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My Panty Man Update

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Well I was amazed to see my first post about Panty Man was way back on February.  Now sit down and hang onto your hats boys and girls because …. I am still going out with Panty Man.  Yes, after SIX months. Hahaha. Now that’s a record for me.   I smiled when I read in my previous post how I was enjoying having a regular boyfriend. I still do. The little things. Having someone ot hang out with. And its good to be getting cock regular as well. Hahaha

But… and there’s always a “but” I fear my passion for Rick is beginning to wane. I can’t explain it properly but his panty fetish certainly has a lot to do with it. It is the kind of thing that you DO get sick of. I guess it’s like any feetish. They are all good and fun but when a fetish becomes an obsession its no longer fun. It becomes like a drug addiction.  He HAS TO have it not because he wants but ebcause he NEEDS it. Like Heroin.

Nowdays he cannot fuck me, he cannot get a hardon unless panties or underclothes are involved. It was fun at first, then it was no big deal , but now it’s become a drag.  I am just so sick  of it now. So over it.

I meant to document this in detail because it was interesting the way Rick’s fetish grew, blossomed and finally burnt out. In my eyes at least. It began as a mild interest in my panties and soon became a bit of an obsession with my undies. Then it became “Essential”  He had to have his panties or he coulnd’t get a hard on. He wasn’t like this at first. No he could get a hard on alright any time but after only a few weeks he couldn’t.

Most of the time it was fine though. Its not a painful or patrticularly disgusting fetish. And it meant he was always buying me new, sexy undies. Hahaha. But he was very hard on them. Cumming on them, ripping them, stretching them.

HIs fetish seemed to blossom like a flower. Revealed piece by piece, a little bit at a time. Until I saw him in his full glory, black lacy bra, black lacy panties, suspender belt and stockings. He was rapt. He had this look of religious fervour on his face. And his cock looked like it was twice its normal size and twice as hard.  We had an amazing fuck that night.  Very physical and animal. I was incredibly turned on by Rick wearing those undies. Strange. But true. Seeing his cock sticking out the side of those delicate, sexy, feminine panties was so erotic. So surreal.

I thought we had moved to another level after he went all the way and dressed up. Up till then he’d only fool around putting my panties on or my bra. Just joking. Ha ha ha. Little joke. So I thought now he has revealed this dressing up thing and the sex was so fucking rip roaring rootin tootin hot that night it was gonna be like that from now on.

No. Next time was a disappointment. He seemed awkward and embaressed in front of me and I felt awkward too. I mean it was difficult. There is this guy I really like, OK looking, normal, gets dressed every day, gets up goes to work. Socialises with normal people. And here he is dressed in a womens bra and panties. Yeah. It used to rattle me a bit.

So I am not sure whee we are at. Not in a bad place.  Just in a strange place. Things may work out. This may just be a hump we need to get over.

I guess I feel a bit inadequate. Sexually and as a woman. Because I am constantly aware that Rick soes not find me exciting enough to get his cock hard and fuck me. And I keep thinking it is my underwear not me that does get him going.

So that’s an ongoing problem for me.

Stay tuned folks because we are either heading for a bust up or moving into a new plane of something or other hahaha in our relationship. Sadly, I think its the former. I think we are running out of steam.

That’s all I got for now.