The Pool

I have bene going out with a guy named Carl for the last few months and I really like him. we get on well, he’s funny, smart, polite considerate, sensitive and good in bed. And he has lots of really cool friends that I really like and get on really well with.

Last Saturday night Carl and I went to a party at some friends of his house.  They are a young couple about our age and pretty cool. There were eight of us there and they had a pool  and a spa and a really nice house. There was me and Carl, Eric and Marie, whose house it was, Roger and Debby, and Cheryl and Ross. Eight of us. Four couples. It was a pool party so we all wore swimmers and I was slim and taut so I wore my bikini and felt pretty good. we barbecued ribs by the pool and drank gallons of Californian wine. We were all pissed. It was so cool. They are all such bright, funny and interesting people.

After eating and drinking and talking and dancing for hours we all got in the spa together. It was fantastic. The warm turbulaent water, good company and a belly full of wine. I was feeling real mellow. Kinda horny but more mellow than horny. Debby took off her bikini top for some reason and waved it around over her head in circles. Then Cheryl did the same. Debby has small tits but nice and Cheryl’s tits were great. Big and round and firm and they glistened and jiggled about as she moved around in the spa. Then Eric waved his shorts around above his head like the girls and everyone was aughing hysterically.

Next thing everyone was waving bikini tops and bottoms and swiming shorts around and I realsied I was the only one stil wearing  a bikini. So I got naked too. Well, everyone else was.  I was sitting right beside Eric with Carl ont he other sideof me and Marie directly in front of me. Marie kept rubbing her foot on my stomach and my thighs. Just fooling around. Then she put ehr foot on my left tit and squashed it. Carl and Eric both turned to watch and laughed.

So there we were, four young, happy, cool couples, naked in the spa talking and drinking and laughing and so cool as if it was nothing being naked. I’d never been in quite this situation before but I was fine because everyone else was just so cool about it. And I was slim at the time and felt pretty good about my own body.

Then Marie stood up in the spa and she has a gorgeous body. She stood there letting everyone see her naked body, magnificent, with water running down her legs and her breasts and stomach glistening in the orange party lights. God, she looked hot. She yells out… “Last one in the pool’s a big fat loser” and she’s off and running to the pool. Then everyone is getting up and its just naked flesh everywhere I look, round breasts, firm asses, flat bellies, flaccid and erect cocks, white hairy asses, tanned, tight, male buttocks. It was so cool.

Then there are people diving, jumping and falling into the pool and Eric gets up on the diving board, stark naked, wet, cock half hard, and he runs and dives in and come up right in front of me and his cock rubs along my body as he come up to the surface. He laughs and I automatically pull away but smiling and laughing. We all splashed and dunked each other like teenagers, laughing and yelling and talking the whole time. I feel tits, hands, feet and various other naked body bits rub, poke, prod, bump and slide against my onw naked body.

The water is warm and wonderful. Everyone is so happy. I feel so free and liberated. It’s all so cool.

Then everyone gets a bit too excitable for me. I got dunked right under the water and got a mouthful of water and came up coughing and spluttering and nobody even noticed. So I just moved away a bit to watch from a safe distance.  They all kept carrying on like idiots, but cool idiots and I was happy to watch. I loved being naked in the water. I’ve always loved sknnydipping. It sort of turns me on but in a personal way.  Like I am turned on but not desperate for a fuck. Its a nice feeling.  I hate it when I get really turned on, desperate for a fuck and I can;t ahve one for whatever reason.

the thign I liek ebst about skinnydiping is swimming underwater. I glide through the water like some sexy goddam dolphin or something. Its like I can feel the water flowing over every part of my body. I love it. I swam around under the water, coming up for a breath when I had to for a while and then I came to the surface and found I was by my self. They ahd all gone back tot he spa and I could hear them alughing and yelling from the pool.

But then I saw Eric at the opposite end of the pool. He had just his head poking out of the water. Like a shark or something. He waved and smiled and I waved and smiled back and he disappeared under the water. i couldn’t see him at all. I wondered where he was. If he was swiming over to me. I let myself slide undr the water and I saw him. Swimming underwater and heading towards me. Eric is a redhead and he had reddish almost orange hair and a very light complexion. Pale white skin. But he’s in good shape.  

I was sort of floating there watching him and when he was about six feet in front of me, he gracefully, turned up and swam straight up to the surface. He was like a dolphin executing a 90 degree turn vertically. I saw his chest, then shock horror, hios fully erect cock, poking out, being pulled back and down by the force of the water and it pointed right at me for a moment. As if to say “You’re mine.”

I floated to the surface and saw Eric  was at the ladder holding on to it. I swam underwater to him and was standing side on to me, and  his cock was poking straight out. Like a big fat, thick, long underwater missile or something. I wasn’t surpised or shocked. Not really. Some of the guys had hard ons some didn’t. It didn’t really mean anything. Some guys get hard ons easier than others, that’s all.

I held on the the other side of the ladder and we floated there just smiling at each other not saying anythiing. I was thining how cool it was to be naked in a pool with a guy and no sexual pressure. I never felt pressured. I never even thought about the possibility of us fucking. God, there were sic people, including my boyfriend and Eric’s wifr no more than ten yards form us in the spa. They couldn’t see us in the pool where we were right up close but gee. hahaha.

Eric said. “Go under.” Teh first words he’d spoken to me since we got to the ladder. I smiled at him and just elt myself sink under the water, sort of pulling and pushing myself down using the ladder. Then Eric sank under the water and he went right down below me. When he first came under his face was level with my tits only inches away and he swam down flapping his arms out like a bird. His faced moved down from my tits, past my stomach and he hesitated at my cunt, then went down deeper. then he slowly came up pausing to look closely at my cunt and my tits ont he way up.

I felt a bit embaressed when we were face to face at the surface again but I said. “Your turn.” and he just smiled and  pushed himself under the water the same way I did. I did the same thign he did. I looked closely at his chest, so white with his neat little man niples and no hair on his chest. Then down until his cock was right in my face. it almsot brushed my lips as I swam in position under water just looking at it. it was big, hard and uncut. With the head just poking out about half way. His cock sprang out of a tangle of thick bright red pubic hair that matched his head. Then I went down deeper looking at his muscly thighs and then repeated my inspection on the way up only I was out fo breath. I must have spent a bit of tme looking at his cock.

We were both giggling quietly when we got to the surface. As if we were sharing a guilty secret, which I guess we were. Eric has the most lovely smile. His whole face lights up when he smiles.  And he was smiling at me.

He said. “Both together”

Amd we both let ourselves sink under the water. this time we were face to face and we were both moving our legs and arms swimming to prevent our bodies flaoting up and forcing ourselves under the water, deeper.

Then Eric put his feet together and let his legs float up under me and I instinctively opened my legs. I fel this hard cock poke my inner thigh up high, then rub against my cunt, and then his arms foled around me and I instiinctively put my arms around him and we began to float upward. we both flapped one arm to stay under, like we were one creature of the deep.

Then it was like he was almost lying down wiht me on top of him and I watche as he lowered his flapping arm and guided his cock into my cunt hole. It just happenned. It was all so quick and so natural. he was smiling at me underwater, looking me right int he eyes and he guided his cock into my cunt. I wasn’t even thinking. I think my body was on autopilot or something . His body felt all smooth and slippery like a seal when I touched him and his cock felt hard as it slid up into my cunt.

We were weightless under the water and I used my arms to force my body down onto his cock and he thrust his arms to drive his body up so his cock slid in and out of my cunt. We were fucking underwater. Weightless, holding our breaths, smiling, and fucking. I felt his strong hands on my tits, squeezing them, teasing my nipples with hsi fingertips, then he placed a hand under my ass and pushed his fingertips intot he crack of my ass pulling my body to him and forcing his cock deeper into my cunt with each stroke. My hands found his ass and I pulled him into me.  

We slowly floated to the surface, fucking as we slowly rose.  We couldn’t fuck and keep ourselves under the water and now we were concentrating more on fucking then staying underwater. When we got to the surface I had my legs locked loosely around Eric’s waist. We both held onto the ladder wiht one hand and we floated there supported by the ladder and slowly fucked.  Our bodies made little waves as we moved together. I felt water bunch up and flow over my tits. My niples were hard as little rocks and I felt the cold air on them each time my tits came out of the water.

I could hear the others laughing and splashing in the spa not 10 yards away and thought at any moment any one of them or all of them could come over and see us fucking. I didn’t care. All I could think about really was Eric’s cock moving slowly in and out fo my cunt. I wanted to fuck harder and faster but you just can’t in the water. The water slows you down. You thrust your hips and the water slows your thrust to a crawl. Eric pulled himself up by the ladder until most of our bodies were out of the water and to my horror yelled out.

“Hey Marie, bring me my drink willya?”

How could he do that with his cock in me?

To my immense relief she yelled back. “Get it yourself, you lazy bastard.” and laughed. Eric laughed too. If his face lit up when he smiled, it positively GLOWED when he laughed.

I puleld myself closer to him, hugging his back wiht my arms and wrapping my legs tighter around his waist.  I whispered right into hsi ear, my lips touching his ear. “Fuck me. Fuck my cunt.” and I poked my tongue deep into his ear.  It tasted awful. It always doe, but it drove him nuts. He started fucking me liek crazy with our bodies half in half out the water and I was worried at the noise the splashing made.

Then Eric grabbed my ass tight with both hands, his fingers digging deep into my buttocks and he shoved his cock deep inside my cunt. He came inside me. He groaned as he came and I fel the momentary warmth of his cum inside my cunt. Warm compared to the pool water.  I broke free and dived underwater to his cock and broguht my face up close to it. I could see a thin trail of cum oozing out of his cock and floating in the pool water, spiralling and spreading out.

I brought my mouth down on his cock and sucked it hard. Real hard. It felt so funny sucking a cock under the water. I had to keep my lips pressed really tight around it so I didn’t suck in a mouthful of pool water. His cock felt slippery and smooth and warm in my mouth, so warm. I sucked and sucked and felt a small spurt of cum ease into my mouth. Warm and salty, but just a spurt. I cupped his balls in one hand and gently squeezed as if to squeeze some more cum out of his cock. I reached around wiht my free hand and grabebd his ass, pulling him closer to me. His body slid forward and I felt his cock slide further into my mouth and down my throat.

My fingertips found his asshole and I slid my middle finger into hsi asshole. It felt tight yet slippery under the water and my finger went in tot he first knuckle without resistance. He wriggled his body as I wriggled my finger in his asshole, squeezed his balls and sucked his cock. I was so fucking horny. I wanted more cock. I wanted to finger fuck myself and rub my clit until I came. Then eh grabbed my hair and dragged me to the surface and as I came out of the water I heard him talking and saw Marie walking towards us, still anked, and glistening wet holding his drink. They were talking but I couldnt make out what they were saying.  Just shit about him being a lazy prick and not getting his owon drink.

I was so fucking horny. Marie leant over to give Eric his drink and her tits swung forward, round, heavy, brown tits with big, dark brown nipples. I wanted to reach up and darg her intot he pool and suck those big brown nipples hard, to lick her shaved cunt, to finger fuck her and to grind my unsatisfied and hungry cunt into her face. But of course you can’t do that sort of thing. Eric was chatting gaily to Marie  and to my dismay climbed up the ladder giving me a glimpse of darker red hair iin the crack of his ass.

He stood there chatitng to naked Marie and he said something and she laughed and grabbed his cock and pulled him towards her by his cock and kissed him on the lips, still holding his cock. I was horrified to realise I was rubbing my clit under the water. Not even aware I was doing it. But they weren’t looking.  Marie and eric were still kissing and she was rlling his cock in her hand, squeezing it and gently wnaking it and rolling it round and to my surpise I saw it starting to get hard again in her hand. She was laughing and talking quietly and I assumed she was talking dirty to him judging by the way his cock was reacting.

 Then they both walked away without a word to me leaving me alone in the pool. Feeling horny and unsatisfied. I watched Eric’s white ass and Maries’s finely sculpted brown ass walk away. I hung on to the ladder with my left hand, replaying in my mind my pool fuck with Eric, rubbing my clit violently wiht my right hand, up and down, round and round, imaginging his  pale naked body thrusting agaisnt me int he water and imagining his cock inside my cunt, my hand on his balls, my finger in his tight, white asshole. But I couldn’t cum. I hate it I absolutely ahte it when I get fucked and dont cum. I feel cheated in the worst possible way.

I went back to the spa but they were getting out and getting dressed and I had the feeling the aprty was over. I dried myself and slipped my dress over my bikini ready to go home. I felt cheated and a bit pissed off. As if eric had used me. I felt used. Carl and I got seperted in the crush as we all headed up the hallway to the door, all leaving together now, and Eric came out of nowhere and said goodnight and went to kiss me on the cheek. But instead he kissed me full ont he lips and drove his tongue deep into my mouth. I kissed him back sucking his tongue and he grabbed my tits and squeezed it so ahrd it hurt. Roger and Debby were behind us and Roger laughed and said “Hey settle down, get a room.” and they both laughed as if it was the best joke ever.

Carl and I were parked up the street a bit because their street is always jammed with cars and I got Carl to fuck me out there in the fucking roadway not giving a fuck if anyone saw us.  Carl knows when I am Super-horny and he can’t resist me when I am demanding a fuck. As soon as we got to the car I dropped ot my knees on the hard, rough ashphalt and took out his cock and sucked it like a demon. He made a half hearted protest and looked nervously up and down the stree tbut in two seconds he was gone. Totally mine. I suked and sucked until he was about to cum and the I bent over the bonnet of the car, lifted my dress up, pulled my bikini bottoms to one saide and said “Fuck me liek a madman.”

And he did. And I rubbed my clit like crazy as he fucked me for about two minutes and managed to cum just after he did. He rammed his cock deep inside me and maoned as he came and I reached around and grabebd his ass, holding him there, not letting him move, until I flet the first spasm of my orgasm wrack my body.

Ont he way home he told me it must have been all the naked bodies that got me so turned on and how it was such a cool fucking party.

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