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About Me

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I’m 27, work in an office doing menial shit but it pays the bills and could be a lot worse. I’m an exhibitionist. I love to expose my body and talk about sex but never get the chance to really talk about it. I lack confidence. I struggle with my weight. Its a never ending battle and don’t usually bother unless I have some powerful motivation like getting involved with a guy I really like. My weight holds me back in real life. I need a few drinks to get naked with a guy. hahaha. Sad but true.

I love to fuck. To get right into it and really let go. To go crazy.  But I rarely do. It takes a special kinda guy to get me to cut loose. I’ve known a few and I’m going to tell all in here. Every detail. What I felt and thought as well as what I did and what was done to me.

I think I’ve got an OK face, nice legs, good tits, but a fat ass, fat gut and dimply thighs. But guys do look at me. when a guy I like looks at me I feel it. It makes me act differently. If I sense he wants me, as in wants to FUCK me, I get more confident and it must be obvious to them.

I love to read and am actually a bit of a read-aholic. Always reading something. Popular fiction, crime stories, biographies. Anything really. I lvoe music and its always playing at home. Anything from heavy metal to the classics. I love movies, going to the movies or just watching a DVD at home. I like going out for drinks and dinner with friends or a guy, cruising antique shops but rarely buying. hahaha.

Friends are really important to me and I have three very close friends and we are really tight. But they don’t really know the REAL me. I don’t think it would matter to them but it would to me. I’d never want them to know just how crazy I really am.

If I had more confidence in myself and my body I think i’d be the town slut. Hahaha. True. I love to fuck. But my lack of confidence hold me back. Still, I do OK. hahaha.

I’m single and have only ahd one real long term relationship. A guy I went out with for 5 years and lived together for most of that time. I loved him dearly but it all turned to shit. he cheated on me then I cheated on him to pay him back and I finally realised I wasn’t ebing myself with him and never could be.

I’d like to meet a guy I could really relax with and just be myself. A guy I could let see me get angry and frustrated and be weak and girly, to fart in front of and to yell “fuck me fuck me” with gay abandon. I don’t care what he does or what he looks like so long as he wasn’t grotesquely UGLY.

I had a pretty normal upbringing, normal parents, normal, normal, normal.  No major dramas or anything. Normal education but dropped outta college and then did a secretarial course to get me off the checkouts and hamburger flipping routine and into an office and decent work and decent pay.

Why I’m Here

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I thought people might be interested in why I am on AOSpace and why I am doing this. It’s simple really. I’m a showoff. An exhibitionist. I love the feeling i get when men look at me. Look at my body. It turns me on and always has. Ever since I grew tits I knew the power women have over men. It’s heady and intoxicating. It makes me feel so powerful. 

I feel mens eyes on me as a physical sensation like little gossamer soft fingertips caressing my body as their eyes move over me.

I also love the idea of telling all, revealing my innermost secrets, fantasies and experiences. Sharing my intimate experiences, the things I’ve done and the things I’d love to do. Exposing myself piritually as well as sexually and physically.

Its a cerebral and visceral experience to expose yourself.  The ultimate freedom to just let go and say whats on your mind and what you are REALLY feeling.

I love men looking at me. I love to fuck. To get fucked. It feels so fucking LIBERATING and EXCITING to say that, to put it out there for all the world to know. I love to get down on my hands and knees like a bitch-dog and have some guy pounding into me from behind, grabbing my tits as they bounce around and my hair and just fucking hammering into my cunt.

 But out in the real world I feel contrained. By fear of what men will think of me.  (sex crazed slut)  By lack of self confidence in my body. I struggle with my weight. Normally I carry a few extra pounds and feel so insecure. But when I am with a guy I really like I knuckle down, run, hot the exercise bike like a demon, watch what I eat and I slim down till I’m a lean, mean fucking machine.

But I’m lazy and weak and unless I got a strong reason for all that work I guess I’m just a slob.

So on here or IN here or whatever its anything goes. I’m not going to hold back.  I’ve been dying to spill my guts and bare my soul for so long but have never been able to. Now I can. In here. On this website and I don’t care if anyone recognisses me. fuck it. So what? I’ll just say it isn’t me or maybe admit it is. I dunno. Cross that brisge when I come to it. 

The good thing about being a nobody is noone is likely to recognise me anyway. Its nont like I’m Paris Hilton or anything. Hahaha.

Hello world!

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Welcome to Adults Only Space. Have fun! Invite your adult friends!