I said “I don’t really …want to do this”

But he grabbed my hair and forced my head forward onto his cock. I braced my hands on his hips and looked up at him and said very clearly and forcefully.

“I don’t want to suck your cock. I’ll give you a hand job but that’s it”
He said: “You’ll do what I fuckin tell you or you walk out the door right now”
Me: You can’t do that.
Roscoe: I can. Theres plenty lining up to take your place. It’s up to you.

It’s funny while this is going on I was thinking how disgusting it was having his tongue was in my mouth and thinking how sucking a guys cock is a lot less personal than sucking his tongue. Shit tongue kissing seems more intimate than fucking. So I thought it’s not like its the first cock I ever sucked and I really needed this week’s pay check so I sucked his cock. I sucked it good too. When he last spoke he seemed totally different. Mean, hard, and cruel. And I had no doubt that he would sack me on the spot and would not pay me a cent of what I was owed so far.

I was right. It was nowhere near as disgusting sucking his cock as it was tongue kissing him. I dunno why I kissed him. Panic. I always knew tongue kissing was really intimate. Its funny I’ve been able to fuck and suck  so many guys that I could never tongue kiss and didn’t even like kissing at all. Kissing is much more intimate to me than cocksucking or fucking. 

I was giving him a good head job, sliding my mouth up and down the length of his cock with my hand jerking him off, following my mouth as it moved up and down. I had his balls cupped in my left hand and was gently kneading them feeling their hairy smooth weight in the palm of my hand. He was into a gentle rythym sliding hsi cock gently forward and pulling back in synch with my mouth. I was just thinking this isn’t so bad – better than cleaning the toilets. Hahaha. When he upped the fucking ante again.

He backed away from me and hauled me up to my feet. He grabbed my arm and led me to a small table in the corner of the store room. For some reason I started feeling teary and I was scared I was going to cry. I dont know why I felt that way at the point in time. I know the realization had just came to em that he intnded to fuck me and if I was to keep my job I had to go along with it but that didn’t explain this teary, girly feeling. This was hardly rape.  The decision was, and still was, at that point, mine to make. I had a choice. I could have stopped him at any time and walked out of there. But I knew and accepted that the consequences of that were much worse than what was going to happen in this storeroom.

He picked me with both hands on my waist and sat me up on the table.  I said “Come on Roscoe, I really dont want to do this… please … I’ll give you a head job.” He said “You’ll do what I fuckin tell ya”. I realised my mistake. I should have kept quiet. I think as soon as he thinks I dont want to do something he wants to MAKE ME DO IT. This was all about power not sex. Or was I getting mixed up with rape. Or was this rape. A kind of rape? Or just non-consentual sex.

He was rubbing my cunt now and trying to get his hand up inside my skirt, presumably to pull my panties off. It was a short, tight skirt and there was no way his hands were gonna go up the sides of my thighs so he could get to my panties. I decided to make things more comlpicate for him. In a really panic sounding voice I said “Have you got a condom. I’m not doing it without a condom” I really played that one up and he looked really annoyed but a bit worried. I may have overdone the panicking voice.

He told me to take my skirt off and he took a condom from his pants pocket. He’d stepped out of his pants and carried them down to the table before.  I undid the zip at the side of my skirt as I watched him put the condom on. I thought he has a decent looking cock, circumsized which I thought was a stroke of luck, and a resonable size. At least 7 inches, maybe longer? Hard to tell. But a bit bigger than average. For some reason it helped me to cope thinking about his cock rather than what was going on here.

So there I was. Leaning back against this small table, its edge pushing on the bottom edge of my ass cheeks, ankles crossed, my panties forming a bright pink V between my legs. Roscoe had the condom on and looked up at me and then looked down at my cunt. He said “Nice pink” and I said nothing. He stood there for a moment looking at me and I looked down and thought “Not bad, not too bad”. I was slim at the moment. From the stress of being out of work and waiting for a decent job. My legs looked goos, slim and sleek and slightly muscled. Very white though. But smooth and silky looking.  My stocking came up to my thighs. Flesh coloured, nothing flash or sex. Still had my shoes on. Black medium heels.  High enough to be sexy but not too high since I am on my feet so much.

I hooked both my thumbs inside the top of my bright pink panties and pulled them down at the front, exposing my smooth, hairless cunt.  Without thinking it just came out.

“Want some of this? Hmm?”

And i moved away from the table slightly and slid my panties down my thighs to my knees then let them fall to my ankles. I put both hands on the table behind me and hefted myself up so I was sitting just on the edge. I slowly spread my legs apart and leaned backwards to rest on my hands on the table behind me and slid my ass a little bit further forward so my cunt was fully exposed and just off the table. Just overhanging the edge of the table.

Again without conscious thought, very softly, I said:

“Well, lets see what you got”

He stepped up and holding his cock in his right hand, he guided it to my cunt and slid it all the way in, in one smooth fluid movement. My treacherous cunt was sopping wet and it slid in effortlessly. It felt good too.  Surprisingly. Despite the circumstances. My legs were sort of sticking out a bit from the table and I felt them instinctively raise.

He started fucking me slowly. Slowly and methodically. Each thrust going all the way in as far as it could go then each outward thrust almost taking his cock out of my cunt making me lurch each time with fear it would fall out.  As he continued to fuck me I noticed my legs had risen up of their own accord and were moving now to lock behind his back.

He was fucking me faster now in an amazing display of precision. Even though his cock was moving quite fast now and coming almost completely out of my cunt with each stroke – it never did. And it went in all the way every time. I thought he must have had lots of practice in here. On this desk fucking hundreds of poor fools like me who desperately needed the money.  An expert table fucker.

While he was fucking me and my traitorous body was enjoying his cock my mind was active. I was thinking how sordid it was to be fucking this guy I didn’t even like just to keep a job I didn’t like so I could pay my bills.  I thought it was a pretty slutty thing to do. But I have known that I am a bit of a slut for some time now. Even so, this seemed a pretty slutty thing to do. But it was kind of exciting at the same time. A bit of a turn on doing something so incredibly slutty.

 And what about him? Was this the only way he could get a fuck? I didn’t think so. No I think he liked the power trip. Forcing girls to do things against their will. He could get himself a girlfriend I had no doubt of that. He probably had oen for all i knew. No this was his “thing”. This sexual power play.

While I was thinking this he had slowed down his fucking and was undoing the buttons on my blouse. I thought oh no bad enough already without getting me completely naked. I wondered if he had locked the door. Probably not. Geez and any of the girls were likely to come in here to replace stuff sued during lunch. I looked around me as I was getitng fucked and my blouse undone. Shelves and shelves all around. Bottles, boxes, fuck knows what in them. All around us.

He had my blouse unbuttoned now and pulled open exposing my bra clad tits.  He kept fucking me the whole time. Never missing a beat just slowing down. He was looking at my tits wondering how to free them no doubt. He was on his own. I had both arms behind me, hands braced on the table behind me holding me up. He looked greedily at my tits as his cock kept moving in and out of me. Sliding wetly in and out.

He reache dboth hands inside my blouse and unhooked my bra behind me expertly. I felt my bra spring forward at the font and flet my tits leap forward and down, freed from their restraint. His hand pushed my bra up to my throat. He leaned forward and sucked a nipple hard. My left one. He nibbled it with his teeth and a sigh escaped my lips.  he moved to my other nipple and sucked it hard then nibbled it like he did the other one and all the time his cock kept fucking me like some automaton.

Then he seemed to get into position or something. He had a hand on each of my tits squeezing fairly hard, my nipples rubbing agains the palms of his hands, he straightened up and began to fuck me hard and fast. Faster than ever. I was enjoying the actual fucking itself, the pure fucking, the feel of his cock in my cunt. Or more accurately, the feel of cock in my cunt, more de-personalised. But i wasnt tenjoying the whole scenario. The idea of allowing this cunt to fuck me to keep my job made me sick.  Just the thought of it. The sordidness and tackiness of letting him fuck me on a table in a dim dirty storeroom at work.  The thought of allowing myself to get into such a mess that I had to let him.

Then he stopped and pulled me off the table, spun me around and bent me over the table so my sotmach was on the table and he was behind me. I could feel his cock nudging my ass, very close ot my asshole and I said “You’re not going to fuck me u the ass…?” in my PANIC voice. This itme he laughed. He said “Maybe” and laughed some more.

Then I fe lt his cock slid into my cunt form behind and I felt his full weight bearing down on my ass, flattening my ass under his pelvis and forcing his cock so deep inside my cunt.  Much deeper than before. yeah he was shoving it in about as deep as it goes. It hurts. A strange pain. One of those pains its hard to differentiate from pleasure. It’s afine lin between pleasure and pain sometimes. And getting fucked so deep in the cunt that the cock rams home hard against your cervix is one of those.

I love being fucked form behind though. I love doing it doggy. Love the feel of a cock in my cunt that way and the feel of a mans body squashing my ass and slamming into my ass. Oh Yeah.

He came and as he came he  rammed his cock in as deep as he could, grabbing my hips and pulling me back hard while he rammed his body forward forcing his cock deep into my cunt as he came inside me. I could feel his cock pulsating and throbbing inside my cunt as he came.  He leaned on me and groaned in my ear.  I thought “What a fuckin animal” but at the same time I moved my feet further apart, and wriggled my ass discretely, feeling his cock slide in infinitessimally yet satisfyingly deeper. I thought it would have been nice to feel his cum on my naked ass and regretted mentioning the condom. But then I thought if he’s been fucking so many women in here theres a risk of disease.

He moaned one more time than slowly withdrew his cock form my cunt. My cunt felt sopping wet and I could feel wetness on my inner thighs.  It has actually been quite a good fuck despite the circumstances. I wondered what kind of fuck up could think such a thing. I also thought it was a turn on to fuck a guy you didnt like just to keep your job. I dunno HOW that is a turn on but it is. It must appeal to my degradation side. That side of me that likes to be pissed on and degraded.  This was no big deal to me but I had felt enough to know how it would be a real big deal to a lot of women. Self esteem etc. oh Yeah. My self esteem issues all relate to my body shape not my activities.

Roscoe was humming quietly to himself as he pulled up his pants and tucked his shirt in. I realised I was just standing there blouse undone, bra undone, tits hanging out and no skirt or panties on. Thinking. I think too much. Roscoe looked at me surprised. As if unable to read the look on my face.  Disgust? Hatred? Contempt? Indifference? Satisfaction? Pleasure? Perhpas a bit of each and thats why he couldnt read it.

I think I felt nothing at that stage. I was acutely aware of my nakedness.  So I started sorting myself out. Tucking tits into bra and buttoning and straightening my blouse, then retreiving my panties from the floor and dusting them off thinking about going commando the rest of the shift but quickly dismissing that idea. Steppng into my skirt and sliding it around me to so up the zip.

I became aware of roscoe watching me.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you?” He said, sounding surprised. “You got off to a slow start but once we got going you were into it alright.”

I said nothing. My nipples were still tingling still his teeth.

“Yeah you enjoyed that alright.”

Truth was I did enjoy it. I enjoyed the fuck. Not the scenario. I felt pretty fucking pathetic and ashamed that I had allowed myself to get into a position where I had to elt this prick fuck me. But i had a choice and I took it.  No regrets.

I had to work another 4 days there before I got word on a proper job and I dodged roscoes cock twice, once wiht the excuse of periods, and again with some vaginal itchiness. Hahaha  Two things to turn a man off. But he did nail me another two times during those four days. Once in his office over the desk. He just bent be over and fucked me like a thing. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Second time was behind the bar with me standing up and him trying to fuck me from behind. His dick never went in more than half way and he came all over my upper thighs. Not good either.

I had a letter waiting for me one night when I got home from the bar telling me I had the job and I simply never went back.

Am I a slut for fucking the boss to keep my job. I dont think so. Probably what makes me a slut is for not feeling bad about doing it.

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