He Won’t Fuck Me

I met this guy Tony a few weeks ago and we been going out for coffee and had dinner a few times. He’s one of those really nice guys that you love to hang out with but is just not sexy. He is so intelligent, and clever, funny, witty and considerate. A great guy. But not sexy. He has never made a move on me and that was fine because I never felt any physical attraction towards him.

But about a week ago he was at my place and I cooked dinner and we were just hanging out drinking wine and listening to music. It was great. We had just opened our third bottle of wine and we were both feeling good. Laughing and fooling around and suddenly he just looked at me and said “I really like you Mary.” and he kissed me on the cheek. It was so nice. So soft and tender. Such a lovely, affectionate kiss. I looked at him and I thought I really like him too.  So I told him I really liked him too and I kissed him on the cheek too. Then we both burst out luaughing. Dunno why. We just did.  Then we were really close like face to face and I hadn’t felt the slightest sexual stirring, only a real affection, when we kissed on the lips. Just a fleeting kiss but full lip contact.

I felt something but not sexual. A sort of jolt. It felt so nice. I’ve never kissed a guy like that before. Just lips touching and then stopping. Most guys do that then it’s a full on, all tongue assault. So I kissed him again, this time pressing my lips firmly against his. He pushed back but didn’t open his mouth. It was so nice. This schoolkid like kissing. It was how I kissed my first boy before I knew about tongue kissing.

I think I started what happenned next. Yeah, I did. It was me. I kissed him again and this time I just touched his lips with the tip of my tongue.  Then he kissed me ont he lips, the cheek, my forehead, my eyelids, the tip of my nose, my throat, my neck, my ear lobes. Kiss, kiss, kiss, all over my face. It was so nice. NICE. Not really sexy or arousing. Just so fucking NICE.

He is like the most gentle and tender man I have ever known.

Then we got all comfy on the couch and we kissed for hours. Hours! Just kissing each other all voer our faces, gently and tenderly. I kept waiting and expecting him to make a move on me but he didn’t. He seemed really happy just doing what we were doing. At one stage I put his hand on my breast and he gave my tit a little squeeze, but then he took his hand away.

But we were both pretty pissed and we went to sleep on my couch. I woke up in his arms and felt a bit horny but I also had a blinding headache – I get that from wine sometimes – and it didn’t feel right in the harsh light of day. Officially, we were just friends.

So, that was OK, we had breakfast and hung out for a while, chatting like we normally do and then he left.

But next night I called him and asked him to come round. No big deal, I often do that. So does he. We just hnag out whenever we fell like it. No big deal. Sometiems he’s busy, sometimes I am. But not this night. He came round.  The first time we got into the kissing I was fully dressed, jeans and a shirt etc. but this time I had just had a shower and had a bath robe and nothiing else on. I thought about getting dressed but then I thought I don’t usually with Ralph and it’s never been a problem. I used to at first but I had become so comfortable with him that I had stopped getting dressed for when he came over. I thought about getting dressed in case the kissing had changed his mind about fucking me and I really didn’t want to fuck him nor give him the wrong idea.

I was feeling a bit confused. I really liked him but only as a friend. He didn’t turn me on at all. I really enjoyed the kissing though which was the bit that confused me. Kissing like that leads to sex, doesn’t it? but I didn’t want to fuck him. I just liked kissing him, that’s all.

We had both eaten so I made some munchies and we sat on the couch as usual but this time we just chatted and didn’t play any music. The flat was really quiet. It was very cosy just the two of us. We had coffee so we were both fully sober. After about an hour I did his thing. I kissed him lightly on the lips and told him I really liked him. He just smiled and kissed me back the same way.

Then the Devil made me do it. I just get these crazy impulses and do things without thinking. I started laughing and said “That’s not a kiss.” Then I put my left hand on his cheek and my right hand behind his head and kissed him on the lips and forced my tongue deep into his mouth. I tongue fucked his mouth, sliding my tongue in and out and pulling his head towards mine, crushing our lips together. It was a full on tongue kiss. An “I wanna fuck you” tongue kiss.

Then I pulled away and said “That’s a kiss.”

And we both burst out laughing.

The Ralph said, “No, no THIS is a kiss.”

And he kissed me lightly on the cheek, then all over my face. My forehead, the tip of my nose, my ear lobes, my chiin, throat, neck, then he kissed me on the lips and slowly, oh so slowly, he slid his tongue into my mouth. I felt a real jolt when I felt his tongue enter my mouth. Something shifted inside me. He was so gentle and tender. His tongue was sliding in and out slowly, not thrusting. When his tongue withdrew my tongue followed it into his mouth. Then I sucked his tongue gently and he began stirring, getting restless. I wondered if he was getting turned on and whether I should stop it now. but I couldn’t.

I loved his tongue on my mouth, his lips on my face. His breath smelt slightly of mint. I sucked his tongue, I licked it, I poked my tongue out and he closed his lips around it and sucked it. He started kissing my throat, moving from left to right, kissing, licking, gently, slowly. I rolled over onto my back and slid my bathrobe down at the front exposing my chest above my breasts. He kissed my collar bone and moved down my chest, kissing and licking across my upper chest. His lips and tongue barely touched me, so soft, so faint, so tender.

I reached down and undid my robe, closed my eyes tightly and pulled it open. It went a bit further open than I expected and with a start I realised I was suddenly fully exposed. Tits, cunt, everythng. on display liek a smorgasbord. I had only intended to expose my breasts or maybe just part of my breasts, but I was getting in a bit of a state and my hands were trembling as I opened my robe. I just lay there, thinking I had gone too far. I thought about closing the robe but I didn’t want to be that obvious and didn’t want to upset Ralph.

So I just lay there and thought “Fuck it.”

Ralph had stopped and was staring at my exposed body. He’d never seen me naked before. I felt good. I looked good, I knew it. I’d been losing weight steadily for months and my body was slim and trim and firm.  If I’d been fat I’d have covered up real quick although I probably wouln’t have been in this position had I still been fat. I watched him looking at my body. His eyes moved slowly over my body, my breasts, my nipples, my stomach, my cunt. He stopped and stared at my cunt as if he was surprised. No hair. Not one. Smooth and hairless and I wondered if it was the first hairless pussy he’d seen. Then his eyes moved on to my thighs and my ankles and slowly back up again hesitating at my hairless cunt again.

I lay there getting a bit worried about his inaction. Most guys would have dived on me and be fucking me hard and fast by now. Ralph was still just eyeing me slowly. I wondered what he was going to do now. I wondered if I had gone too far. I hadn’t meant too.

Then he slowly lowered his head and kissed me on the throat and I felt his wet tongue trail down my chest between my breast, his chin nudging the bulge of my left tit on the way down, his tongue circled under my left breast following where my breast joined my chest and then slowly I felt his tongue moving up the side fo my breast towards my nipple. His wet tongue touched my nipple and I felt a jolt through my body and looked down to see my nipple, hard and erect and the tip of his tongue moving slowly on it.

I watched his lips part and move downward to enclose my nipple as I felt his lips wrap around my nipple and begin to suck it, long, and slow and gentle. Then the tip of his tongue touched my nipple as he sucked it. I reached out and touched his head pushing it down onto my nipple. Then hhis tongue moved to my other breast leaving a wet trai from one nipple to the other. He sucked and licked my nipples for ages, moving from one to the other. I lay back enjoying it feeling my cunt juices beginning to flow. My cunt starting to tingle and itch and burn for cock.

I don’t know how long he sucked and lciked my breasts and nipples but finally I felt his wet tongue moving down my stomach, exploring my belly button, locking inside it and sliding around it. His tongue eft my belly button and slid wetly downwards over my pubis heading directly for my cunt. I started trembling all over, even  my toes were trembling.  I closed my eyes tight and braced for the feeling of hsi wet tongue on my clit and when it reached my cunt I automatically arched my back.

I felt his wet tongue plough into my cunt, sliding betweent he moist lips and I lifted one leg and hooked it over the top of the couch and moved my other leg out away from the couch so my legs were wide apart and my cunt fully exposed. He turned and half stood, half crouched beside the couch with his ass up near my face and he licked my cunt from my clit to my asshole and back again. I trembled and shook. He rubbed my clit with thr tip of his tongue, then drove it down between my cunt lips, pressing down hard, then stopped just before my asshole and moved his tongue back up, this time sliding it into my cunt hole. He tongue fucked me for a while, then moved his mouth to my clit and started sucking my clit.

He sucked my clit into his mouth and I reached out between his legs and grabbed his cock through the thick material of his jeans. It felt hard and big. I felt his balls in my hand through his jeans, big and soft and bulging. I tried to reach his belt to undo his jeans. I wanted to feel his cock in my hands but I couldn’t reach it. He moved again and was half laying over me and I felt his shirt on my naked breasts and his tongue bgan to rub my clit inside his mouth as he sucked my clit hard. Then harder and harder. I moaned loudly, feeling waves of pleasure washing over my body. My clit was the centre of my existence now. His tongue, his lips, working their magic.

Then he climbed onto the couch and put is knees on either side of my body in a 69 position and reached under me and lifted my ass right up off the couch. With his hands on my ass cheeks he held me up and buried his head between my legs. He was concentrating on my clit now, sucking it so hard, so fucking hard, pulling and stretching my clit up, pulling it away from my cunt and all the time he rubbed my clit inside his mouth, with the tip of his tongue. The tip of his tongue moved with blinding speed back and forth across the tip of my clit, while his lips were clamped on the base of my clit, sucking it and pulling it up with his lips.

His ass was right in my face and I tried desperately tog et his belt undone and get to his cock but I couldn’t do it upside down. I raised myself up and mouthed him between the legs, feeling the rough denim on my lips and I mouthed his balls and his cock through the denim of his jeans.  I bit the cheeks of his ass through his jeans and squeezed and rubbed his hard cock through the denim. Then I felt a finger slowly slide into my cunt hole and finger fuck me while he sucked my clit. After a while, the finger slowly slid out to be replaced by another finger and then I felt the first finger, covered in my cunt juice pressing tentatively on my asshole.

I moaned aloud and felt the finger slide slowly into my asshole. I moaned again and curled myself up and felt the finger go deeper. Now he was sucking and lickign my clit, and finger fucking my cunt hole and my asshole. He was going at it faster and faster, sucking and lciking and finger fucking both my holes. I buried my face in his ass and hung on to him tightly as the first orgasm rocked my body.  It began in my clit and flowed then flooded through my body moving up through the pit of my stomach to just below my ribs.

I arched my back and lifted him up with me. I stayed up there for a while, then slumped back down and he never missed a beat the whole time. frantically sucking, licking and finger fucking me. I’d given up trying to get to his cock and was completely absorbed in my own pleasure. I rocked and rolled and squirmed and twisted under his body and came and came and came until my clit was aching unbearably and I felt like I couldn’t breath. I begged him to stop and rolled over he fell off me and off the couch to land on his ass on the floor.

I lay on my back on the couch while he lay on the floor not moving. Just lying there. I had just had a fantastic multiple orgasm and I was still gasping for breath.  I was thinking how I was going to suck his cock until he came in my mouth as soon as I got my breath back, then take him into my bed and fuck his brains out afterwards.

It never happenend. He got up and made more coffee and I could sense him watching my naked body from the kitchen.  Stealing glances from the kitchen. So cute.  I felt funny lying there fully exposed while Ralph was fully dressed making coffee in the kitchen. When he came back with two cups of steaming coffee I covered up and we sat there and chatted as if nothing had happenned. Then he left. Kissed me on the cheek and said he had an early start in the morning.

After he left I got my vibrator and fucked myself on the couch like a crazy woman. I rammed that vibrator deep and hard in my cunt relishing the feeling of its hard length in my cunt. But I never came. But I swore I’d get myself a bigger, thicker, longer vibrator. hahaha

The next time with Ralph I made sure he was naked before we started and I tried to keep at least a little bit of control over events.  Ralph was a bit of a shock naked. He was very thin, much thinner than expected but that just made his cock look bigger. Hahaha. We kissed like we did before. A long passionate kissing session. Then I started undressing him and got him naked, watching me while I undressed. I was very sexy watching a naked man watching me undress.

We were ont he couch again and we did a great 69 and I was so fucking excited the first time I held his cock on my hand and even more excited the first time I sucked it. Oh God. I dunno why it was so exciting.  But I found the more I got into sucking his cock it put him off sucking my clit. He kept losing his concnetration or something so I ended up just holding his cock tightly with its tip pressed to my lips while he worked on me.  I came again like a freight train but just as I was about to suck him off he rolled me over onto my stomach and climbed on top of me. I loved the feeling of his body on top of mine but was wondering what he was up to. I wanted to suck him off badly but he didn’t seem interested.

He swivelled around until he was facing my feet. I felt his balls on my back then my shoulders as he moved his body and lenaed over and buried his face his my ass.  I felt his wet tongue sliding between my ass cheeks and shivered when his tongue slid over my asshole.  I was lying on my stomach and he moved till he had both knees on the couch on either side of my body up near my shoulders. I could feel his balls and his cock on my back every time he moved.  He gave me the most comprehensive ass tongue fucking of my life. He pulled my ass cheeks wide apart, shoved his face in and tongue fucked my asshole like a madman. I nearly went crazy. I squirmed and wriggled and squealed at the sheer wicked sensation of his tongue deep in my asshole. I whispered “Fuck me, fuck me,” a few times but I dont know if he heard me.

It felt so fucking weird yet wonderful lying on my back with Ralph tongue fucking my asshole like a madman. It was so good. So fucking good. I’ve never had a tongue so deep in my as and it felt so fucking good. Fucking amazing. And I’ve never known a guy so enthusiastic and uninhibited about sticking his tongue in my asshole.

I was kicking my feet in the air and squirming and squealing as he tongue fucked my ass and I felt his cock rubbing on my back between my shoulderblades. His cock felt so big and hard and hot rubbing up and down between my shoulder blades while he tongue fucked my asshole. Then he came on my back. I felt a sudden, wet hotness, spreading out over my back between my shoulder blades. I was so surprised. Shocked. I couldn’t believe it. He just came on my back while he was tongue fucking my ass. I never thought a guy would cum from rubbing his cock on my back. hahaha.

We’ve been “fucking” for over a week now and we haven’t actually fucked. That is to say he’s never had his cock in my cunt.  We’ve done the 69, I’ve sucked him off, he’s gone down on me, but never fucked me. It reminds me a bit of Ken but it’s different. It’s as if fucking just isn’t important to him. I’m happy as it is but I still want him to fuck me properly. I want to feel his cock in my cunt. But I am happy to wait till whenever. It will happen. Mayeb he’s got a hair trigger or maybe we just get too involved in other shit to actually get around to fucking. I dunno. I don’t really care – it’s not that big a deal.

But at times I really want to get on my hands and knees like a bitch and feel his cock ramming into me form behind. Apart from that Im happy.

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