Panty Man Pictures

February 22nd, 2010

Well, last night Panty Man and I took some pictures.  Well he did. We did somethign a bit different last night. This time I made him lie still and I fucked him with my panties. I straddled him and got his cock between my cunt and my panties and slid up and down sliding his cock between my panties and my clit. And other things too.

I handed him my camera and said “Take some pictures!” as if it were a spur of the moment idea. He did, he took lots but kept forgetting. Just lying there with the camera in his hand going Oh Oh Ohhhhh. Ah ah aaaaahhh. hahaha

It felt good being in charge like that and I loved the way he just lay there and let me do everything.

So I won’t go into detail now – I’ll go though the pictures and I’m going to do a detailed blog including the pictures. A sort of pictorial essay. hahaha Can’t say when though but ASAP.

So stay tuned readers. Hahaha. If i have any !!!!

My Panty Man

February 18th, 2010

I gotta admint its nice having a boyfriend.  Its nice to have someone to hang with, go have a drink, a meal, go to the movies, go for a drive. But mainly just hang out with. I find it hard to meet men. Well not meet but to get past the first hurdle with. I find most men boorish, dull, and uninteresting.  I know that sounds arrogant given that I am no beauty and could be accused of the same things myself, but that is how I am and I cannot help it.

My girlfriends say I am too fussy but if they knew some of the guys I’d fucked they wouldn’t say that. hahaha.  It’s not that I’m fussy. Its more that I rarely find a guy that i “click” with. Know what I mean?

I sort of Half Click with Rick. We get on very well. We like the same music, films, food etc all the superficial things. Hes polite, well mannered, interesting, good company.

So his panty fetish is the price to pay for having him as my boyfriend. I have had guys with worse fetishes. hahaha. Comparatively speaking and in the grand scheme of thigns his fetish is pretty tame.

Another problem I have with men is that my sex drive is usually greater than theirs. I love to fuck and when I really like a guy I love to fuck even more.  Most guys start offf fine but after a few weeks, sometimes months, they settle down but I do not. When I really like a guy I just seem to want to fuck him more and more as time goes by and harder and kinkier. While they seem the opposite.

And this is where his undies fetish comes in. It drives him totally nuts. In a sexual sense. Gets him going. hahaha

Last night i tried a little experiment with Rick.  We went out for dinner and I did not wear a bra or panties. Nor stockings. Nothing. When we got home and headed to the bedroom I quickly stripped off and lay on the bed.  Well, you should have seen the look of disappontment on his face. No underwear!

It was so obvious his heart wasn’t in it. I sucked his cock and it went hard and soft in my mouth and we fooled around for a while. But this was the first time he had ever encountered me fully nude like this.  I think just the sight and touch of my underwear as he was undressing me was enough to get him going but when he was confronted with a naked woman. Uh oh. Not so exciting.

Thats not so say he couldn’t perform. He got hard and we started fucking but it was no good to me. I like no I NEED a man to be turned on, excited, desperate to fuck me, not just fucking me going through the motions. And thats what it felt like.

So i was on top riding him, sliding up and down his cock when I suddenly stopped, got off him, got off the bed and went to my wardrobe. I put on a sexy, lacy, but full cup bra, sexy, but full panties and even my thigh highs.

He watched me getting dressed the whole time. His eyes never left me. Then I went and stood by the bed watching him. He just looked at me. I looked in my full length mirror at myself from all angles. Not bad I thought. Pretty fucking hot. But I am putting on weight again. Mmmm. Happenes every time I feel happy and content. Fuck it. So unfair. But last night in my dark red lacy bra, matching panties and black thigh high stockings, I looked HOT. I felt hot.

Now Rick was how i liekd him. Hot, bothered, over excited, and so fucking turned on. I swear I saw his cock swell up to twice its size. Hahaha. No, thats an exageration but it sure does seem to get harder when there are undies around.

I looked right at him and slid my right hand over my stomach and down inside my panties and I started to wank. A proper full on wank. I’d never wanked in front of him before but I had fucked myself briefly with a vibrator while he watched. But it was done jokingly. This was no joke. I slid my left hand inside my bra, cipped my right breast inside the bra cup and then pinched, squeezed and pulled my nipple.

I stood there legs slightly apart, knees slightly bent, head slightly back, mouth open and wanked inside my panties. I came so quickly it took me by surprise. A fairly hard orgasm that made my knees go weak and tremble, and made me gasp in deep retching gasps for breath but I didn’t cry out. I sort of made a long low moan. I only heard the last part of it but I sounded like a cow. So embaressing.

Rick was all over me now. Running his ahnds over my bra, my panties, my thigh highs, sliding his hands inside my panties, my bra and even my thigh highs.  But he was really turned on this time and was jittery and his ahnds kept jerking around. He kinda half led half dragged me to the bed and got me on my hands and knees and got behind me.

He pulled my panties to one side and guided his cock  into my cunt and then sort of bent over my cupping both bra clad breasts in his hands and fucked me doggy. And hard. He’d never fucked me this ahrd before. He was really going for it. Every now and then he’d let go of my tits, grab my hips, and just go ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh really, really fast.

It was great. I loved it. It was quick but it was great. We only seemed tog et started when he started to cum. He grabbed me and rolled me over (a bit roughly hahaha) onto my back and I sort of automatically came up trying to grab his cock thinking he wanted to come in my mouth. Its sort of automatic when a guy throws you on his back when hes about to come. They want to cum in your mouth.

But he pushed me back down and presssed his cock on my cunt and jerked off as he came all over my panties. I gotta admit last night that felt fucking good. Really good. I could feel the fabric of my panties pressed and rubbing on my clit and his big hard cock pushing behind the fabric and his cum puping and pulsing out of his cock against my clit and cunt coming right through the thin fabric of my panties.  When he finished cumming he rubbed his cum all over my pantiesand it was so fucking nice feeling the tip of his cock through my panties all over my cunt.

When he finished i slid my hand onto my cunt to replace his cock the instant it withdrew. I was just fooling around wanting to prolong that wonderful feeling when i just started to spontaneously wanka gain. Hahaha. I’ve never liked wet panties on me but I dunno, last night it felt so good rubbing against them forcing them onto my clit and my cunt.

I slid my ahnd inside my wet panties and rubbed my clit for a while then I had this idea. I took my panties right off, screwed them up into a ball and rubbed them on my lcit. Hoo boy. Oh yeah. Oh God it felt good. I had completely forgotten about Rick and I just wanked like a madwoman.

I rubbed my panties up and down my clit with my right hand and finger fucked my cunt hole with my left hand using one, then two, then tree fingers. I got so wet, my cunt juices started running down my thighs and back to my asshole. I slid a finger in my asshole and finger fucked my asshole for a while, then back to my cunthole and but one finger never seemed enough in my cunthole.  Then I settled into my thumb in my cunthole, my index finger in my asshole and rubbing my clit like crazy. I came like that. I came hard and moaned and groaned and thrashed around.

I ened up flat on my back feeling completely drained and more than a little embaressed to have let myself go so completely in front of Rick. I wasnt sure he was ready for it. When I opened my eyes though he was kneeling above me wanking furiously with his cock pointed right at my left tit. Well right at my left bra cup which contained my left tit. Hahaha

So no need to worry baout my little ad hoc exhibition then. Hahaha. He groaned so loudly when he came. Like he was in really bad pain. Then he came on my bra. A big goopy, thick, dollop of cum. Right on the middle of my bra cup. I thought fuck, thats gonna stain.  Then he started rubbing it all over my bra and I thought oh fuck yeah that IS gonna stain.

But… we seem to be getting it on sexually. Finsding our balance. Our momentum. Our something.  I’m starting to think that his fetish is worth it to have a nice boyfriend like him and that I am starting to enjoy it too.

I dont know what my experiment proved apart from he finds me a helluva lot more fuckable in undies than out of them.  I’m hoping he still feels the same way if I do put on some weight. Hoping the panties will still get him going no matter whats in them.  God I hate getting fat. It so unfair. Its like my body throws a switch. The Fat Switch. Ah, shes happy, cant have that. Throw the Fat Switch, quick.

But later that night well straight after he came actually I went into the bathroom to wash out my bra and panties before the cum had set. I was more worried about my bra because they a re expensive and its so hard to find a comfortable one and even ahrder to find a comfortable sexy one.

So I was standing at the wash basin wearing just my thigh high stocking completely absorbed in rinsing the cum from my bra before it set when Rick came up behind me. I felt his cock first nudging my ass check, then sliding into the crack of my ass, as his chest pressed on my back and his hands circled me to cup both breasts.  His cock wasnt hard it was still in the process of going down and was probably half hard. It felt thick and heavy resting in the crack of my ass.

He was talking to me murmuring in my ear but I wasnt listening. I was rinsing my bra, filling the basin, swishing it around, emptying the basin, running it under the tap and so on when I felt Rick’s right hand leave my tit, take hold of his cock and guide it into my cunt using his chest to make me bend over slightly.

I felt his cock slide into my super wet pussy, just lside in so effortlessly and then felt his knuckles on the cheeks of my ass as his cock reached the end of its travel. He started  fucking me from behind as I watched myself  in the mirror getting fucked. It was interesting. The way my tits jerked each time he thrust his cock into me.

My bra and panties looked fine so I gave them a final rinse as Ricks cock was sliding in and out fo me and refilled the basin to let them soak. It felt odd in a delicious way to eb doing something like that, like rinsing clothes, while I was getting fucked. Hahaha. It made me giggle and Rick answered my giggle by ramming his cock in and up so hard I instinctively leapt to my tippy toes.

I thought this is interesting. No bra and panties but then I saw him staring at my bra and panties soaking in the basin and I thought hes remembering the way he came on them. Or something. I leaned over further until I was bent double over the handbasin, resting my arms on it, and I spread my legs wider, he moved in closer when I did that and his cock went in deeper so I moved my legs even further apart, leaned voer a bit more and felt his cock go in ever deeper.

We fucked for a while and then Rick reached into the basin, took my panties and squeezed them in his hand. I watched water run out of his hand squeezed from the panties and then he put them to my mouth. I thought ???? but as he did this I felt his half-hard cock go rock-hard inside my cunt and go in a bit deeper so I let him go. He gently pressed my panties against my lips and I was still wondering what the fuck????

When it came to me. I opened my mouth and he pushed my panties into my mouth gently so I had them in my mouth but they were half hanging out. I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought fuck me if that doesnt look so fucking erotic.  A woman with her wet panties hanging out of her mouth.  It got to rick too becasue he was really fucking me hard and fast and deep now.

He kept pushing his body forward trying to get under me and trying to ram his cock even deeper into my cunt and all the time watching me in the mirror.

I was fascinated by my image in the mirror too. It looked so fucking erotic. So different. So fucking subliime.  I loved getting fucked like this. So unexpected. So fucking spontaneous. So fucking hot. And so fucking energetic.

I watched my reflection and I bared my teeth and screwed my face up into a snarl. Like some wild fierce, angry animal. Then Rick went crazy when he saw that. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto him then grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down onto him and all the time he thrust his body under and up me forcing his cock into me so deeplyt hat it hurt, it really hurt and I yelled out but he probbaly thought it was ectsacy  he just  ignored it and kept ramming his cock as deep as he could into me. His body was sort of almsot under mine now and he was just pushing up and up and his cock seemed to just keep going in deeper and deeper.

Then he relaxed or almost collapsed really. He staggered backwards and he was done. His cock had one drop of clear looking cum oozing out of his cock hole and I was surprised he had any left at all. I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock. Oh God it felt good. My nipples were tingling, my cunt was aching a bit, well not my cunt, somewhere up inside me, but was still feeling happy. A bit of cum oozed out of his cock into my mouth but it had no taste.

His cock felt so good. Most me simply dont understand how much I love sucking cock. It felt so good in my mouth now. He was a bit reluctant and backed away a bit but I just followed. His cum had no taste but my cunt juices were very potent on his cock. Not smelly. I can never smell or taste my cunt juices (unless they are off hahaha) but there was this musty fruity sort of taste on Ricks cock then.

I sucked his cock for a while but that was going nowhere. He’d already came three times tonight and thats a bit of a record for any man. hahaha  But I sucked it for a while because a half hard cock is so nice to suck. Mmmm.  They are sort of big and heavy but not rigid so you can do so much more with them. But I was tired and I needed to lie down.

But it was a good night.  A pleasant evening with Rick followed by some excellent fucking and kinky play. Yes, things are working out quite well with Rick. I’m just worried I am gonna put on weight now and he’ll go off me.

A Panty Man

February 15th, 2010

I met Richard (Rick) about 2 months ago at a party. He was introduced by mutual friends but it was really a setup. A lot of my friends think I need help to find a guy. hahaha. They’re right of course. So they set me up with Rick and surprisingly he is very nice and I like him a lot but and it’s a bit of a big but he’s got this real fetish for womens underwear.

The first 2 months were pretty normal.  We fucked on the 6th date. He’s not the kind of guy your panties go instantly wet for, he grows on you slowly.  He was just like any other guy, it started slowly and tamely, and as we got to know each other better and became more comfortable sexually, we experimented and found out what we both liked. 

He was delighted that I liked anal sex and was into a bit of light bondage and liked my toys.  He didn’t reveal his panties fetish until 2 nights ago and since the first night he did, he has now shown me the full depth of his panties/underwear obsession.

The first night was no big deal. We had been out to dinner and came home feeling very happy and confortable. Like some old married couple. We both knew we were goign to have sex and we were both looking forward to it.  He undressed me down to my panties, bra and thigh highs (stockings) and then completely undressed himself. I felt a bit overdressed hahaha but he was very happy.

He fondled and caressed my breasts, ass and cunt through my bra and panties for ages. It seemed like ages.  He’d use one hand on one tit and the opther on my cunt, or both hands on my tits, or one on my cunt and one on my ass. Rubbing, squeezing, caressing.

Now I’ve had my tits, ass and cunt felt up plenty of times through my panties and bra but I’d never known a guy to do it for so long. Sooner or later, usually sooner, they want to get inside the bra and panties. But this night Rick didn’t.

I was wearing a black demi bra (thats a half-cup bra that only covers half your tit leaving part of the top of the nipple exposed. Very sexy. That info was for guys who may not know) His fingers enver left my bra though even though one nipple had popped completely out from our moving around and his constant bra fondling. Now the tit squeezing was nice, I actually felt that but a lot of his caressing never got through the bra. I never felt a thing.

My panties were a different story though.  I felt him through them alright. Normally I wear a g string, well not “normally” but most of the time. But this night I was wearing normal panties. Still sexy and brief, well, briefish, but not a g string. I wonder if it was this that set him off.

I felt it when he rubbed my clit through my panties. Oh yes. I culd feel his finger rubbing my clit and dragging the mesh of the panties up and down my lcit, rubbing my panties on my clit.  And he tried sticking his finger in my cunthole through my panties, forcing my panties to stretch and his finger actually went a little way inside covering his finger like a condom.

I felt his fingers on my ass through my panties very distinctly. He caressed and squeezed and ran his fingers up and down the crack of my ass, forcing my panties deep into the crack of my ass and once sticking his pantie wrapped finger into my ass leaving a part of my panties actually in my ass for a moment. God, that felt weird. Nice but weird.

For you guys out there who are into womesn underwear I was wearing a plum coloured, demi cup bra. The cups and straps were a solid, fairly stiff, fabric the same color as the lace that covered it conpletely. So you had this plum coloured bra covered in the same coloured lace giving it a very supportive function, yet sexy looking appearance.  The cups slightly compress my breasts from the bottom, forcing them up and to bulge out of the cups slightly.  It makes my tits look so good.  It unhooks at the front and has a wide strap across the back with thinner straps over the shoulders made fo the same lace covered plum fabric as the cups. Its very confortable for a sexy bra and was very expensive.

My panties were also plum but were not  perfect match for the bra. They were made of a very thin, fine, see through mesh kind of fabric. It has got a special  name but I dunno.  Yhey have a tin about quarter inch plum lace around each leg hole which widns to about half an inch to go round my waist. So there is a small V of transparent, fine mesh plum coloured fabric at the front through which my cunt is clearly visible with matching lace at the edges.  They are high cut and go right up around my waist forming a V at the front and a more elongated V at the back which covers only half of both my ass cheeks.

Overall, I thought the pantis and bra looked pretty fucking hot.  The thigh highs were standard black which I always wear but I love the look of that strip of naked flesh betweent he top of my thigh highs and my panties. I’m pretty slim at the moment so I looked pretty fucking hot. Well I thought so. hahaha

I did like the way he caressed my clit through my panties. My clit could feel the texture fo my panties fabric so distinctly. What felt smooth to my fingertip actually felt like a soft mesh to my clit. Rick rubbed his finger up and down on my panties forcing the panties into close hard contact with my clit and forcing the panties fabric to slide up and down on my clit.

I got so wet the front of my panties was soaked. and just as I was about to reach for his cock, getting slightly impatient witht he undies caressing, he went down on me through my wet panties.

It was a bizarre feeling. I could feel his lips and tongue on my clit and feel it moving in my cunt lips and nudging and exploring my cunt hole but I still had my panties on.  My panties were between my cunt and his mouth and yet I still felt his lips and tongue. I’d never had a guy do this before and it felt so deliciously weird and wonderful.  A bit like fucking with a condom but not quite. Much sexier.  Very erotic.

I rolled around so we were in a 60 position with him me on top and I rabebd his cock with both hands and sucked it ferociously. God it flet good. It felt so hard and taut in my hands and in my mouth. I let go of it and held it in my mouth and placed both hands on the bed and sort of got up on all fours.  Hahaha I like doing this in a 69 bcause it gives the guy access to all areas. hahaha Its much better than just flopping on top of the guy.

I was just enjoying his cock mocing my head up and down, my lips sliding up and down his cock about half way, giving the head of hsi cock a good suck at the end of each movement when he really went to town on me.

All of a sudden he was chewing, nibbling and biting my clit through my panties, trying to shove his finger in my cunthole through my panties and then as if that wasn’t distracting enough, he tried stickign his finger in my ass through my panties. His fingers were never still, rubbing, caressing, pressing my papnties into my asshole and my cunthole.  I felt my panties stretching and sliding down my waist as his finger went deeper into both my cunthole and asshole. He got his finger all the way into my cunthole covered with my sopping wet panties but only got one knuckle of panties covered finger in my dry asshole.

Then i felt hsi cheek on my clit and I was wondering what happenned ot the mouth and i could feel my panties really pulling hard around my waist and sliding even further down, when I relaised he was CHEWING ON MY PANTIES. Hahaha. It so funny now but at the time I was a bit ???? Dunno. I thought what the fuck???

But then he did a u turn and pulled my panties to one side and I felt his big, super hard cock slide into my cunthole and that was it. No more thinking. He fucked me hard and fast but very briefly that night.  Oh God it was GOOD while it lasted but it only lasted a few minutes and then he took his cock out and came on my panties right on my cunt and pressed his cock hard against my cunt while he came and then rubbed his cum all over the front of my panties.

Now that night I thought this was a bit weird but no biggy you know? Like on the Kink Scale that was pretty low.  The only really weird thing was the way he was trying to stuff my panties into my holes. Bu that coulda just been the excitement of it all.

But the enxt night he was in full underwear fetish mode and he just left himself go. See we had had that after sex talk where we tell each other we’ll do anything for each other so long as we’re comfortable with it which is really giving each other permission to try out our kinks on the other person.

The next night, last night in fact, I was wearing similar underwear only red.  We ended up in my bedroom wiht him completely naked and me in my underwear same as last night. Well not the same underwear.

This time he was different. Very, very excited – I could tell by his cock. Mens cocks get just hard enough, hard, real hard and real fucking hard fit to burst, and his was the latter. Hard like fucking steel. And he was all over me like a rash only all over my bra and panties.

This time though he was in my panties and bra. But not touching my tits, well touching my tits but actually he was caressing the inside of my bra, and doing the same with my cunt. I felt his knuckles on my tits and my cunt and felt his fingers moving but he was caressing the inside of my bra and my panties.  He made no secret of what he was doing this time. He was blatantly and obviously far more interested in what I was wearing than my naked body beneath.

But i just let him go and made appropriate sighs and moans to encourage him.  He did all the same things he did last night and I was thinking this guy is gonna cost me heaps in panties because my panties from last night were stretched to buggery. hahahaha

Bu then he started to use his cock. Hmmmm. Now this is really interesting. He straddled my body facing away from me and leaned slightly forward and slid his cock  inside my panties so it slid up and down on the top of my cunt. On my mons pubis i think its called. my pubic bone. The bit at the front right above my cunt.  I could feel he had hold of his cock through my pantis and was oressing it down while he moved back and forth rubbing his cock on me under my panties. But it was like he was wanking his cock too through my panties. I let out a little sigh and he seemed to relax a bit. At least his shoulders seemed to slump well not slump but sort of relax. Then he took his cock out from inside my panties and put it on top of my panties and again wiht his hand on top of his cock he slid his cock back and forth on me on top of my panties.

Then he leapfrogged up my body and for a moment I had his balls in my face actually resting on my nose and my lips, dangling above my face, then I had his asshole in my face. And then I felt him slide a hand inside my bra and flatten my breast agaisnt my body. Then he moved his body forward and I felt his hand withdraw and his cock inside my bra caught between my tit on the bottom and the cup of my bra on top.

I guess maybe a third of his cock was inside my bra cup but it was resting right on my nipple which had just gotten hard as a rock.  Hard and tongly and supersentitive.  He let out a really loud moan as he slid his cock backwards out fo my bra and just as I thought he was going to take it right out he slid it back in. Only it wouldnt go back in.  There just wasn’t enough slippery for it to slide in and there just wasn’t any room. Those cups are designed to hold your tits super tight and to push them up and enhance your cleavage. So my bra size accomodated my tit and it wouldn’t accommodate a rather alrge cock as well. Hahaha

He was thrusting his cock but allt hatw as doing was  pushing my bra off my tit and pulling at my bra straps so I teached down and lifts the cup up and then hsi ccok could go in but he couldnt fuck my tit like that. Although I think it was my bra he really wanted to fuck.

I wriggled down the bed and took his cock in my mouth catching him by surprise and I slobbered all voer his cock trying to make it was wet as I could, then I wriggled back up and licked and spat on the palm of my hand and slid it in my bra cup, wetting  the top of my tit.

He got really excited then at my active participation and slid his cock back in when I lifted up my bra cup in invitation. Now I’ve never been fucked in a bra cup before. I’ve been fucked in my cunt, my asshole, my mouth, the crack of my ass, between my thighs, between my feet, behind my knees and even been fucked in the armpit hahahha. But NEVER IN MY BRA. It was fucking weirdly delicious. Or deliciously weird. But Rick was really getting off on it.

With my tits wet with my saliva and spit, and the bra cup lined in a satiny smooth amterial his cock was sliding in and out easily. Oh God it felt so good on my nipple. His cock sliding over my hard nipple flattening it first one way then the other. Oh God yes.

I know it doesnt seem right to be thinking of things like this at a moment like this but his cock slid right under the underwire in my bra and poked out the other side really stretching the straps and making them dig in to my shoulders and I was worried he would wreck my bra. Now i wouldnt normally worry but this wwas an expensive one. Like $120 worth of bra.

So I undid the clasp between my breasts and it sprung back a bit opening at the front yet still competely covering both breasts. Because I was laying on my back, my breasts were nno longer supported by the bra and sort of moved to the side of my chest when I undid it.

It was a bit alwkward becasue ebing a demi bra and having an underwire at the base I didn’t have a lot of material to play with but I held the bra cup in my hnad and used it to sort of hold rick’s cock and rub it on my tit. Sort of half wanking him with my bra and half holding his  cock in my hand wanking him with it.

It worked a treat. He loved it. I liked the novelty of it. I’d never actually used a bra as a sex toy before. hahaha. But Rick was far more into the bra than my tits. He put hsi hand over mine but eventually got control of the bra and was basically using my bra like a glove while he jerked off pressing his cock against my tit.  Then right in front of my face well sort of between his legs he held the bra and wrapped it around his cock and wanked with it. Sort of put his cock into the cup and squeezed the cup around his cock and wanked. Huh !

Oh he had a ball with my bra. Rubbed it all over his cock and his balls. I felt a bit forgotten lying there on my back with him straddling me facing away from me towards me feet having sex with my bra. I gotta admit thought it was incredibly erotic seeing a man get so carried away with a bra.

So I thought ah well, leave him to it, and I slid my hand inside my panties and began to wank myself. Just rubbing my clit round and round nice and slow and then I had a thought and I took my hand out from inside my panties and rubbed my clit from the outside. Eventually that got Rick’s attention and he dropped my bra and moved down my body and turned to face me. He looked right at me and smiled happily. crazy happy.

Then he started rubbing the tip of his cock on my panties directly on my cunt. Holding it in his hand and pressing it hard against my panties rubbing my cunt hard up and down up and down.  This felt fucking good. My panties soaked through. Sopping wet with my cunt juices. I felt my panties stretching and sliding down my waist again, sliding over my hips and I lifted me ass to let them slide down.

Every time his cock moved across my cunt hole it went in a little way until the whole head of his ccok, encased in my panties like a condom, slid inside my cunt hole. Then he started to fuck me liek that. with his cock encased in my panties. forcing his panties covered cock into my cunthole. It felet bizarre but vaguely familiar. I thought this had happenned ot me before.

I also felt his hand on my ass, rubbing my panties on my asshole and trying to stuff his panties covered finger in my ass. Then I felt somethign different. He wa stuffing my panties up my ass. He wasnt trying to finger fuck my asshole he was just stuffing my panties up there.  Now that was weird!

But at the front things were going very well. He had half his cock in my cunt now, stioll covered in my panties, and fucking me properly. In out, in out only his cock was covered in my panties.  My girlfriends and I often joke that our panties know our pussies better than our lovers but mine were really getting intimate with me this night. hahahaha

It felt so weird. I could feel my panties being dragegd out of my asshole as Rick kept fucking me deeper and deeper forcing more of my panties inside me. Mos t o f his cock was going in me now and my panties had slid right down off my waist to below my bum but the elastic was still cutting into my thighs.

Then he did the really weird thing. He took his cock out of me and bunched my now sopping wet panties around his cock and started to jerk off with his cock pressed hard against my cunt. Just going for it ugh ugh ugh.  But it wasn’t working very well. each time he wanked the elastic in  my panties cut into my thighs and wouldnt let him get a nice long stroke going. hahaha

So he tore my panties off me. He just yanked with one hand and they stretched way out in front of me and cut hard into the backs of my thighs but didn’t break. So he used two hands and just ripped them apart. Then he hastily wrapped them a round his cock and shoved his cock hard agaisnt my cunt and started jerking off. 

He moaned like harrrrarrrhhhh when he came but he actually took his cock away form my cunt whne he came and then he rubbed my cum and cunt juice soaked panties all over his cock and balls. Kneeling in front of me between my legs rubbing his cock and balls with my ripped, cum and cunt juice soaked panties. Now even I thought that was a bit much.

But that was OK. I could handle that OK. Afterwards he just went to sleep leaving me to deal with my ruined panties and to check my bra for damage.

But next morning pushed the bounderies of my tolerance.  We didn’t fuck that morning because we both slept in and were both late for work.  Always happens to me when I sleep at some guys place. It disturbs my routine.   So we were both running late and gulping coffee and me cornflakes because I ahte to start the day on an empty stomach but they were dry with sugar because his milk was off so I wasnt in a really good mood.

We were actually right at the front door when he stopped me and I just thought he was gonna kiss me goodbye  but he lifted my skirt up, took out his cock, shoved his cock in my panties and started jerking off, pushing me up against the wall. I tried to stop him but he just did it. I said “I’m late for work, already, Stopt hat” but he just laughed and said a few more minutes wont hurt.

Then he looked at me really intently and I thought thats weird for a guy jerking off in your panties to wanna look at your face and then he looked down and lifted up my skirt with his left hand and when he saw his cock in my panties sort of under my cunt with my panties pulled down a bit he started wanking really fast looking at it and then  he came IN MY PANTIES and went oh oh ohohohohoh as he came.

Then he took his cock out and put his hand under my panties and pushed them up agaisnt my cunt eubbing his cum on my panties on my cunt. Then he undid his trousers to show me his underpants and tucked his cock in them and then squeezed it so a big wet cum stain came out on them. He tucked his shirt back in and did up his pants and then he said… and get this…

“Now we’ll both have something to remember each other all day long”

There is nothing more unconfortable than having to put your panties back on after sex and having to wear them for any length of time.  Cum always drubbles out of your cunt for hours after sex but on this occasion Rick had conveniently deposited his cum dorectly on my panties to save me the discomfit of it dribbling all day.

It starts out feeling just wet, then wet and sticky, then gooey and sticky, then just sticky, then it starts to fry and it feels sticky and really sticky. Your panties stick to your cunt, your thighs and even the bottom of your ass.  After a few hours they smell and BAD. And I really had a panties full of cum. The whole lot.

First thing I did when I got to work was change into the spare pair i always keep in my handbag. Part of my Emergency Kit. hahaha. I was going to throw the old ones in the bin and then I had a wicked idea and wrapped them in a paper towel (they were a bit rank by now)  went back to my desk and put them in an Express Post satchell and addressed them to Nick’s address. Hahaha. He’ll get them tomorrow and boy will they be rank by then.

But seriously I do like this guy. But i fear that this panty underwear thing si just too weird for me. He s perfectly nomral in every other way. Absolutely.  He’s good looking well OK looking, hes funny, considerate, smart, hes got it all. But this thing freaks me out a little. Mayeb I’ll get used to it but this mornign was over the top. maybe hes just over excited because he finally found a woman that he thinks is into his kinky pantie thing or will at least indulge him and he’ll settle down.

But I gotta face facts too. I cant be all that choosy with men. Its not like their knocking down my door clutching flowers begging me to go out with them.  No and half the time when my weight soars I’m just totally ignored by men and I probably spend half my life fat and the other half OK so that cuts my chances with men by half. hahaha

So I think I’m gonna see how it goes with rick but he’s not doing the cum in the panties thing in the morning again. Not ever. That was just disgusting. OK it was a little bit hot while he was actually doing it but walking to the bus top with a load of his cum in my panties was NOT fun.

I’ll try and post some updates about Rick’s Progress here but for the last 2 months hes been keeping me pretty busy and i just havent had the time.

Some Various Pics of Me

January 18th, 2010
Looking serious, pensive perhaps.

Looking serious, pensive perhaps.

Looking sexy

Looking sexy

Still fat in the face but the rest of me has shrunk. Including my tits.

Still fat in the face but the rest of me has shrunk. Including my tits.

Dressed up for a Chicago party. When the film was just out. Richard Gere, yum.

Dressed up for a Chicago party. When the film was just out. Richard Gere, yum.

Fat Me fucking myself.

Fat Me fucking myself.

Skinny Me. Or should I say Hairy Me. Hahaha

Skinny Me. Or should I say Hairy Me. Hahaha

I love those red fishnets. So fucking sexy.

I love those red fishnets. So fucking sexy.

I love dressing up. See, I CAN look sexy.

I love dressing up. See, I CAN look sexy.

So fuckin sexy. This is as good as I get.

So fuckin sexy. This is as good as I get.

I'm so sexy I could kiss me.

I'm so sexy I could kiss me.

What I Think About During Sex

January 18th, 2010

I saw this question as a poll on some site and it really got me thinking. Thinking about what other people think about during sex and also what I think about during sex. Its such an automatic process thinking that I am never really aware of what I am thinking and never think twice about it afterwards. Things just come to me during sex, into my mind. unbidden, uncontrollable. Images and ideas. hahaha

When I am having a good solid fuck like when a guy is really pounding me, I nearly always think about his cock inside me. I imagine his cock, big and hard, moving inside my cunt, forcing my cunt walls apart as it drives in all the way. I picture his cock in side my cunt with my cunt wrapped tightly around it and my cunt moving apart to make way for it.

When I am sucking a guys cock I am usually trying to picture in my mind what I look like while I’m doing it. Unless I am doing it in front of a mirror in which case I simply watch. Hahaha. I like to visualize things. I like to know what I look like when I do things.  I like to imagine what my face looks like with his cock in my mouth, just sucking the ehad of his cock and with his cock right down my throat.

When a guy (or gal hahaha) is going down on me  at first I don’t think about anything. I can usually see them doing this and I am happy with watching his head bobbing up and down although sometimes I imagine what his tongue looks like licking my clit. But when he gets going and I am getting close to orgasm, my brain shuts down. I think of nothing. My mind is a complete blank.

That is when the sex is good but when it is lousy or just not inspiring, I tend to fantasise. My most common fantasy when a guy is fucking me and its lousy is to imagine I am being fucked by someone who has fucked me before, who is a really good fuck.  I close my eyes and try to ignore any physical sensations that would give away my fantasy. Hairy belly, bad breath etc and force an image of my imaginary lover into my mind.

Its usually Brian or Mark. They were the best fucks of my life. Once the fantasy takes hold I tend to get turned on. I start to get into the sex more, thrusting my hips, grabbing him, urging him on although in my mind it is Brian or Mark I am urging on, neither of whom actually needed any urging. hahaha

But sometimes thats not enough. Some guys are so lame, even replacing them with a good lover in my mind is not enough or its just not possible because they are so bad they are so difficult to force out of my consciousness.

When that happens I either end it quickly or I get very creative. If its really bad and I really dont like the guy I end it quickly. Its usually very easy. I just stick my finger up their ass, which acts like a cum switch for a lot of guys, and thrust my hips and say things like “Oh GOd yes, your so good, oh fuck me fuck me. God, I’ve enver been fucked like this” and that strikes to the very heart of the machismo and they usually crank it up several notches and cum very quickly.

But sometimes, and this is so UNFAIR, when I do this the guy gets so excited I actually start to enjoy it but … once you go down the “Cum Quick” road there is no turning back. hahaha. I HAVE tried. Hahaha

When the guy and the sex  is really bad I let my imagination go wild. Give it free reign.  I never just lie there wishing it was over. Waiting. I just can’t do that. Shit sometimes it can go on forever. No. No I either end it or spice it up.

Once this guy was fucking me doggy and he reminded me of a pig.  He was a bit fat, like overweight, not disgustingly fat, but he had a very noticable pot belly and i could feel it on my back and the top of my ass while he was fucking me. But the thing that made me think of a pig was that he was snorting like a pig. Like have you ever heard pigs snorting as they root around for food. He was making that noise while he was fucking me.

And we had been fucking for ages. He’d had a bit to drink and when guys do they either cant get it up or they cant cum. Dunno which is worse. Hahaha

So ther we were. Me on my hands and knees, out of ideas, I’d tried Brian and Mark but no go. Neither of them ever snorted like a pig and neither of them draped a fat belly over my back and let me take most of their weight while they were fucking me doggy.

But his snorting gave me this very clear image of a pig. A big, fat, pink boar.  With really big ears. And I got this sudden, also very clear thought that I was actually being fucked by this big, fat, big eared, pink pig.

These images, unbidden and uncontrollable flashed into my mind and ran like a film. I was naked at a pig sty and fell over in the mud.  I tried to get to my feet but only got as far as my hands and knees when this big, fat, big eared, pink pig mounted me from behind.  Before I knew it I had this huge,  pink, piggy cock in my cunt and it was fucking me hard and deep. I felt this heavy piggy weight on my back and heard this piggy snorting.  The weight on my back and the snorting were in both my reality and my fantasy simultaneously and this made it all so  real.

And the good thing about a fantasy like this is that logic has no place in it. There is no question of what I was doing naked in a pig sty. Wahtever happens simply happens. There is no need to explain or justify anything. Nor to amke sense of it.

The idea of consciously deciding to have sex with a pig is just so disgusting and perverted that you wouldn’t even consider it. Not even me. Hahaha. But just being mounted like that, virtually raped by a pig, totally takes away any accountability for the act and makes it OK. Its all on the pig. Not me. Bad pig!

On another level being fucked by a pig (or any animal) is just so fucking TABOO, so forbidden, so perverted, so disgusting that it drives me totally fucking wild.

I rolled out from under Pig-Boy and shoved him down onto his back. I straddled him and got on top and rode him like a demented cowgirl, gripping his man-boobs tightly to stop from falling off and ended up having a great fuck. But it took the fantasy of being fucked by a real pig to get there. 

So sometimes I fantasise during sex. But generally only during bad sex. Good sex and great sex really leaves me no room to think. I find I am fully occupied with what I am doing on every level – physical and mentally.

But the worse the sex is the more intense and bizarre the fantasies become. And the guy usually unwittingly unleases the fantasy. The snorting guy the pig, the panting guy the dog,  the super-sensitive guy the woman…and so on.

The pig was the most bizarre but I always found it weird to be fantasizing about a woman while a man was fucking me. But he was just so fucking annoyingly “sensitive”.  More than even any woman I’ve fucked.

Here are some of my other fantasies from bad sex:

I am 14 and being fucked by my fathers best friend
I am being fucked by my best girlfriends boyfriend
I am being fucked by a football team and they are all standing around me watching.
I am fucking my boss for a promotion or pay rise.
I am a CIA agent fucking a terrorist for information
This guy is paying me $25,000 to let him fuck me.
This guy has a knife and will kill me if I dont let him fuck me
He told me he just got outta gaol after 10 years of being fucked up the ass by the brothers
He is gay and I am converting him to hetero
It is a robot not a man and I am testing it to see how well it fucks.
I am being fucked by a woman with a strapon cock.
I am being fucked by an animal
I am being fucked by an alien
I am being raped.
I offered myself because he was going to rape my boyfriend up the ass while I watched.
I am being raped and my boyfriend is tied up forced to watch us.
We are  being filmed and broadcast all over the internet

So there it is. But I never find my mind wandering from sex like the stereotype of the bored wife looking at the ceiling during sex and thinking how it needs painting.  No. I always seem to focus on sex in some way and unconsciously try to spice things up. And it usually works, but the worse the sex is the more bizarre and intense the fantasy needs to be.

I am watching my wire to see what other people think about during sex. I do hope SOMEONE says something !!


Please people. Share !

My Christmas Fuck 2009

December 29th, 2009

His name was Bill. Such a common name. Bill. William I guess. Don’t really know and don’t really care.  He works with me in Accounts. Not actually WITH me, he has his own office, some kind of “Higher Up” than me. I say “with me” but about 50 people work “with me” and I dont even know half their names.

Bill and I were the only ones with long faces and obviously not joining in the Christmas spirit at our work Christmas party. What a fuckin horror that is every year. The sausage rolls and pastries and cheap wine provided by our cheapskate employer and the pathetic $50 Christmas bonus. Sometimes only $20. And the Secret Santa. Everyone buys a gift no more than $10.00, wraps it up and puts it under the tinsel christmas tree without a gift tag on it in the interests of anonymity so noone knows what they are getting and who gave it.

This year I bought a very realistic looking plastic dog turd from a shop that sells practical jokes and just for a laugh rubbed it in some real dog shit so it would smell real as well as looking real. One of the typists got lucky bbut screamed when she touched it and her finger came away wiht some real dog shit on it. I laughed my head off secretly and silently while everyone else was aghast. Except for s few guys who throught it was a great joke and who suspicion immediately fell upon.

But Bill was looking glum and I thought he’d be the perfct partner to help me endure the pain of the Work Christmas Party. I got him a plastic glass of cheap wine and sat beside him, offered it to him, gave him an obviously fake smile and said “Bah, humbug” and sat beside him. I wasn’t on the make I just thought if i had to endure this crap I’d rather endure it with someone who wasn’t joining in the false festivities.

He said “Bah humbug to you too” and took the wine that I offered him. I sat leaning towards him to make it look like we were “together” to discourage anyone from approaching me to talk. It worked a treat. They were all in their little cliques and happy to leave me and Bill out of it. Suited me fine.

After a while Bill said “You smell nice.” I wasn’t sure how to respond to that so I said nothing. After a while he said “Very nice” and I assumed he meant I smelled VEY nice. Hahaha. I laughed. I took a discrete whiff of him to see if I could return the compliment and found he smelled like pine trees. Very fresh and clean not in a disinfectant type of pine fresh smell. More like a fresh outdoorsy pine way.

So being the master of small talk that I am I said “You smell like a pine tree.” He laughed and replied. “You smell like a strawberry”. And so we got talking.  He accused me of being Mary from Data Processing and I pleaded guilty and he confessed to being Bill from Financial Oversight. So I said “Ah, a bean counter.” and he said “No, you’d be the Bean Counter, I’m more of a Bean Counter Watcher, making sure you count the beans right.”

Such witty and clever conversation. I was having a ball. NOT !

But fuck me it was better than joining in with the rest of them. They even sang Christmas Carols.  Fuck me Good King Wankerslaus and parumpa pum pa.

So we talked, innocent at first then we got dirty. Bitchy really. We started insulting and tearing to pieces everyone in sight. Nasty, bitchy stuff and Bill surprised me by joining in enthusiastically. Pointing out everyones faults and failings and ridiculous behaviour. Ahh this was more like it. Hahaha.

Just as that was beginning to run out of steam and I was ready to leave Bill aasked me if I’d like to go have a real Christmas drink with him and I thought why not. He seemed OK and it was a ticket outta there. We went to a little bar a few blocks from work that he seemed to know pretty well and sat down in a booth and knocked back a few vodka tonics.

Hes not a bad looking guy. Average I guess. Dark hair starting to thin, nice brown eyes a kind of dark complexion. Light brown. Kinda hispanic but on the white side of hispanic. Not tall. Same height as me maybe even a bit shorter. Average build but a bit of a stomach on him. Going to fat. Just at the start of the decline. Probbaly early to mid forties and works too hard and doesnt exercise or eat right.

But after a couple of vodka tonics he looked fine. Fine like a Brooklyn Sign. I was happy. Slightly pissed, relieved to be away from the christmas party and enjoying his company. His passions are golf and some old car he is restoring himself. Never registered what it was. He did say. Meant nothing to me. Just some old car. Blah blah blah. He talked and I tuned out and watched him. He had very nice teeth. Very even and white. So many men have bad teeth. As if they just dont care. I think its very important a mans teeth. He had nice sensual lips too. Kind of thick like a womans lips. I dont like lipless men like Kenneth Branagh. That man has no lips. He’s lipless like some kind of caricature.

We had a few more (too many) vodka tonics and then he suggested dinner. I was thinking how much I liked vodka tonics when he said that and was trying to work out why I didn’t drink them more often when I obviously liked them so much.

So we relocated to this really nice Italian restaurant a few doors down and settled in to a wonderful meal of veal scallopini and seafood marinara, sharing food from each others plates like lovers would do. Very intimate I thought. Everything was going swimmingly and I thought I had got lucky.

Then he told me about his wife. Ex-wife. His kids. Ex-kids? DO kids become ex-kids along with the wife? Who knows? Who cares? Why do gus do this. The last thing I ever want to know about is a guys past girlfriends and wives. Well, unless its a particularly kinky sexy story. hahaha.

But Oh No, Bill was sad because his wife had kicked him out after 15 years marriage and wouldnt have him back. How sad. But then again if he spent all his free time playing golf and fucking around with some old car, who could blame her. He missed her so much. Yeah yeah. He missed his kids. Yeah yeah. This was his first Christmas without them. yeah yeah. Let’s move on.

But he wouldn’t. Oh God he went on and on. Why do guys do this? I couldnt understand why he wasn’t concentrating on seducing me instead of going on and on about his wife and fucking kids. Guaranteed turn off.  I couldn’t stand it. I just stood up in the middle of his diatribe about little bessie or betty or some fuckin thing, one of his kids and said I had to go to the toilet. Normally I would have said “powder my nose” but I was so fucking desperate NOT to hear about how little bessie or whatever misses him so much.

I went into the toilet, grabebd a wad of paper towels and wet them under the tap, grabbed another wad of dry towels, scrubbed the toilet seat with t he wet ones, then dried it with the  dry towels, dumped them on the floor of the cubicle, then sat down a nd had a piss and thought about whether I should just ditch Sad Sack Bill, Bessie and the rest of them.

I was still thinking about what to do including the toilet window escape route when I  was fixing my makeup in the mirror. I remembered why I dont srink a lot of vodka tonics even though I really liked them. They make me piss too much. Its the tonic not the vodka. I realised I was kinda thinking about fucking Bill. In the back of my mind. He was just an escape from the party and then was just mildly tolerable conversation but at some stage my mind had thought about fucking him.

I wondered what he looked like naked. Passable I thought. Passable. I wondered if he had a nice cock. Small one? Maybe thats why Lulubelle or whatever her name was kicked him out. Little Dick Bill. Hahaha. Nah he wasn’t giving aout any Little Dicked Man vibes.

I looked at myslef in the mirror and took a step back and thought Hmmm Fuckable. Yeah still fuckable. Grey business suit, cream button down blouse, moderately high heels. Sensible but still sexy. I undid the top button on my jacket , had a look then undid all of them. Yes much better I thought with t he jacket open. I undid the top button on my blouse and looked. No difference really. Too subtle. So I undid another one. Still too subtle. I undid another one.

Oops. Way too UNSUBTLE. Damn. Two buttons was not enough and three was too much. The second button was just above my bra and the third button was just below it. So it was no tit or the whole tit. I settled on the third button and folded my blouse over so it covered my bra encased tit yet exposed it when I turned to the side or leaned forward. that would do. Not subtle but I thought Bill might actually need a tit in the face to jerk him out of the sad-sack-boo-hoo-hoo-my-wife-left-me-mode.

I sashayed my way back into that restarant. Oh yeah I can sashay. My sexy sashaying. Its just swinging my hips a little and walking slower then usual. Bill didn’t notice. Wasn’t looking. But a guy at the bar did and gave me a smile. I gave him a “stand-by-in-case-it-doesnt-work-out-with-Bill look and sat back down. He enver noticed the undone jacket or the undone buttons.

Not until I leaned over the table and my tits nearly leapt out at him. Hahaha. You just can never control the effect of a few undone buttons. Always too little or too much. Of course, as usual, I leaned over before thinking of what to say and hung there poised, silent, tits bulging out of my blouse and half my bra exposed, desperately trying to think of somethign to say. Best I could mange was “You’ve got such a lovely voice. So Sexy.”

Lame I know. But you dont have to be a Poet Laureate with guys. Nah he lapped it up. But he came back with “Clarabelle (or whatever) always said I ahd a sexy voice.” I groaned inwardly and thought time for drastic measures.

Me: So, is she seeing someone else?
Bill: No
Me: You sure?
Bill: Yes.
Me: Hmmm. But she never said why she was leaving?
Bill: She didnt leave. She kicked me out.
Me: Hmmmm
Bill: What?
Me: Its just that when a woman doesnt give a reason its usually another man.
Bill:  There isn’t
Me: Hmmm
Bill: What just because she didn’t give a reason?
Me: Mmmm. Usually means another man.
Bill: Nah. I’d know.
Me: Men never know.
Bill: No there isn’t. (looking stricken) She said we’d just grown apart. She needed space.
Me: Mmmm. Definitely another man. Sorry Bill.
Bill: I really don’t think so. She isn’t like that.

Now this is where I was fucking brilliant.

Me: It happens. You fall in love, you fall out of love. You can’t help it. it just happens.

Now comes the brilliant part.

Me: You’ll have no trouble finding someone else. You’re very fuckable.

That always gets their attention. Just throwing it in out fo the blue like that.

Bill: Huh? what did you say?

See what I mean? He heard me alright. He just cant believe I just said “fuck” or “fuckable” to be exact. So out of context. I hadnt said a swear word all evening and now I hit him with a “fuck” from left field.

Me: I said … (acting more pissed than I was) you are very …  (dramatic pause while I look him right in the eye) fuck – a – ble (very clearly and distinctly mouthing every syllable.

Bill: What? Me? (embaressed?)
Me: Oh yeah.
Bill: Get out. Me? You’re kidding me. I’m not… I don’t see myself… I mean would you … I mean if ….

He’s going to ask me if I would fuck him. Given the right circumstances of course.

Me: I’d fuck you in an instant.

I thought I’d ask and answer for him. Hahaha. Men are so pathetic.

Now he was interested. It was as if he hadn’t even thought about the possibility of us fucking. But now he was. Now he was looking at my tits through the gaping front of my blouse. Which I had to keep rearranging so everyone else in the restaurant didn’t egt an eyeful of my bra and tits.

And he was looking kind of cunning. Cunning? as if he were deliberately thhnking of how to seduce me. How fuckle men are. One moment they are desperately missing their wife, ex-wife or whatever, the next they are concentrating on their next conquest.

Now he seemed relaxed and anxious at the same time. I think confident that he was going to fuck me, excited at the prospect but worried that he was imagining things. Imagining that I was coming onto him.

We talked but not about the wife, ex-wife and ex-kids and the ex-car. Dunno what happenend to the car but I thought it was probbaly still in the garage. Now we talked about movies. music books places we liked. More date type stuff. Getting to know each other stuff.

Then he said he loved Debussy. I took that as a sign. I adore Debussy. I go to sleep to Debussy just about every night. Lying there stroking my clit gently and feeling the waves of his music wash over me like a fuckin beach or something. hahaha  But it was definitely A SIGN. We talked about Debussy enthusiastically and the only jarring thing was him telling me Jezebel (or whatever) hated Debussy but that was a good sign I thought.

We just drifted back to my place. Never discussed it just DRIFTED along, out the door, into a taxi, to my place, up the path, up the stairs, in through the door and into my living room.

I had left a couple of table lamps on so I didnt have to come home to a dark home after work or a brightly lit one either. It was very cosy. By now i was desperate for a fuck. I wanted him so fucking badly. Wanted his cock in my cunt, in my mouth. Wanted his tongue in my mouth. We hadn’t even kissed. Never even held hands in the back of the cab.

I looked at him and felt my head pounding, felt the blood pulsing through me and felt my clit tingling. He had that off putting look men get on their stupid faces when they know they are going to get a fuck. I hate it. I knnow they cant help it. But its such a fucking turn off. Its like some atavistic sense of accomplishment. Some ancient male triumphant fucking sense of … well triumph.

I moved over to him and kissed him. Oops. Kind of rushed it a bit and shoved my tongue into his mouth talking hm by surprise. He almost backed off  but when I put my hands on his ass and pulled him into me he responded by grinding his hips and rubbing his hard cock against me. I was pleased his cock was hard. Some men take a while to get going but he was hard and ready. But I thought if he and Lulubelle had been having problems for a while and she was getting cock from somewhere else then its probbaly been a while since Bill had had a fuck so he was probbaly raring to go.

He was. Oh yeah. He was desperate for a fuck alright. He was trying to fuck me right there fully clothed in the middle of the living room. Trying to force his cock through his trousers, through my skirt. Hahaha Ugh ugh ugh. Dry humping away, standing up in the living room. His hands were all voer my tits and my ass, running up my legs and pulling me against him and he was pushing his body and grinding his body into me.

I dont know how it happenend but we ended up wiht him sitting on the couch and me with my blouse undone completely and bra off, shoving my tits in his face and rubbing them sideways back and forth across his face. He had his mouth open trying to catch my tits in his mouth and was gaping like a goldfish.

He latched onto a tit wiht his mouth and sucked so ahrd it hurt. I jolted and grabbe dhis head and pulled his head in ahrd against my chest eeling my tits flatten out on and around his face while he sucked my nipple so hard it hurt. I felt his hands on my ass and his fingers groping, exploring, seeking my cunt.  He ahd his hands around my ass and was groping at my cunt from behind. I felt his fingers on my inner thighs, up high, felt his wrist push my skirt up and felt his fingers on my cunt. then pushing my panties aside and finally finding my wet cunt hole.

He slid a finger into my cunthole and began to finger fuck my cunt while I crushed his face against my tits and he sucked my nipple.  It feels so different a finger going into your cunt from behind like that. A different angle. It rubs your cunt wall in a different way. And the feel of his hand and wrist on my ass as he finger fucked me felt different.

Then I was on my back on my coffee table thinking FUCK I HOPE THIS TABLE TAKES MY WEIGHT when he pulled my panties off roughly, shoved my skirt up high , exposing my cunt, and began mouthing my cunt. Chomping at it like a kid at an apple. Chomp chomp chomp. All eagerness but no finesse. His mouth opening and closing on my cunt, his lips brushing my clit, my cunthole, even my thighs, getting wet from his saliva.

But fuck me it felt good. I lvoed the way he was outta control. Just mouthing my cunt and chomping on it. No finesse maybe but fuck me what eagerness. It felt like he really was trying to eat my cunt. To eat me alive starting at my cunt and working his way up through my body.

Then he plunged his tongue deep into my cunt hole and began tongue fucking my cunt and I no longer cared if the table collapsed under me. I didnt care if the floor collapsed and we fell two stories down to our death so long as his mouth didn’t let go of my cunt. I was loving it. I bent my knees and curled my legs up until my knees were beside my head and I thrust my cunt at his face. I had my hands on his head, my fingers entwined in his hair and was jerking his head back and forth and side to side and I ground my cunt into his face.

Then suddenly I was on my knees and his cock was in my face. My cunt was screaming at being left so abruptly so I quickly put my hand on it and squeezed my cunt as I took his cock into my mouth. I just moved my mouth along his cock without thinking deeep throating him until I felt his cock nudging the back of my throat and sliding down my throat. I heard him sigh, then moan, then groan, then groan really loudly and then he came in my mouth. Well down in my throat actually.

He grabbed my head and rammed his cock all the way in and I could smell his cum even though it was pumping out deep down my throat. Maybe straight into my stomach his cock was so far down my throat!

I was stunned at the intensity of it and the way it ended so abruptly. I felt his cock slowly come up my throat and out of my mouth, feeling his cum dribble out on my lips on its way out and I watched him collapse back onto the couch. Sitting there sprawled out wiht his cock hanging out of his trousers rapidly going flaccid.

I was still on my knees and absently licked a drop of cum off my lip with my tongue and wiped another stray drop off my chin with my hand. My cunt was DESPERATE  for cock now. I needed to be fucked so badly and wasn’t going to let him get away with just that. I wanted more than that. I needed momre. I wanted to be fucked senseless. I wanted his cock in my cunt, deep in my cunt, ramming into me, pounding me, hammering me.

I tried to get a grip. So many guys just want to bail at a time like this. I knew i had to handle it carefully.

I slowly undressed in front of him. Slipping off my shoes, my skirt, my stockings, undoing my skirt and letting it fall to the floor. I stood there naked in front of him while he watched me saying nothing. I cringed when I remembered I had put on a few pounds over the last few months and sucked my stomach in as hard as I could. I took a step back and cupped my right breast. I dont know why. I guess I thought it would look sexy. I played with my nipple, stroking it wiht my thumb. I looked at him.

I took his hand in mine and pulled him up from the couch and led him to my bedroom. I felt his eyes on my ass and prayed to God It didn’t look too big and fat and floppy. I hoped it wasn’t jiggling flabbily as I wlaked in front of him pulling him along by the hand.

I sat on the bed and undressed him. I knlet on the floor and took his shoes and socks off, his feet smelled bad but most mens do. I undid his belt and pulled his trousers off and lifted his feet to get them right off. I undid his tie and shirt and took his jacket off. I took his shirt off and licked his nipples, then sucked one. He moaned.

I got hm to lie down on his stomach on the bed and rubbed my nipples all over his naked body. Over his feet, his ankles, his thighs, his ass, over his back. He moaned softly the whole time. He was a bit of a moaner. I kissed his back and lciked it. I kissed his ass and lciked his buttocks and inner thighs. I licked his balls hanging out between his legs.

He squirmed a bbit and I rubbed my nipples all over him again. Cupping my breasts and rubbing my nipple over his body like it was a pencil.  A marking pen.  All voer him. Over and over. He rolled voer onto his back and I rubbbed my nipple over his face, his cheek, across his lips, across his chest then rubbed his nipple with mine. Pressing my hardened poky nipple agianst his flat tiny nipple, moving my upper body from side to side.

I straddled him feeling his soft cock under my wet squishy cunt and i leaned down and kissed his lips gently, then slowly slid my tongue into his mouth and gently, slowly tongue fucked his mouth with my tongue, so slowly, so gently, so … lovingly???

I rocked my body slowly back and forth feeling his limp dick being dragged and rubbed by my wet cunt. He kissed me back and I closed my lips around his tongue as he slowly slid it into my mouth.  We tongue fucked each others mouths for ages, slowly, gently, lips, tongues a and mouths entwining and disengaging. It was lovely. I love kissing liek that. Slowly, gently, tongue fucking.

I slid down his body and cupped my right breast and rubbed my nipple along his cock. Feeling my hard nipples scraping along his soft cock. Then down to his balls,. his hairy balls, my nippple tracing a path over them and across them. I cupped them in my hand and licked them then slowly sucked on of his balls into my mouth. A delicate manouver. Men are so touchy about their rpecious balls. He moaned loudly and i thought this Bill is a real moaner. Wonder if thats why Clarabelle left him . I could see how that could really become annoying after a while.

Its the strangest sensation having a mans ball in your mouth. It really fills up your mouth and their hair tickles your nose and lips. You also know if you bite down sudeenly, hard, you might even bight thieir precious ball off. Hahaha Some guys really love it and some guys really hate it. Dunno which camp Bill was in. But he was moaning a lot.

I tried sucking both his balls into my mouth but it was just too much balls for me. So I sucked the other one in and was surprised how wet the ball was that I just took out of my mouth. Then I eased it out and licked his cock, moving my tongue up and down the legth of his cock my tongue flickering from side to side like a cats. I licked the head of his cock and poked the tip of my tongue into his cock hole eliciting another loud moan.

While I was licking his cock I very carefully put my finger on his asshole and started to very gently caress his asshole. Now some guys really get of fon this and some guys just freak out but all guys hate talking about it afterwards. Hehehe. But most guys love you playing wiht their assholes and the piece de resistance os fo course to lick their dirty little bumhole and the ultimate is to actually poke your tongue in their asshole but I rarely do that. Yukkers. hahaha

But Bill was responding very nicely to having his asshole caressed so I took it up a notch and  pressed my finger on his asshole, another moan but no reluctance so I slid it in a little way while I sucked his cock properly and hard. Mmmm. Nothing like a semi-hard cock in your mouth while you’ve got your finger up a guys asshole. Its so funny how the most macho manly guys turn to jelly when you finger fuck them up the ass. I think they all secretly love it. All of them latent fags.

Bill’s cock was getting harder now. The more I played with his asshole the harder it got. I love the way a mans cock gets hard in my mouth. The way it starts of all chewy and rubbery and slowly gets harder and bigger until it fills my mouth and finally gets to big to be all in my mouth.

His cock was fully erect now. I love saying that “fully erect”. It was hard, not rock hard but hard enough. They never seem to get as hard second time round. Funny that. I was lying on my side between Bills legs and he had one leg up in the air looking kinda awkward but it gave me really good access to his cock, balls and his asshole. I was sucking his cock rythmically now, sliding my mouth up and down its length in long slow movements. Feeling the soft silkiness of the head of his cock as it brushed over my lips.

I was cradling his balls in my left hand and still rubbing his asshole and every now and then sliding my index finger into his asshole. Every time I deep throated his cock, every time I slid my mouth right down to the base of his cock so it was completely in my mouth I slid my finger further int his asshole. And every time I did that he moaned.

Bill was getting restless and reached down and started stroking my ass and tried to get to my cunt. He couldnt reach so I moved around slightly and rolled over a bit so he could reach my cunt. He rubbed my lcit and every now and then he slid his finger into my cunt hole and we lay there like that for some time with me sucking his cock, caressing his balls and tplaying wiht his asshole while he played with my cunt.

He pushed his finger seep into my cunt, so deep I could feel his knuckles pressing ahrd on my cunt opening and feel his finger deep inside my cunt, so I sucked his cock as ahrd as I could with my lips wrapped around it just past the head and as I was doing this I slid my finger dep inot his asshole. He moaned louder than ever but I didn;t know if it was from my finger in his ass or my sucking his cock hard.

Either way it prompted him to actiion. He got up and knelt ontop of me straddling my body wiht his cock pointing straight at my face above my tits. It looekd good the way he was kneeling over me, his cock hovering above my tits, my nipples sticking up so ahrd and erect, tingling, his chest covered in hair, his stomach bulging just a little, his thigh muscles flexed and hard. AND THE LOOK ON HIS FACE WAS AMAZING. The look of a man ready to fuck. Wanting to fuck. Desperate to fuck.

He moved down and spread my legs apart with his hands and I felt him guide his cock into my cunt. At last ! I lvoed the feeling as the blunt tip of his cock pressed against my cunt looking for my cunt hole, then finding it, then slowly forcing my cunthole apart to enter. It felt so fucking good.

He braced hiimslef on his hands with his arms right ebside my head and slowly slid his cock into my wet, hungry cunt. It seemmed to go in and in and in and then stopped and it was all the way in. My cunt was full of cock and it felt it. He didnt have a HUGE cock, average size or maybe a bit bigger than average. Its ahrd to tell. But my cunt sure felt full of cock.

He slid it out and then back in and then began to slowly fuck me. My legs spread apart by themselves and then I felt them moving up, knees bending, getting into a good fucking position all by themselves. My body seems to just know what to do and does it automatically.

AS my legs moved up and apart Bill started fucking me harder and faster.  I wrapped my legs around his waist, he fucked me harder, I moved my legs up until they were wrapped around him up high on his back and I was bent double, bent over in half with my cunt pointing upwards and Bills body between my legs but above me and pounding me. Pounding his pelvis into my beody between my legs, his pelvis slamming down between my legs on my cunt and partly on my ass.

I reached up and grabbed his shoulders and pulled my self up trying tog et clsoer to him and my back left the mattress and my body was suspended in mid air above the bed as I held myslef up clinging to his body. I thrashed my hips forcing my cunt to slide onto his cock each time he plunged it into my wet cunt. He was moaning and to my horror I heard msyelf grunting liek a pig .

Each time I thrust my hips forward a loud grunt escaped my lips. ugh ugh ugh. His cock felt so fucking good sliding wetly in and out of my cunthole. In and out. In so deep then out so far it almsot came completely out, then plunging back in all the way until I fel this pelvis slam into mine stopping his penetration.

Oh God it was glorious feeling his body slamming into mine, feeling hsi cock sliding in and out of my cut hole, smelling tose pine trees, very strongly now mixed wiht hsi sweat and mine. I could faintly smell his cum from ebfore amongst these smells but my perfume, my sweat, his aftershave and his sweat were all overwhelmed by the smell of my cunt juices. Running down my inner thighs, covering his cock. Such a rich, spicy smell, almsot pungent.

Then he stopped and dragegd my body to the edge of the bed and grabebd my ankles lifting my legs up high in the air and he pounded me. He rammed his cock into me and I started yelling at him to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me deeper, and he surprised me by yelling “You fuckin slut, I’ll fuck you, ya fuckin slut”

My my. Hahaha. I fucking LOVED it. I was thinking this guy is outta control. I just love it when guys really lose it.

Now he had my legs bent over and pressed down beide my head and it was kinda painful being bent over liek that but oh boy he was fucking pounding me.

 His pelvis slammed in between my legs making this really loud splotch splotch noise and a thwack thwack noise at the same time. Splotch.thwack. Over and over.

Then he stopped and dragged me back up onto the bed, rolled me over and I got up on my hands and knees and he was into me from behind doing me doggy fucking me like an animal. He grabbed my hips and yanked my body backwards onto his cock every time he rammed it into me. I thrust back and we got into perfect synchro moving together like a fucking machine. It was fucking glorious. I was yelling all kinds of crazy stuff and my head was going from side to side and my hair was flying out in all directions and we were both covered in sweat dripping sown me running down between my tits and along my back and down the crack of my ass.

Bill was yeeling stuff like “I’ll fuck you you cunt, fuck your cunt,  fuck ya brains out” all kinds of weird shit. I was sticking wiht the more conventional “fuck me fuck me” but overall it was going well.

He was fucking me faster and faster and I sensed he was getting ready to cuma dn I started saying stupid stuff like “Cum in me no cum ON me, cum on my ass, cum IN my ass, cum on my tits” poor guy musta confused him.

Then I got the idea that I didnt want this to end with him just cumming inside me too nromal. I wante d this to be a fuck to remember so I wriggled around and squatted down in front of him and started sucking his cock. He was still on his knees in the doggy fuck position and I thought “fuck it” and said “CUM ON ME” I had his cock in my hand it it felt ready to fucking explode. I never felt a guy so close to cumming ebfore. I grabbed hhis hand and put it on his cock  and I started jerking him off guiding his hand. I said “Jerk off now and cum on me.” and I Moved up a bit so my tits were right in front of his cock.

He hesitated for a moment, lots of guuys are really self conscious about jerking off in front of a woman but I looked him in the eye and my hands were over his and he was sort of wanking on auto pilot anyway. He staretd jerking off faster and faster and when i Was sure he was up and running I lay back and wriggled by body down so I was bunched up right in front of him watching his cock waiting for his cum to spurt out.

Then I lay down on my back and he moved up so his cock was hovering above my stomach as her jerked off and I said “Cum on me, cum all over me”

And he did. His cum erupted out of hsi cock and i felt it land on my stomach then my tit, then my throat and it looekd fucking amazing him kneeling there jerking off furiously spurting his cum into the air and it landing on my stomach, my tits, my throat, a few drops even going on my face. It was fucking amazing.

I felt so dirty. I felt like such a slut. Letting him cum on me. Letting him shoot his cum wherever he liked.

Next thing I knew I was laying on my back idly rubbing his cum over my stomach and my tits with one hand while I watched him watching my hand spreading his cum all over my tits and stomach. I dont know if he was spellbound or horrified. I started to laugh. He laughed nervously. Oh yeah. Not real sure. Not at all.  I rubbed my clit wiht my other hand while he watched. Oh yeah not sure at all. I giggled. Then I laughed. He looekd so funny. The look on his face.

So that was good but then we lay there talking. Men are so funny. Not funny really. Weird. So fucking insensitive. I think he was tryng to pay me a compliment but it just sounded so wrong.

Bill: Fuck that was good. That was better than good, that was fucking amazing.
Me: yeah you were pretty amazing.
Bill: Fuck so were you
Me: You sound pretty hyped up
Bill: God your a good fuck (Never sounds quite right, that)
Me: So are you
Bill: Your terrific. Its like you really like fucking
Me: Doesn’t Clementine?
Bill: Who?
Me: Sorry forget her name. Your EX wife.
Bill: Oh well, at the starte yeah but never like this. Not for a long time and enver like this
Me: I guess after a while…
Bill: When you suck my cock its like you really enjoy it
Me: I do. Doesn’t Maybelle?
Bill: Why do you call her those funny names?
Me: Dunno. Maybe cause you talk about her too much and I dont like it.
Bill: I dont. Do I?
Me: Yeah, you do.
Bill: Well lets talk about you
Me: OK wanna know something?
Bill: Sure.
Me:  I like it up the ass
Bill: What?
Me: I like to get fucked up the ass
Bill: Holy shit. Your too much.
Me: wanna try it? Ever fucked a woman up the ass?
Bill: Um….
Me: Did Marybelle like i t up the ass?
Bill: If I tell you something promise not to laugh
Me: OK Sure.
Bill: We havent fucked for over a year and she hasn’t sucked my cock for over 5 years.
Me: Theres a clue
Bill: Yeah. I guess. And yeah I do wanna fuck you up the ass
Me: Now?

Bill: As soon as I can
Me: You wanna fuck me with my vibrator while were waiting?
Bill: What? Are you serious?
Me: Deadly Hahaha

So anyway Bill never fucked me wiht the vibrator he watched while I fucked myself, had an orgasm in front of him and then he tried to fuck me up the ass but his cock wasnt hard enough and he was just fucking hopeless and he was tired and I was getting bored with him and we left it at that.

He said he’d call me but its like 7 days later and he hasnt called and probably never will. Maybe hes gone back to Lulubelle and gone down on her and fucked her the way he fucked me and they are abck together. Taht happenned once ebfore with a guy I fucked. I got him so fucking wound up he went back and fucked his wife like he fucked me and I never saw him again. Aint that weird. Guys are weird. Maybe I’m really a lesbian.


Fuck Bill anyway. He was only good becasue I got him so wound up and turne don. really he was as boring as all shit. Like most guys are.

I Hate Christmas

December 29th, 2009

I dread Christmas. I hate it. I hate this time of year. The crowds of happy and not so happy people everywhere I go. It’s like a counterpoint to my own lonely and miserable life. I have no family, no close friends. Not really. I do have friends but I am not close to them. I can usually endure Christmas if I have a boyfriend, but this year, no boyfriend, so it was agony for me.

I can vaguely remember Christmas as a little girl. Being amazed and entranced by the pretty lights and decorations, the gifts, the one time of the year when everyone seemed to forget their troubles and acted happy even if they were not.

But like everything else in my childhood, the gloss soon wore off.  It became simply another event in the year to be endured like birthdays, thanksgiving, halloween. It’s like when you have something  terrible going on in your life it overwhelms everything else and becomes the core and focus of your entire existence. Nothing else matters and nothing else even registers with you. It was like … Christmas? So what? Christmas never changed anything.  I knew it would be back to normal as soon as it was over.

My Father abused me starting when I was about 10. Perhaps earlier. It wasn’t a sudden thing. It began in increments. Slowly advancing and increasing until it became full on sex. But it was so gradual that I cannot put an exact date on its commencement.

It’s over now. It’s in the past. I know. Get over it, girlfriend. Move on. I get it.   I know I can’t change the past.

It’s not that Christmas triggers painful memories of tragic events. No, it simply reminds me that I do not have and have never had, the things that most people take for granted. The love of a Father and Mother, the closeness of family. Simple happy times with people that you care about and who care about you. I never had that. I don’t know that.

It just sort of reminds me that I missed out on something and the abuse is more like a backdrop to the emptiness of my life. A backdrop? A foundation? An underscore even? Hahaha.

If I have a boyfriend at Christmas and it’s kind fo serious I attach myself to him desperately. Hoping he will invite me to spend Christmas with his family. If he has one. If he doesn’t thats cool too. Even better. I dont have to be alone and I don’t have to fake the whole Christmas bonhomie, spirit of goodwill thing.

I know its pathetic. I always buy lots of presents so I have spare presents for the Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and Nephew, unknown to me that might show up. I act like a regular little Santa’s Elf or something. I get into the spirit of Christmas like some fanatical maniac. I hug and I kiss strangers and mouth meaningless and unfelt insinceres sentiments.

But not this year. No I spent it alone. Alone and miserable and waiting for it all to pass and the world to get back to normal. It’s one extreme or the other. My friends all have families but I never go there. That would be too painful. I have tried it and it was awful. Unbearable.

A bunch of strangers and a guy I am fucking is bearable but friends and family are not.

So now there is just New Year to get through but thats not too bad. So many people like to get off their face on New Years Eve and go crazy and I am one of them.  I always get utterly and completely shitfaced and generally fuck anyone that is available.  I troll the bars and clubs until I find one that has the right vibe and then I go into the toilet and take my panties off and go get shitfaced and take on any comers. Hahaha.

Sounds bad I know but it’s a case of whatever gets you through it.

Fucking in the Rain

November 23rd, 2009

His name was Nigel and I’d been going out with him for about 2 months when this happenned. He was a nice guy and I really liked him but I knew he didn’t have any really strong feelings towards me. He just liked me and liked fucking me.  I guess I felt the same. Perhaps if he had felt a bit stronger towards me I might have developed stronger feelings towards him. But it’s hard to fall in love with a guy when you know he’s just not that into you.

Every guy I’ve ever known has a favourite fucking position. Hahaha. Every one.  Nigel loved to fuck me standing up, leaning over with my hands gripping the window sill, looking out the window.  It was his “thing” fucking in the window. I was a bit funny about it at first because I felt so exposed but he had a house and his favourite window was in his bedroom  looking out onto his backyard. We did it a few times in his lounge room window looking out on the street which was a real blast but it was actually a busy street and he was afraid we’d get spotted.

It was about 9PM and we were going at it hard and fast. I was standing up, leaning over and gripping the window sill while he ploughed into me from behind. He had his knees bent, hands gripping my thighs tightly, ramming his cock into me, and jerking my hips back each time he thrust forward. I had my feet braced firmly on the floor, my legs apart, my feet well back from the window, my knees bent and my ass sticking out. And we were really going at it. Ugh ugh ugh, splotch splotch splotch.

The storm came from nowhere. One of those summer storms where dark clouds hurry together from all directions and soon become one mass of black cloud that blacks out the sky. I watched the stars disappear rapidly as Nigel kept fucking me hard and fast. Watched as my body jerked back and forth fromt he impact of his body and himjerking my body back with his hands on my hips.

A brilliant flash of lightning lit up the whole sky and his backyard as bright as day and almost immediately this huge KABOOM rattled the house, startling me and then the rain just came down in one huge mass.  Flash… Kaboom… Kaboosh… suddenly it was raining, thundering and lightning … ing. Hahaha

At first I was worried about getting struck by lightning but Nigel yelled “Far out”.  “Fucking far out” and  I turned and saw this crazy look on his face each time he was lit up by the lightning. The rain was coming down really hard.  it was hitting the window sill and splashing up onto me. Wetting my face, breasts and stomach.  The rain was really cold even though it was hot apart from that and I was feeling hot from the exertion.

Nigel was loving it though. He kept saying things like “Fucking fantastic” Fucking wicked”  I was still worried about getting struck by lightning and didn’t like getting wet but its hard to complain or say anything when you have a big, hard cock in you. And Nigel’s excitement was catching. The more excited he got the more excited I got. 

We had been fucking pretty hard before the storm but now we were really going crazy. I was thrusting my ass back and forth to meet his thrusts and shaking my head, my hair flying out and my tits swinging and jiggling back and forth under me. I could feel the weight of my breasts as they moved back and forth.

Suddenly Brian stopped fucking me and stood there behind me with hsi cock still in me, deep in my cunt and said “Get out, get out”. I turned my head around and said “What? What?” and he pushed my back and said “Get out, get out.” I didn’t know what he meant and just shook my head. He said “Get out, get out the fucking window” excitedly and emphasised his order by ramming his cock in me hard and deep.

I said “Out THERE ?” incredulously but he more or less bundled me out the window and I climbed over the window sill, naked, with him pushing me out into his backyard and out into the storm. Out into the driving rain.  The window sill was slippery as I lifted my foot and placed it on the sill, but Nigel pushed me and I half fell the few feet to the ground outside. I slipped on the grass and landed flat on my ass in a sitting position and was soaked instantly. Rain soaking my hair and running down my naked body, between my breasts like a river. The ground felt cold, wet and squishy under my ass and blades of grass were tickling my ass and my cunt.

Brian leapt out the window like Spiderman and landed neatly on his feet and his cock bounced up and down as he landed. He was grinning from ear to ear and laughed and said “This is going to be fucking GREAT”. He had to shout above the noise of the storm. It was really pissing down, thundering and lightning. The lightning lit the whole of his backyard as brigh as day. Brighter than day. More like the strobe lights at a club.

Nigle took my hand, dragged me to my feet and led me to the middle of his backyard. I felt cold, wet, scared, exposed and as I turned to face him and saw the look on his face then saw his cock sticking up, actually pointing upwards at me, it normally pointed slightly down or straight ahead but now it was so hard it was pointing upwards, I felt the craziness come over me.  I remember thinking “Fuck me.. a thunderstorm fetish” .

He more or less pushed me to the ground on my back and knelt down between my legs. I watched him take hold of his cock, his hand forming a fist around it and he guided it to my cunt. I felt his knuckles graze my inner thighs and then felt the blunt point of his cock nudgng my cunt hole.

Suddenly he was looming over me and I was out of the rain sheltered by his body as I felt his cock slowly entering my cunt. Sliding in inch by inch. His super hard, stiff cock slowly sliding into my wet, hungry cunt. I could feel every inch of it slowly moving deeper and deeper into my cunt. He rested his hands on the ground beside my head and I felt my legs automatically, instinctively, spreading wide apart, my knees bending, and my ass lifting up and angling up to meet his cock, to welcome it into my cunt, to make it easier to go in and to let it go in deeper, as deep as possible. At that moment I wanted his cock in me as deep as possible. I wanted his cock right in there, in deep, the tip of his cock bumping against my cervix. I wanted my cunt to swallow his cock entirely. To consume it.

The rain was pissing down and water was running on the ground, pooling at my side and running down the side of my body as if I were a little dam. I started each time the thunder boomed and blinked each time the lighning flashed. I thrust my hips like a crazy woman and he drove his cock into me like a madman. I remembered the lines of a song “…like a madman laughing at the rain ..” as we fucked like crazy people. Like animals.

Every time Nigels body moved, every time he thrust into me, I got the rain full on my face, hitting me hard on the face and in the eyes making me close my eyes as they filled with water. I felt my body slding on the wet grass each time he thrust into me. The grass was wet, cold, slippery and squishy underneath me.

It all felt so fucking good. The thunder, the lightning, the rain, the wet grass, being outside in the storm, knowing sensible boring people were tucked up safe and warm inside, his cock moving inside me, his body above mine moving constantly, his cock driving like a jack hammer never letting up, never slowing down going in hard, fast and deep, Oh so deep.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and rolled my hips rolling him off me and I rolled over on top of him his cock out of me for only milliseconds until I got in position on top of him. I ploonked myself on top of him and  felt his cock jolt into me, going in deep and hard as I sat on him. I just let myself drop onto him and was surprised how deep his cock went into me.

I moaned loudly and ground my hips into his body forcing his cock in, up into my cunt until it went up so far and so deep that I yelped in pain and had to ease off. Then I began to pound him. I lifted my body up and slammed my ass down onto his hips focing his cock up into my cunt and I rode him like a crazy woman.

I jerked my head violently to the right throwing my wet hair over my shoulder and it hit my back and shoulders with a loud wet slap. I looked down at my body, my nipples black and my skin electric blue-white each time the lighning flashed and I leaned forward and grabbed his shoulders and rode him harder and faster. Thrashing my ass up and down, thrusting my cunt down onto his cock forcing i t up into me. Up into my cunt.

He grabbed my tits in both hands and squeezed so tightly, his fingers digging deep intot he soft flesh of my breasts and he twisted and turned them making me cry out in pain. He braced his feet on the slippery wet ground and thrust his hips up forcing his cock even deeper up into my cunt. We fucked liek this for ages and I felt my orgasm building.

Suddenly he  rolled me over onto my back and then roleld me again until I was on my stomach and then he lifted me up under my waist and hauled me up onto my hands and knees. He got behind me, grabbed my hips and rammed his cock hard into me. His cock missed my cunt hole and slid under my cunt slicing along my cunt lips, then the second time it went up over my cunt lips and up intot he crack of my ass. I thought “Oh yes, fuck me up the ass. Out here in the storm like two wild animals, Lets get really animal.

I yelled out “Fuck me up the ass” but I dont think he heard me for the storm and his cock went inot my cunt onthe third thrust and he was jerking me backwards and ramming his cock into me hard and fast and deep. Oh God.

It was ahrd to stay in position on the wet slippery grass. My hands kept slipping as did my knees. The ground was so wet and slippery under my knees and hands. Nigel reared back and I felt the rain hammering down on the back of my head and on my back and then on my ass as well. It was raining so ahrd I could feel the impact of the rain. Like thousands of little wet hammer blows on my body.

Nigel leaned forward, reached under me and grabbed my tits again, squeezing and twisting like before and his body curved around my ass, as if we were welded together and his cockk moved in and out of my cunt so ahrd, so fast but not so deep now.

I looked down under me and saw leaves and grass and mud stains on my sotmach and breasts and more on my thighs from where he put me on my stomach as he rolled me over. The rain was making the grass and leaves move over my skin, slowly washing them off.

Nigel suddenly jerked my hips back forcing me to lose my balance and my face landed on the wet grass and was rubbed into the grass as he hauled back on my hips and rammed his cock in really deep, oh so fucking deep, and he wriggled his hips from side to side violently, shaking my whole body and he moned loud, like an animal, like a wounded animal and I knew he was cumming. He came with his cock deep inside my cunt, so deep it hurt like hell, so deep I could feel the tip of it pressing hard on my cervix deep insid emy cunt, his fingers were digging into my hips as he hauled my hips up and back relentlessly trying to force his cock in even deeper as he came.  He had my hips up so high that my face was being ground into the grass and I don’t even know what my hands or arms were doing. He had me up in the air impaled on his cock while he pumped his cum deep into my cunt.

I had the entirely inappropriate thought that if you wanted to get pregnant then this was the way to get your cum right up there where it needs to be. I thought “Fuck me, they wont have far to swim”. Hahahaha

Then he just let me go and I collapsed onto the grass and he collapsed on top of me, his body heavy  on top of mine, crushing me into the grass, his cock landing deliciously right between the cheeks of my ass. I felt his cum dribbling out into my ass crack. Tiny, brief, drops of wet warmth in between our bodies out of the rain.

Despite the hot weather all day and night, the cold hit us exactly three seconds after we stopped fucking. Suddenly all we could both think of was the cold.

We had to climb back in through the window becasue all the doors were locked and by the time I got a foot up n the window sill I was fucking freezing. Shivering and fucking miserable. I had one foot on the ground and was stretching to get my other foot on the window sill when Nigel decided to stuck two fingers into my cunt while I was int hat exposed position. I suppose it WAS tempting but it annoyed the hell oout of me.

I was cold, wet, fucking freezing, terrified now I would get struck by lightning or fall from the window and break a leg and Nigel sticks two finger up my cunt. I coulda screamed. I might have.  I really struggled to get back in through the window and Nigel had to shove me up to get me in.  He just fucking leapt up like Spiderman again.

I desperately wanted a warm shower like a man dying of thirst wants a drink of water but fuckign Nigel grabbed me and bent me over the window again, got on his knees behind me and started mouthing my cunt. He did everythign right, sucked, licked, and bit my clit and tongue fucked my cunt hole but all I wanted was that fucking hot shower so I faked an orgasm quickly with a lot of moaning and thrashing about and then scurried off to the shower leaving him sitting naked and wet on his bedroom floor.

I was kinda hoping he’d go down on me after the shower but I wasnt game to suggest it or even hint at it in case we ended up abck out in the storm. It was great but one of those heat of the moment things I’d enver do again. Atoo wet, too cold and too worried about getting struck by lightning.

My First Nude Photos

October 12th, 2009

Brian took the first ever nude photos of me. We had been living together for about a week when he started nagging me to get naked for him to take pictures of me. He was studying Graphics at Uni at the time and was always taking pictures of me and sketching me but never asked me to pose nude until we started living together.  Brian moved into my flat. I was so delighted. Sex with Brian was still a bit wobbly but was getting better and the new found intimacy of living together was helping.

The first time he mentioned it he was snapping away at me while i was in the kitchen making us lunch one Saturday.  He said something like “strike a pose” and I struck a ridiculously exagerated sexy pose and we both laughed and he snap snapped away and kept saying “Oh so sexy” and stuff like that.  Then out of the blue he said take your top off. I was shocked. I was secretly excited but way too inhibited to actually pose topless.

I was wearing a pair of shorts and t shirt. Panties but no bra. Brian kept zooming in on my tits and snap snap taking picture after picture. He knelt down and zoomed in on my ass. But I never took my top off. I was way too shy and lacking confidence. I was turned on by the idea though. I would have done it if I had had the courage but I was still pretty fucked up and nervous and inhibited at that time.

But Brian never gave up. He had that camera with him all the time it was like a fucking necklace around his neck and he was forever taking pictures of me. And then he started nagging me to take my top off and would try and ambush me in the shower, coming out of the shower and getting dressed. It became a game between us. Him trying to catch me naked.

Lookign back I think the real reason I didn’t do it at first was simply a lack of confidence. The best I ever thought of my naked body was that it was just alright. Not sexy certainly not super sexy, just OK. Average.  Fuckable but nothing more. Brian poured on the praise and cajoled, persuaded, begged and nagged for months.

I used to ask him why he wanted to take naked pics of me and he used to go on with some bullshit about Art bubt I could see the pervy look on his face. After a while I realised that Brian had a real pervy streak masked by his own insecurities and inhibitions.

Then he tried getting me drunk but that enver worked. Then he tried whipping the camera out when we were about to fuck. naked, ready to fuck and he’d whip out his fucking camera. The whole business was becoming very tedious. I tried to work out why I was so against it and all i coould come up with was my own lack of confidence. I ahd no moral issue with being photographed naked. At the time I trusted Brian not to show them around. I enver imagined them finding their way onto the internet or anything. I was just scared and lacking confidence. If only he had seen that.

But by that time I was well aware of my own exhibitionist tendencies. Well aware.  I was intensely curious about seeing naked pics of myself. I wondered if Brian would wank over them when I wasn’t there. I was excited and turned on by the idea but just couldnt find the courage.

I think he nagged me for about 6 months before I finally gave in. Like so amny things, my mood, the circumstances and the environment are determining factors for my own actions.  We went to the beach for the weekend staying in a holiday apartment owned by one of his fathers friends so we got it cheap or maybe it cost us nothing.

Anyway we spent the whole time Brian in his shorts and me in a bikini and by Sunday I was feeling very conmfortable in the bikini. I lvoe the beach, the sun, the sand, the ocean, the sea breeze, the semi naked bodies all around and it makes me as horny as hell. Brian and I had been fucking like crazy the whole weekend.  We even tried fucking in the ocean but there were too many people around to really get it on. He did get his cock into me though round the side of my bikini pants. hahaha

So I was very sexed up. Turned on. Horny. All that. And Brian had been snap snapping away all weekend taking picture after picture of me in my bikini. I guess I thought its a much smaller step from bikini to naked than fully dressed to naked and being in my bikini all weekend and comparing my body to the other bodies on the beach made me feel a lot more confident.

Sunday afternoon. Me in my bikini. We’d just returned to the unit from a  swim and were both thinking of fucking although it wasn’t a spoken thing. I knew he was thinking it and I sure was. I just thought it was time. I just felt ready to get naked and let him take pictures of me. I went out to the balcony of our appartment and lay down on the sun lounge as if I were sunbaking.

Brian started taking pictures and mercifully he never asked me to do anything. Never said a word. I think he knew what was on my mind. He zoomed iin on my tits which were only half covered by my bikini top and I looked down at them imagining how they would look in a photograph.

Very slowly and casually I undid my top and took it off. I felt thrilled as I felt my breasts swing forward and downa s they were released from the restraint of my bikini top. My breasts looked white where the bikini had covered them and the rest of my body was a very pale pink.  My nipples were dark pink against the white and hard. Tingling.

Brian went crazy snapping that camera over and over. Taking pics of my tits from every possible angle and position and distance.  I rolled over onto my stomach and he took pictures of my ass and of me from behind. I got up and almsot shivered in fear as I walked voer the balcony and looked back at him. I stood there tits out,. topless, looking at Brian while he snapped and snapped picture after picture.

I kept looking at my tits and my body and up at Brian snapping away. At first I felt nothing but then a felt a weird excitement come over me. I felt good. I felt like some Sex Goddess. I thoguht how desperate Brian was to photograph me naked and how I MUST be sexy for him to want it so much. I imagined him wanking over them and cumming all over naked pictures of me.  It was so exciting out on the balcony too. Anyone could look up and see us.

Brian fucked me out there on the balcony and he took a pciture of my face while he was fucking me. That really blew my mind. I thought fuck every time he looks at that picture he will think I was fucking her when I took that. Thats  her while she’s getting fucked. Thats her with my cock in her.  Thats her getting fucked, cock in her look.

I lay on that sun lounge naked, legs apart, feet on t he balcony floor, with Brian between my legs, half standing, half kneeling, fucking me.  I watched his cock slide in and out fo my cunt and I loved watchign his muscly body moving.  I lovoed taking Brian to the beach. His skin went a light brown almsot immediately and he looked so fucking hot all brown and well muscled. gorgeous.

When we finished I was DYING to see my pictures. Hahaha.  I squinted and strained to see myself in the camera thingy but the pictures were so small I couldnt see properly. While I was doing this Brina got out his laptop. I enver even thought of that or that he would bring it to the beach.

It blew my mind when I saw myself naked on his laptop. well not naked. Just topless. In a bikini bottom. I looked nervous and goofy and not very sexy but the idea of having topless pictures of me pictures of my tits just blew me away. It seemed such an incredibly brave, sexy and erotic thing to do. I  kept thnking thats ME topless. Tits out. Hahaha

I went through them over and over  thinking that quite a few should be deleted becasue I looked so fucking goofy but at the same time I realised it was turning me on looking at pictures of myself topless. I’d noticed this before.  That if I caught sight of myself walking past a mirror naked I’d feel a little jolt. And if I got naked and looked at myself in a mirror I’d feel turned on. Narcissistic? Probably. But when it was just me and nobody else it didnt matter what I looekd like. If I was a bit fat or a bit goofy.  Self confidence wasn’t an issue when Iwa alone.

But Brian was here. I was sitting at the table looking at the laptop and Brian was standing behind me pressing his body against my back while I studied my topless pictures.  He was intensely interested in the pictures and I didn’t understand why. If he ever wanted to see me naked he could. He could see ma naked anytime. So what was so special about the pictures?

I dunno but I felt it too. We went over them for ages. Hahaha. Such a novelty. Then we fucked again on the floor witht he laptop displaying the pictures of me topless on the table.

 So that was that. My first naughty pictures. I dunno why but Brian never nagged me about taking more pics for a few weeks after that. Every time I got the chance I would sneak a look at the pictures on Brians computer. It was so fucking sexy. Such a turn on. It made me feel like some kind of Sex Goddess.  I used to get very turned on looking at the too. Seeing myself naked (half naked) and just knowing they were there, that they existed. Taht Brian was probably looking at them and getting an erection. ?? Hahaha. Dunno.

I found I couldn’t just pose for pictures. I was just too hung up or inhibited or whatever. We truied a few times but I just froze up and couldnt do it. The only way I could was for me to be toitally relaxed and for it to be spontaneous. If it was planned it was no good. As soon as Brian staretd setting up his camera and lights I would freeze. We tried a few times and it was no good.

The next time we did it we were just sitting at home one saturday night chilling listening to music. I was lying on the floor on a rug wearing shorts and a singlet. (hahaha standard lounging gear) and Brian was sitting on the couch looking down at me. He got his camera which was never far from reach and just started snapping me lying there ont he floor. I was bopping away tot he music in my head and you know just groovin. hahaha

I just took my top off. No ceremony, no drama just took it off. I roleld around the floor getting in different positions, n my side, my back, on my knees. sitting., squatting, fooling around. Laughing a bit.

Then I got up and started walking around. Not really posing just trying to act natural and stop for him to take a picture. I felt fine. There had been no discussion, no preperations I just did it and I felt fine.  I started tog et sexed up and wanted to get naked.  All I had on  was my shorts and panties. So easy and yet so hard.  Its like a hurdle you have to get over. A barrier you hafta get past. but the more I pranced and fooled around the more excited I became and the braver I got.

I started by turning away from Brian and bending over and pulling my shorts and panties down to expose my ass. Just for long enough for him to get a pic. It made me tremble with excitement. Then I flashed my cunt at him. Just pulled my shorts and panties down let him take the pic then puleld them back up. We kept doing this and then I just took them off.

I’ll never forget the sheer fucking THRILL as I slid my shorts and panties down together over my thighs, exposing my cunt, over my knees then over my feet and conpletely off.

I stood there naked and felt EXULTED. I felt so fucking good. Nervous but so fucking excited. I kept thinking over and over I am doing it I am doing it.

Brian went crazy. he was snapping picture after picture and moving all around me and I closed my eyes and moved around and got into different positions. I stood in all differnet ways then knelt down then lay down on the floor. I rolled over this way and that and all the time he kept snap snap snapping away.  Finally I lay there and opened my legs and he got between my legs and took fuill length pics of me and then moved in anf took close up pictures of my cunt. It was incredible. and incredible experience.

Brian kept taking pictures until he used up all the cameras memory and every memory card her had in the place. hahaha Then we went and looked at them on his laptop and I stayed naked. I sat there and he stood beside me looking over my shoulder.

I was shocked. They looked so slutty. The topless ones were OK but the ones of me lying there wiht my legs apart looked disgusting. Brian loved them though. He went on and on about how sexy and beautiful I was until I began to believe him. hahaha

I sucked him off while we looked at those pictures. He stood beside me and we both looked as he slideshowed them ont he laptop with his cock in my mouth.  He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all while we both looked at the pictures of me naked.

After that we often looked at them while we fucked. Long slow leisurely fucking with the laptop on the bed slideshowing the pictures. The cunt pictures always made brian speed up his fucking.

Those pictures really intrigued me. I loved looking at them. Loved seeing msyelf on that laptop screen. I’d sneak looks at them whenever Brian was out. Or even when he was in the shower. We used to look at them a lot.

After that we did it a lot. We had “photo sessions” that went for hours. We;d do some photos, fuck around, fuck, take some more pics. I was totally fine wiht it so long as it wasn’t a major production. So long as it just happenned.

I was certain Brina used to wank over my pictures. but we could never talk aboutt hat kind of thing. Brian was a real pervert and kinkball but he couldnever talk about it. I couldnt at first but after a while I got a lot more comfortable with my own kinks. I lvoed showing off my body. I relaised I was a full on Exhibitionist. I loved being looked at. Loved being PERVED on.

So we accumulated quite a collection of naked pics of me. It was some time though before we got into the fuck pictures. That seemed a huge leap to me but we did it. And I got really into that. taht was one of the biggest thigns in my life. I’ll write a seperate blog about that. My First Fuck Pictures. Hahaha

Brian used to amuse me. He was so weird. Kinda sneaky.  He had this best friend named Guy and once I found a picture of Brian and Guy both naked, both holding onto their cocks smiling and looking at the camera. Their own cocks not each others. Now I thought this was really fuckin weird but Brian just cracked upa b9tu me snooping on his laptop and that was all he ever said about it. We had a few full on rows about it and I asked him if he was gay was he fucking Guy whats going on are you bi? But all he said was you got no right snopping ion my laptop and made it all about me invading his privacy. Anyway I decided to let that one go.

But long before that I caught Brian showing Guy the naked pictures of me ont he laptop. Oh yeah. I came home early from shopping and there they were poring over them and Brian was saying stuff but I couldnt make it out. I enver actually saw the screen but I knew fromt he way Brian nearly shit his pants when I walked in and looked so fucking guilty and so did Guy. Oh yeah.

I enver said a word. I was fucking FURIOUS at first. I felt betrayed and let down and allt hat but in the middle of my outrage I relaised that Guy had seen me naked. He had seen my tits, my cunt, my naked body. Guy. The little quiet guy who was always hanging around. Brians best friend. They were both sitting there looking at pictures of me naked. It was just such a fucking turn on and the sneaky part of it made it even more excited.

Brina thought I was locked int he bedrrom packing or somethign even though Id never said a waord but I was wanking like a crazy woman imagining him and Guy jerking off while they were looking at my naked pictures. I came out and said nothing.A cted like everything was fine. Which it was sort of.

Now I knew every time Brian took a picture of me Guy would most likely see it. I loved it. It made me even less inhibited when we took pictures after that and the very first fuck pictures we took my first thought was Guy is going to see me sucking Brians cock. Because that was the first fuck picture we took. Actually A Suck Picture. hahaha

But anyway thats enough for now.

Fucking Around in the Pool

October 6th, 2009

Emma was gorgeous. Very short and had had three kids but was still in pretty good shape. Really nice tits but a few stretchmarks and a bit soft all over but still very fuckable. She was a wild child who loved to laugh, fool around and just be wicked. She has just left her husband and was catching upon lost time.

She had this great house with a pool and used to have Pool Parties allt he time. She loved going topless and loved shocking people by doing this. Her parties became legendary amongst our little Group. Hahaha.

This is Emma:

Emma at her pool

Emma at her pool

When there was just us girls there she’d strip right off and go skinny dipping always daring us all to join her. I did a few times, so did Vicky and Andrea. Kelly never did but I think Kelly was afraid of being compared to the rest of us naked and coming up short. hahaha. (saggy tits)

This night there was Kelly, Vicky, Andrea, me and Emma PLUS our boyfriends or whatever guys we were fucking at the time. I was with a guy called Brendan and he was one of those guys that was just so fucking good looking you could overlook his lack of personality for at least a few weeks. You know the type? So many of them around and sooner or later you get sick of fucking and just admiring his body and you get bored. He was one of those.

I dont remember the other guys names. They were nobody special. Just guys the girls had brought along to make up the numbers and so they wouldnt be embaressed showing up on their own.

But this is all about Me, Brendan and Emma.  We’d ahd our barbecue dinner thing and quite a few drinks and were all just chillin in the pool.  I really had the hots for Brendan at the time and I was sitting on his lap feeling pretty sexed up while he leaned back half sitting half supporting himself on the pool wall in the shallow end of the pool.

Emma was in a playful mood and had just given up trying to get everyone to play one of her idiotic but usually fun pool games. Chasing balls around the pool and swimming after them like water polo for idiots. Usual stupid shit. hahaha She still had her bikini on and she sometimes got a bit shy with strangers and most of the guys were strangers to her this night.

But she’d met Brendan a few times before. I think I’d been going out wiht him for about 2 weeks at the time. I was feeling pretty good because I had  slimmed down and was looking pretty hot.

I was sitting on Brendan and sorts fooling around a bit. he ahd an erection and we were rubbing each others crutches together but nothing serious. I was thinking about how i was going to fuck him when we got back to my place, or his. He wasn’t a bad fuck nothing great but his body more than made up for it. And he looked so fucking sexy bare chested and wet in the pool.

Emma swam up behind me and sat herself on Brandans legs behind me and put her arms around my shoulders to hang on.  So now we were both sitting on his legs, me on his lap right on his cock and Emma on his thighs behind me. Brendan was sitting on the bottom of the pool and had his hands on the edge of the pool holding himself in place and preventing himself from drifting away.

I loved the feel of his thighs and his body against mine. I loved feeling the bulge of his hard cock on my cunt as I sat on it and rubbed around a bit. I was feeling pretty sexed up. I was annoyed at first when Emma joined us and I didn’t like the way she sort of invaded our privacy. Just jumped in. Bit rude I thought.

But I liked the feel of her hands on my shoulders and her legs brushing mine as she moved around and kept moving up against me trying to get closer to me and stop from drifting away. I felt her tits  squashing against my back and her skin was all smooth and slippery … like a seal. She was moving all the time and blah blah blah talking shit non stop. She does this when shes nervous and always gets all blah blah blah just before she does something really outrageous or wicked.

I was smiling wondering what she was up to.  Brendan was smiling and looking pretty happy and I remember thinking he’s probably thinking about a 3some with me and Emma.  So was I. Hahaha. Just a thought. I always thought the reality would be far too complicated. But anyway…

I cant remember anything we said. All i remember is Emma talking constantly and brendan answering her and me also saying things.  Emma was getting more and more sort of insistent witht he way she was rubbing against me from behind and every now and then she’d put her hands right on my tits as if by accident and always left them there long enough for Brandan to see. brendan loved it. He just looked down and smiled. I felt a little embaressed but Emma was moving around so much it might very well have been accidental. But Emma was always grabbing our tits and asses when we were fooling around in the pool. Just her idea of a joke.

Then I noticed that emma was rubbing her cunt on Brendans thigh. Back and forth, back and forth and her body bumped into mine flattenning her tits against my back every time she slid forward. I could feel brendan flexing his thigh and lifting it up to press against Emma’s cunt because I was also sitting on his thighs. well, his lap actually. His cock really. Hahaha.

I kknew what emma was up to ebcause she had told me how she gets off like this. If she doesnt cum when a guy fuckes her she likes to straddle the guys thigh and rub her cunt back and forth on his thigh until she cums. Its one of her “things”.

Emma kept talking the whole time just blah blah blah so we didnt focus on what she was doing. As if to cover up what she was doing. She kept sliding her hands up and down my upper arms and the feeling of her hands on my arms, her tits rubbing and squashing on my back, Brendans cock pressing up agaisnt my cunt and his thigh moving up and down regularly was really getting me sexed up.

I slid my hand down between my legs so the palm of my hand was on my cunt and my knuckles were pressed agaisnt Brendans cock. He opened his mouth as if in shock or surprise and then smiled and laughed a little.  I thought Oh he really is a Bad Boy. Hahaha.  My hand was in between our bodies now in between my legs in between my cunt and his cock and I was moving it slowly up and down.

Kelly and Andrea and their guys had got out of the pool and Vicky was at the other end smooching with ehr guy and looking our way every now and then. Probably wondering what we were up to. It must have looked a bit odd.

I was just going along with it. zgoing with the flow. I dunno where Emma’s guy had gotten to but later I found out he was asleep by the pool on a lazy boy couch.

It got a bit like a competition between emma and I. Trying to outdo each other. Sort of. Emma staretd grabbing my tits from behind and laughing and saying things like “Guess who” and started really pressing her body hard against mine. As if she was fucking me from behind. Really pushing her cunt hard agaisnt my back. Sometimes when Emma starts this crap I shy away but sometimes I rise to her challenge and call ehr bluff. Sometimes she backs downa nd sometimes I back down. But one of us always backs down. So I was thinking here we go….

Then I noticed Emma wasn’t just fooling around. She was actually turne d on. I can tell when Emma’s turned on because she presses her lips together, licks her lips and her breathing gets short and shallow and rapid. And she was like that now. Turned on. And rubbing her body against mine and rubbing her cunt up and down Brendans thighs and trying to push me further up Brendan’s body as if she wanted to sit in his cock.

I dont know why I did it. The Craziness came over me and I thought well if she wants to sit on his cock, OK. Hahaha. I leaned forward and moved so I was sitting on Brendans stomach and Emma slid up behind me so ehr body was still pressed hard against my back and I kissed brendan. He shoved his tongue in my mouth the same way he shoves his cock in my cunt when he’s desperate for a fuck. Just straight in deep and hard.

I knew Emma would be sitting on Brandan’s cock now and I let her sit there for a while and then slowly eased backwards stretching my body and forcing her backwards off his cock.  I sat up and Emma pushed hard but she couldnt push me forard unless I let her.

So there we were, the three of us moving about sliding up and down Brandans thighs, Emma pressing hard agaisnt me, rubbing her tits on my back and brendan lifting his thigh up to press agaisnt Emma’s cunt with me sitting right on his cock.

Then Brendan raised his knees btween emmas legs, forcing ehr to move forward against me and I felt her tits flatten agaisnt my back and Brendan sat up so we were both sitting on his lap, legs dangling down on either side of him. He put his arms around Emma and pulled tight huggiing us both and forcing us both agains thim. I was like the meat int he sandwich. Emmas body pressed hard against my back and Brandans body pressing agasint my front.

It felt incredible. I thought how easy it would be to take out his cock and for me and Emma to take turns sitting on it. In my cunt then move forward so Emma can move up and take it in her cunt.  I thought we could both fuck him right here right nonw and nobody would even know. I was sure Vivky and her guy were fucking in the water at the other end of the pool. But with Emma its always play. Never serious. She always goes so f ar then backs off quickly.  Like a prickteaser.

So while I’m thinking all this Brendan has reached around behind me and I couldn’t see but I knew from the way his hands were moving on my back that he was playing with Emma’s tits behind me. I moved back to squash his hands between Emma and my  body to make it difficult for him and when I did my body moved forward and I ended up sitting right on Brendan’s cock in a fuckign position.

Brandan started moving up and down, and each time he moved up his cock pressed hard agaisnt my cunt and then he took his hand out from between Emma and I and as he did so I felt fabric slide across my back followed immediately by Emma’s rock hard nipples sliding and pressing hard on my back. Then Emma undid my bikini top and whipped it out and Brendan was waving Emma’s bikini top in the air and Emma was waving my bikini top in the air and I was sitting in the middle, Emma’s tits rubbing on my back and my tits poking out in front of me. Nipples hard. Just like Emma’s.

Emma and Brendan were both laughing crazily and I think I was too but I was starting to feel that things were slipping away from me. I never feel secure with my men and always think that any of my girlfriends could easily steal my man away form me if they chose to. I thought Emma could easily steal Brendan away form me. And this thought was in my mind at that moment.

I was in a real bind. I was half really excited and turned on and half scared Emma would end up stealing Brendan away from me.  Now Brendan was sucking my tit and Emma was leaning over my shoulder askign him what was he doing in a shocked voice and laughing and shoving her tits over my shoulder as if to say go on suck mine too. and laughing all the time.

Then Brendan pulled us both together again really tight this time and started thrusting his hips up and down as if he was fucking the both of us. Emma kept going on wiht ehr stupis shit talk now asking hm was he fucking me. And what are you doing? Are you fucking Maxxy right in front of me? as if she was SO shocked.  Emma and I were sliding back and forth and I knew she was feeling Brendans cock on her cunt each time I slid forward and she moved with me.

It was kinda exciting ans a real turn on but I was afraid if Brendan fucked Emma he’d think she was a lot more fun than me and probbaly a better fuck and he’d dump me for her. I just knew it. But I didn’t want to stop.

Now Emma was grinding her hips and really forcing her cunt onto Brendan’s cock which was about to burst right out of his swimming shorts.  I was still thining this is a great way for a guy to fuck two women at once. Just slide em up and down and stuck your cock in them alternately.

But then suddenly Emma lsot interest and swam away laughing. Just like that. Leaving ehr top behind floating in the water beside mine. She stopped and turned around and gave Brendan a full frontal of her topless in the water and pushed her hair up onto her head making her breasts change shape as she lifted her arms and then she was gone.

Brendan tried to fuck me as soon as she was gone but I couldn’t so it there in the pool with everyone around even though they weren’t close to us and nobody was watchign and we could have really. But I didn’t want to.

So thatw as that. Weird and kinky. But fun. Kind of. I know I’d be inot so much kinky shit if i was so lacking in self confidence. Oh Yeah. I would ahve loved to ahve fucked Brendan with Emma that night and even though I dont know if Emma really would have I think she might have. Or might have been forced into it by not being able to get out of it. Hahaha